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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Smitfire, Jun 27, 2012.

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    One thing I find really helps my back is doing reverse hyperextensions (weighted or unweighted). I just set up an ab board across my power cage at the correct height and lean across it. I add weight to my ankles when required.
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    I keep trying to read that without getting aroused, but so far I've been unsuccessful. :eek:

    I'm sure it's not REALLy as kinky as it sounds...
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    I'm sorry, I should have realised that at least some of the men on MAP would be incapable of reading that without taking it completely the wrong way. I will make sure that the oxygen and crash cart is free for the inevitable heart attacks that will follow... ;) :D :evil: :Angel:
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    Bear in mind when Johnno says he's aroused it really means one of his eyebrows is twitching and his afternoon nap has been a bit shorter than normal.
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    Now my new signature.
  7. Smitfire

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    So...thought I'd update.

    Doing weights twice a week in a rough strong lifts type structure. I found doing three sessions a week was too hard on my body and joints so I dialled it back a bit. Definitely getting stronger and my missus has noticed my shape changing (steady on). A couple more bumps where there didn't used to be bumps (mainly calluses on my hands!).

    Last night was squats, OH press, deadlifts and chin-ups.
    Finally I'm back to where I was lifting just before I did my back in at Christmas.

    Squat = 77.5kg 5x5 (with 4 warm up sets of ascending weight)
    OH press = 47.5kg 4,4,4,3,2 (Damn I hate this lift..couldn't get it going last night)
    Deadlifts = 105kg x 5 (with some warm up sets too)
    Chins = 2 x 5 from full-hang to bar. (this was the first time I've added them in to a session as I felt I wasn't doing enough to get me some gym-bro biceps...the most important muscle in the body. Wasn't sure I could even do one let alone 2x5 so that was nice).

    It's the first time I've revealed my lifting weights because I know they aren't impressive but thought I'd keep track nonetheless. Nothing like public shame to keep you motivated. :)
  8. HarryF

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    Glad your back is improving :)

    I saw this a couple of days ago and thought of you :)love: etc):

    No shame in genuine effort, none at all.

    I struggle with OHP too, all I can offer is:
    1) review your bar path (straight line up and down, get your face out of the way on the way up, then get your head back in line as soon as the bar passess it, reverse on way down)
    2) I have been doing each rep from a dead stop (letting the bar come back to front squat position), but I don't know whether this is any better than continuous reps that utilise the stretch-contract reflex at the bottom a bit more.
    3) lift your warm up sets explosively, keeping tension in your body
    4) keep hammering at it with a bunch of rep ranges (2-8) at varying %s

    I bet Fishy (as usual :rolleyes:) knows more than me on this subject!
  9. Smitfire

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    Smitty gets fitty update now incorporating "Judo Journal".

    So I went for my first Judo session last night. A new art for me (besides some seminar and MAP meet bits and bobs) so very interesting. Damn it was a hot day. Started with a basic warm up, breakfalls, footwork/agility along a floor ladder, then onto some Ogoshi, Ukigoshi (as a counter to an ogoshi counter), Tai otoshi and some turn overs into hold downs. Finished with throw for throw practice with random bouts of newaza when called. I forgot at one point we were meant to be working some of the turnovers we learnt that night, the old BJJ kicked in and I started putting my hooks in and taking the back. :)
    For shame I started to feel very dicky towards the end, the heat and my lack of fitness taking a toll even though it was a fairly low-key session. Had to sit out for a bit. :(
    I'm hoping to now start training regularly. I've always fancied a judo BB and will try to work towards that before I'm 50 (damn that sounds old but is 9 scant years away).
  10. Fish Of Doom

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    what's this about bits and boobs at a MAP meet? what have i been missing??? :p
  11. Simon

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    Only rolling with Olympic Judokas, that's all.

    Paul Smith.jpg
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  12. Fish Of Doom

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    awwwwwwww :(

    also, he looks like he is applying kyusho-jutsu on himself :p
  13. Smitfire

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    Hahaha...look at my red boat-race. That's what I looked like on Friday.
  14. Smitfire

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    Fish...Ian's actually handily pointing out the bit of his rib cage he was crushing my liver with. :)
  15. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Getting back on the fitness horse after a bout of laziness.
    Judo didn't leave me aching too much which was good.
    Last night was weights in the garage (plus slowly working through watching "Breaking bad" each time I train).
    Dropped the weights back down after a few weeks off. Squats, Bench and rows. Topped off with some ab wheel roll outs from knees.
    Motivation is hard at the minute...very nearly didn't do this session but once I started quite enjoyed it.
    Some morning yoga today (with my 5 year old) but basically a rest day before Judo again tomorrow.
  16. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Getting back into the rhythm of training after any break is pretty awful, so I'd say you're doing pretty well.

    Out of curiosity, how often are you using the weight?

    Also, what made you take up Judo again?
  17. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Twice a week (one session as mentioned above and the other is squats, OH press, deadlift and chin ups). It was Tuesdays and Thursdays but I'm playing around with where to put sessions seeing as I now have Judo on a friday. So I'm thinking Wednesday and Saturday instead.

    Never done Judo before. In all my time doing martial arts I'd say my weakest area is takedowns and throws. Did TKD, Thai and Karate for striking. BJJ for some groundwork. But my throws are rubbish.
    I've also always been fascinated by Judo (the history and culture of it and the hard as nails grapplers it produces) and love seeing a good throw.
    So I'm plugging that gap while enjoying learning something new.
    It also links in well with my Shidokan karate at that is meant to have a Judo/grappling side too (and the names/terms will cross over).
  18. Bozza Bostik

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    Nice one PA.

    I love judo, it was the first art I did. One of my MA regrets is not sticking with it. I'd like to start again but I am worried about my dodgy knees and back. I still find throwing, take downs and sweeps incredibly easy, they just kinda come naturally. I got pretty good with harai goshi.

    Have fun with the "gentle" art of slamming people into the floor.
  19. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    You and me both mate. But I'm going to take it easy and try to stay injury free even if it means getting thrown by white belts for the next 10 years.
    In an ideal world I'd like to get a BB in Judo and have 2-3 wicked throws in my back pocket. :)
  20. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    Some Russian guy has opened up a judo / sambo school here and I wouldn't mind checking it out. There's 6 classes a week, 3 judo and 3 judo/sambo (not sure how that works).

    I have this thing in my mind that it's better to try and find out that I can't do it than think "What if...?" for the rest of my life.

    You've got me thinking.

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