Should Gender Equality mean 50/50?

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  1. Dead_pool

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    And yet pink used to be a boys colour, blue a girls colour, and all kids were called girls even the boys.

    History is a wonderful thing!
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  2. David Harrison

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    Back in the days of manly men and girly girls, before all this confusion of gender neutral upbringing and ambiguous haircuts:

    Oh wait, that's an American boy in the 19th Century.
  3. Nachi

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    I would never think girls were nicer :D Honestly from what I hear from people around me and I totally believe it, even as an adult, I really wouldn't want to work in an environment dominated by women. :D

    I would say women can probably in general be more caring and thus more suited or inclined to work as nurses, care for children etc. Sure, some roles are kind of taught us by our culture, but it can't be a coincidence that the role for women and men is similar across nearly all cultures in the world, for centuries.
  4. Mushroom

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    Should jobs be 50/50 split...sure, why not.

    Does it happen.


    Also many of these replies, I'm reading them in the voice of Jordan Peterson and it's making me giggle.
  5. Dead_pool

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  6. David Harrison

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    But it's not like all those women through the centuries said to themselves: "I don't fancy being a stonemason or a blacksmith, I think I'll go into nursing as a career".
  7. IronMaiden1991

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    I personally hear kermit the frog, but it's basically the same.
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  8. Dead_pool

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    It ain't easy being....wrong?
  9. IronMaiden1991

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    Well, you see that's what the postmodernists would have you believe, but actually-
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  10. Dead_pool

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    Something something something Stalin?

  11. Grond

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  12. Grond

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  13. Dead_pool

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  14. Grond

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    Wow. I have to admit I haven't followed this guy much, he's one of a number of online braggadocios people send me videos of. Just the visage of this kind of person sours me, he's the kind of person in the room who wants everyone to know he's smarter and you are likely confused any time you disagree with them.

    That's the thing about karma though, those type of people become deer in headlights when LIFE decides to remind them who is in control. This happens to everyone of course, including me. But I think that the higher your ivory tower is, the further the plummet to ground zero.
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  15. SWC Sifu Ben

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    I think it's rather silly to frame it in terms of a "fall. " Being prescribed a drug by a medical practitioner and then needing support because stopping use of that drug is causi g withdrawal symptoms isn't somehow like dumping on him, it's making intelligent decisions about mental and physical self-care and when to ask others for help.
    The man never said that life is perfectly controllable, just that you can control your reactions to the chaos, and I think this is, if anything, actually a perfect example of that.
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  16. Dead_pool

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    ^ I partially agree, but going cold turkey off clonazepam is against all approved methods of stopping it, being so sure you know best you ignore official advise isn't very bright.

    I hope he gets the help he needs, and to be honest with what's going on in his life perfectly understandable.

    I read an interview of his recently where he came across really well, a lot more balanced then normal, which he put down to his current family health problems.

    Jordan Peterson on scandal, depression and family devastation
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  17. Grond

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    Honestly I didn't even read what he checked in for. I figured it was pain killers or something similar. That stuff jacks up the best people.

    I don't fault anybody seeking help, I know great people and many martial artists with alcoholism and worse. It's good to be able to cheer them on when they're on the wagon, and it's always sad to see the most troubled fall off again, and again.

    I didn't really mean the drugs anyway, but the fall in perception. He's a sacred cow to some, and we all know what happens.

    A lot of people who support Peterson seem to stand him up as some sort of infallible figure OF LOGIC AND REASON. There's definitely an element of Cult of personality going on with the memes and videos and articles.

    So Peterson's "fall" isn't so much a negative thing. It's more like getting knocked off your high horse. Everyone can benefit from that sort of forced humility.
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  18. Grond

    Grond Valued Member

    Yeah I get that too. Now that I've had time to look at his older stuff and recent, there's a notable difference in his tone. The Lobster thing for example, which became a silly meme in its own right, is ironic now. Sometimes Humans need to worry about being human, rather than musing on the hierarchies and happiness of crustaceans.

    When you believe in hierarchy the way Peterson has, it's a pretty cold shower to find out how quickly you can tumble down, especially in the media.

    Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy
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  19. David Harrison

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    I find Peterson's brand of reactionary mysticism repellent, but fair play to the guy: he's always been consistently open about his struggles with depression and use of medication. This isn't a recent development; he's been talking about it since before he found notoriety.
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