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    If you haven't heard of Somaly before, she was a child prostitute in the Asian sex trade. She escaped and has dedicated her life to helping children and women victims of sex traffic.

    She does things from Gala events to raise funds to support the children to entering brothels solo to expose them and help free the young girls. There are people with guns in countries where the law is questionable and yet she relentlessly tries to free these young girls from this life of slavery.

    Our MT coach has supported Somaly for some time and has a current goal to raise enough money to support 5 girls through 4 years of university, including all costs. The total for this is quite aggressive, but achieveble if enough people help out.

    For those in the US this is a Tax Deductible donation. If you are interested in learning more about this here is a link

    If you can give, thank you. If you cannot, that's ok too, just take a minute to appreciate what she is doing. To any donating, if you put and either your MAP username or name then I'll personally match your donation dollar for dollar up to $2,070, the cost of supporting one girl through one year of university.

    And more on Somaly Mam here:

    Puts that hour of sweat in the dojo into perspective.
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