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  1. Hazzard

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    Hello all.

    My main focus lately has been basic kickboxing, FMA, and Panantukan/JKD

    I do a lot of solo training, and am trying to develop a basic routine I can do for 45 - 60 min a few times a week. I do have a heavy bag, and an uppercut bag, some floor space for footwork, and the good old "tennis ball on a string"

    Any suggestions on a program I can put together?
  2. LandonS

    LandonS Member

    If I had an hour with that equipment what I would do would look something like this:

    Shadowboxing 3 rounds
    Shadowboxing with resistance bands 2 rounds
    Heavy bag 5 rounds interchangeable with uppercut bag rounds or just switching mid round. Changing styles between rounds (think ali, tyson, roy jones, etc but with your own techniques that you use)
    3-5 rounds conditioning drills on the heavybag blended with bodyweight exercises
    Shadowbox or maize bag at a controlled pace to cool down
  3. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Mate I would kill to have that set up at home.

    Shadow boxing leading into timed rounds on your bags is a definite yes.
  4. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    When I get half an hour spare I do Iain Abernethy's bagwork podcast drill. Bag Workout! | Iain Abernethy
    It's about 20 minutes long, has a variety of round types (feet, hands, close in, power shots, free expression, etc) and is already timed so you don't need to watch the clock yourself.
    Just put your head down and work.
    He also did another one that mixes technique (admittedly traditional karate flavoured but it's easily adapted) and body weight exercises. Cardiovascular Martial Arts Workout (Podcast)! | Iain Abernethy
    I sometimes combine the two for a full session.

    I also do some BJJ solo rolling drills, animal movements and dynamic yoga poses just to try and keep this aging husk of a body mobile. There are hundreds of youtube videos on that sort of thing.
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  5. Hazzard

    Hazzard New Member

    This is awesome. Thanks for the podcast links
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  6. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Both of these podcasts were instrumental in my preparation for my 1st Dan grading, and I'd whole heartedly recommend them for any home/solo phys. training.

    I have to admit though, I have always viewed them as an either/or workout, never once occurring to me that I could combine the 2, for a more
    (functional) intense cardio session.

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