Silat is not a martial art.

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Rebo Paing, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Keep drinking the Koolaid. Oh and BTW, keep up with the religious crap and you're going bye bye.

    The Bear.
  2. Shihabudeen

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    your true faith is what you are living... not what we call ourselves...what you live is what you believe... I will share truth as I see it... if you disagree that is your right... if you threaten me... you must feel threatened but I mean you no harm... I only share in the hopes of adding something of value... if you don't like it... do as you wish...
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    Please ... spare me the kiddies guide to psychology.

    The Bear.
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    I think the terms "Indonesian Martial Arts" or "Malay Fighting Arts" are preferable to Pencak Silat in order to avoid association with any occultism or mysticism. I have been told by Indonesians and Westerners alike that I am not doing REAL Silat because I don't practice meditation or breathing exercises. People like that project a certain fanaticism regarding what they call "PURE Silat" that is just unproductive.
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    There may be a bit more than koolaid in his drinking cup. :ban: How dare he speak about religion on a martial arts forum? :eek: Unexceptable.
  6. Rebel Wado

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    I think the term "Martial art" refers to a way of life.

    Why is there a "do" in Judo? :hat:
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    Ask Dr Jigoro Kano or just read some of his writings. Why is there a "do" in tae kwon dont or who can I ask to find out the answer?
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    It was meant as a rhetorical question.
  9. Rebo Paing

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    Silat means martial art ... nothing more nothing less. Boxing is silat.
    'Indonesian Martial Arts' is not an appropriate umbrella term imo ... the arts were around in multi-various forms long before Indonesia existed as a nation and long before Majapahit existed as a nation as well. The reality is that the various ethnic groups don't always play nice.
    Pencak is a Javanese word, and probably in many other dialects with slight differences as well. It originates from the old Javanese (Kawi) and means jumping around & fighting. That's it's etymological origin anyway as I was taught by my grand-parents.
    Occultism & mysticism are ingrained in the culture, at least until my grand-parent's time. From my parents generation less so ... but still exists in many parts due to crippling poverty, few alternatives and miserable opportunity for a more sustainable life ...

    There is no 'pure' martial art ... anywhere ... except maybe in Wales.
    I've heard there's a devastating art of the black sausage called 'Ecky-Thump'? Eh, serem! Very scary :D
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    Sorry, my mistake! Lancashire Black Pudding .. of course! :evil:
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    Therefore, according to current social acceptance of terms, Silat and Kung Fu are martial arts and martial art misnomers
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    Apa kabar bang,

    Long time ago, haven't been on this forum since 2009. How are you doing?


    Pekir (pesilat Belanda ;))
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    If only more people did this.
  15. ap Oweyn

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    So... what does that mean?
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    Google Translate: "How are you dear?" :D
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    A good example not to have Google determine all directions of your life. Bang is short for abang which simple means (respectful) older brother.
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    Also why you need to adhere to the terms of use on MAP and not post in another language...unless you immediately translate.

    BTW, Google doesn't determine anything in my life, but thanks for the kind thought!

    With respect

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    It states quite clearly at the top of this forum that we're an English-speaking forum and that posts are to reflect that. I expanded on that, saying that I was alright with posts in Indonesian, provided they came with an explanation, so that they'd serve to educate rather than exclude us.

    Please don't make me regret (and therefore rescind) that idea. Dig?
  20. Knight_Errant

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    This is just attention seeking. It is to do with combat skills, therefore it is martial. It is a skill, therefore it is an art. It is martial and it is an art, hence it is a martial art.

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