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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Bruce_Lee93, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Patrick Smith

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    Kuma, isn't becoming 'punch drunk' something that boxers should be concerned about? It's the same thing with kicks, but at least at my dochang we don't kick to the head that hard.
  2. Kuma

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    I think the actual term is "dementia pugilistica", but punch drunk works for this discussion.

    Any type of activity in which you take blows to the head can get you punch drunk. It's not just due to concussions, it can be any blow to the head. So if you ever played a contact sport, get kicked in the head occasionally, are clumsy and bang your head off stuff, or go to war and get hit by IEDs a lot, you can get it. They call them by different terms, but it's all related.

    The main thing about becoming punch-drunk is usually the guys who get it have had either very long careers or are what I like to call as "catchers." These are guys who can take a punch and live by the philosophy "take one to give one."

    The average fellow who boxes a few times a week or maybe undertakes amateur fights on occasion is not going to suddenly go punch drunk. Pro American football players who have played for years have bad knees, bad backs, head trauma, and all sorts of maladies caused by years of playing at a professional level. Any sport in which you give and receive contact frequently is going to take some kind of toll on you. If you're scared of it, then stop doing it. If you're willing to accept the risk, then go for it. Unless you're a pro athlete though the risks are much smaller.
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    Risk is still a risk though. I bet bp wasn't anticipating such a huge disaster when they built that rig. It's all up to the individual though. This particlar individual just doesn't think the risk is worth it. You can blame my mommy for that.
  4. Kuma

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    But you still get kicked in the head. It can happen due to that as well. Boxers have primarily been the main focus of those studies but now they're identifying it in football players and hockey players as well. The military is doing a lot of studies now due to soldiers who are surviving IEDs but their brains get so rattled it causes a similar occurrence.

    Any time you do anything where you risk getting hit in the head is a risk to get some kind of head trauma. So if you're doing Tae Kwon Do and you've been kicked in the head, you're at risk just like the rest of us.
  5. Smitfire

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    guys who get it have had either very long careers or are what I like to call as "catchers."

    Ali was a bit of both. He fought some of the hardest punchers there has ever been in boxing (Foreman anyone?) and did so far longer than he should have. As his speed went he got hit more and more. He won fights that lesser men would have lost.
    People go on about his speed and his agility for a heavyweight but his chin and heart played as big, if not bigger part in his success.
  6. Yohan

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    The thing is that new neurons/brain cells are generated in the hippocampus, which then migrate to different portions of the brain which have been stimulated to grow. The neurons are used to make new connections mostly.

    It has been proven that voluntary physical activity generates neurons in the hippocampus, which migrate to make new connections all over the brain. So yes, getting hit in the head kills brain cells. But guess what, classical neuroscience got blown out of the water over the last 20-50 years. The idea that dead brain cells stay gone just isn't applicable anymore.

    We are constantly generating new neurons that build new pathways in the brain and go out and replace dead neurons. The brain is more like the skin, which dies and replaces itself and grows. It's not like an oil well, that's gone when it's used up.

    This concept is called NEUROPLASTICITY.

    So one could even make the argument that the brain cell killed by getting hit in the head are replaced and even exceeded by the number of brain cells generated in the hippocampus due to consistent vigorous physical and mental activity associated with practicing boxing. I don't really have any data to back that up, but I haven't gotten any dumber since I started boxing. Only smarter.
  7. Yohan

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    Not really. I've been boxing at a low level (I.E. at the MMA gym) for about 5 years. I get hit hard a couple times a month. I don't get my brain scrambled up. If you leave your head open and just take shots you are going to get dumber. If you work your game, keep your hands up, and keep your eyes in your opponents chest you don't get reset that often.
  8. tkd GU

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    I know I'm at risk, just not as much as a boxer. I go most sparring sessions without being on the recieving end of a headshot, and when I do get caught it's usually a controlled tap. My headgear also absorbs some of the impact. All the memorable blows to the head I've taken happened only because I was being reckless. I've only been to a handful of tournaments, maybe a dozen matches in all, but I always enter the ring with caution and have yet be caught by anthing more than a glancing blow to the head. On the other hand, getting hit in the head is pretty much unavoidable in boxing. In my 5 years of training I've only been seriously dazed onced, but I managed to keep on my feet. I think most of us can agree that boxing is more hazardous to the brain than combat sports in which hand contact to the head is illegal, though it's a matter of personal choice if you're willing to take it on. I've even heard that mma is less damaging to the brain than boxing because the repeated trauma that's worse than the one powerful blow. I'm too lazy to actually verify that though, so if care enough, do the research yourself.
  9. Smitfire

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    I've even heard that mma is less damaging to the brain than boxing because the repeated trauma that's worse than the one powerful blow.

    I believe that's sort of the case. Although recently I've seen some fighters (Bisping for example) get hit with shots while they were completely out. That can't be good and rarely happens in boxing (because you can't hit people on the deck).
    MMA is less damaging to the brain because the ref doesn't keep standing you upor seperating you from a clinch to stand and get hit again. There's more you can do to stop it happening.
  10. Yohan

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    Super duh

    We don't have to verify it.

    Getting punched in the head leads to brain trauma.

    You get hit in the head less while training and competing in MMA than in boxing.

    Therefore, training and competing in boxing leads to more head trauma than MMA.
  11. ap Oweyn

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    Don't you think that a program designed to train you in personal combat ought to carry a sense of risk?
  12. Kuma

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    Not all boxing sparring is heavy contact either, though if all you take are controlled taps then that's a different story.

    Most amateur bouts require they wear headgear as well.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Amateur Boxing Raushee Warren[blue] in 2008 olympic trials[/ame]

    Most boxers can probably say the same.
  13. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    Compare how long MMA has been around compared to boxing as well. There's been 36 documented deaths due to injuries in the boxing ring since scientific boxing as we know it came into popularity back in the 1700's. There's been three deaths attributed to MMA since the early 1990's. Give it time. And now that some MMA fighters have punches just as powerful as boxers, it's going to be virtually the same soon I bet, especially with the ground and pound.

    The main reason why boxers get more head trauma than others is because they have a higher chance of getting knocked out than a lot of other arts.
  14. Yohan

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    You can tell those boys are getting powerful because they are breaking their hands pretty often, and not because they have bad technique.
  15. Kuma

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    Agreed. I remember watching that Fight Science show just to see my favorite fighter Bas Rutten on there. His rear straight alone was at near-concussive levels, and if you know anything about Bas you'd believe it.

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  16. Smitfire

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    There's been 36 documented deaths due to injuries in the boxing ring since scientific boxing as we know it came into popularity back in the 1700's.

    That seems too few. Isn't it something like 4-5 a year on average?
    And does that count people that end up like Michael Watson?

    I'm willing to bow to your greater knowledge but I would have thought it was higher.
  17. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    There's a lot of varying data, but a lot of other statistics also include deaths due to training, medical maladies, and other factors. I definitely could be wrong, believe you me, as my source seems primarily on well-known boxers. I just wanted to point out that the amount of deaths in MMA is relatively minor at this point because it's still a pretty new sport.
  18. tkd GU

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    People have been breaking their hands with punches for ages. I'm pretty sure that's why the first fighting gloves were invented, to protect the fist, not the opponent. That's why I was arguing that the punch isn't all that great of a self defense weapon in another thread. You may be able to knock one guy good, but then your hand might be useless when it comes to dealing with multiple attackers. That's why I say combat systems like krav maga are more useful than conventional martial arts when it comes to SD. They teach the use open-handed techniques, which keeps your hands intact and ready for the next attacker.
  19. tkd GU

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    I find it amazing that you manage to insult me even when you agree with what I have to say.
  20. Yohan

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    That's because I talk a bunch of smack. Because I'm a smart alec. Don't feel lucky, I treat everyone like this.

    Also, what you said is pretty self-evident.
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