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    Some book recommendations. The kindle versions on Amazon are free this weekend nov 4-6, you can't go wrong.

    2700 Miles. After a nuclear holocaust, the world lies in ruins. When the nuclear winter recedes, a mutated virus spreads across the land. Scientists find a cure, but lack the chemicals to make it with. Two men leave the safety of their sanctuary to drive a decrepit old truck into the unknown, through the wastelands of America. With each minute on the road, they get further and further from the safety of home...

    A perfect book for the post-apocalyptic book or movie enthusiast. Do you like the movie Mad Max, The Road, The Postman, The Young Ones, Steel Dawn, or Wheels of Fire? Maybe even The Walking Dead? Then this book is for you! Free this weekend.

    The Elevatorguy is about an unlikely hero, whose life is shattered when his wife is murdered by Boston's longest running serial killers. With nothing left to live for, he does what every man can only dream of-- get even and get revenge. Once on a roll, he finds it hard to stop, and the streets become unsafe places for rapists and child molesters...

    If you liked The Boondock Saints, or John Wick, The Way of the Gun, Desperado, or any movies or books along those lines, you will like it.

    On the brink of losing the holy war to rule mankind for ever, the Antichrist travels back in time to the present day, to hunt down the Virgin Mary to raise an offspring with. If he finds her, his prophecy will be fulfilled. But Mary has an unlikely protector, also from the future. Short of stature, her hero makes up for his small size in other ways in this Terminator spoof.

    A book for those who like parodies, like Spaceballs, Monty Python, Airplane! or Hot Shots.

    PAIN is an autobiography, a true story about life throwing curve-balls at the author, while he makes a series of bad decisions. "I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!" said most of the staff that read it. Highly recommend for anybody contemplating dental surgery, or any sort of intensive medical procedure.
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