Shotokan 40 Year Break

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Phil Lewis, Aug 1, 2021.

  1. Mitch

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    Spot on. Position of the femur head in adult male hips can limit this, so upper body position is key. Where's our flexibility guru when you need him? :D

    Strengthening the hip flexors will help a lot, plus I seem to be getting some benefit from side-plank and side plank marches these days. That may just be me though!
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  2. Phil Lewis

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    Thanks @axelb and @Mitch, I think (I’m sure) you are correct. Whilst I can get my foot onto a hip-height support, and stretch into it, I can’t raise my foot off the support for more than about 1 second using my hip flexors.

    This gives me something concrete to work on, so I really appreciate the input!

    Thursday 19th August - Part 2
    So glad I went to training! Still wasn’t feeling 100% when I set off, but there’s nothing like an hour of heavy effort to knock the corners off!

    The class is still just black belts, 1st Kyus and me. Everyone is great, though. There’s a couple of juniors turning up lately as well, and they standard of their technique is just fabulous. Really nice to see a new generation coming through in the KUGB.

    Training focussed on gohon and ippon kumite, which was nice to get back into. I worked through Kihon Kata, Heian Shodan and Nidan. I didn’t quite have time to get onto Sandan, but Sensei has asked me to practice these three, and gave me a couple things to work on.

    1. Time movement and action to complete together. I’m coming to a halt before punching, in an effort to not punch too soon!
    2. Shoulders down!
    3. I’m still occasionally telegraphing my zenkutsu-dachi steps with a toe out!
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  3. Phil Lewis

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    Thursday 26th August
    Thankfully, I enjoy training MUCH more than I enjoy writing training logs!

    Two nice surprises at training tonight.

    First I caught sight of myself doing yoko geri kekomi in a mirror, and was rather shocked to see my foot was at waist height! I honestly thought I was still around knee height, so the stretching seems to be working.

    Second, on my way out Sensei said to me, “Well done, you’re doing as well as some of the brown belts!”

    I’ll take that any day!
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  4. Phil Lewis

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    So, like I said, I seem to enjoy training much more than I enjoy writing about it!
    I am still training. I’ve been trying to get down twice a week, but sometimes commitments mean I’ve only made it once. I’ve also just been in 2 weeks holiday (vacation).
    However, a third class is starting up on the best swivel night of the week for me, so from next week, I should be able to attend 2-3, rather than 1-2, times per week.
    I think a grading is getting closer. Sensei has mentioned it a few times now. He said that when it comes round, due to my past experience, he’ll grade me at the level that seems appropriate, which is nice.
    I had personally been aiming for 7th kyu, and working hard on the requirements for that grade. Last night, though, Sensei started me working pretty intensely on the syllabus for 6th kyu. So, as that seems like it’s a possibility, I’ll have to double down and work hard between classes on those techniques!
  5. Phil Lewis

    Phil Lewis Member

    No idea what got autocorrected to “best swivel”!

    Last nights class was very intense. A LOT of time on Heian Nidan, sharpening up.

    Tonight is the first Tuesday class, so 3 times a week most weeks from now on.

    I’ve also set up an “ideal” schedule. I’m not always sticking to this because, you know, life. But it involves times for stretching, practice of kata and kihon, and bits of jo and iaido. It’s keeping me busy and entertained.
  6. Phil Lewis

    Phil Lewis Member

    First time training in class three times this week ( Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). Definitely felt it Friday!

    Sensei confirmed there will be a grading soon, and told me to get my license. I already did weeks ago ).

    I’ve been doing more spiky-ball-rolling for my shoulders. The trigger point book said it might need to be done for months, and I’ve only been doing it properly regularly for about 3 weeks, and it’s really starting to make a difference now. Or maybe they’re just getting better naturally. I’m not going to stop to find out!

    In terms of where my current focus is with training, it’s really with kicks. It’s going to take a long while to increase flexibility, it seems, so if I’m going to be limited to gedan and chudan, I at least want good technique!

    Im also going to try to get time to boot down my makiwara today… I’ve had it sat there a couple of months now, and not got round to it.
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  7. Phil Lewis

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    Today is the first time since I restarted that I’ve not felt like going to class.
    Three times a week is hard for a fat old bloke, but the only way to change that is to push on through.
    I know I’ll love it once I’m there…
  8. Phil Lewis

    Phil Lewis Member

    Glad I went
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  9. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    It's always the way.

    I sometimes feel like blowing off a class, but I'm always glad when I don't.
  10. Phil Lewis

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    Still training. I’m still aiming for 3 sessions a week, but only making it twice, probably half the time.
    I need to remember, I’m still 55 fat and unfit, so three or four weeks of three times a week on the trot seems to lead to overtraining, for where I am at the moment. Especially as I try to do some weights and other home practice.
    Fairly firmly into the 5th kyu syllabus now, but still haven’t graded. The problem is the lack of other beginners.m I’ve been the only person at the club looking to kyu grade… everyone else is looking at least at Shodan for their next grade. In KUGB, Dan grades are completed on courses, not at the regular club training. So I haven’t expected a chance to grade, as it couldn’t really be done just for me.
    However, we’ve just had one other joiner on a Monday, and one other on Tuesday/Thursday. I’m trying to get a mate to restart in the new year, so there could be 4 of us looking to take kyu grades sometime next year. I’m in no rush, and it suits me.
    I’m just enjoying the training.
  11. Phil Lewis

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    Took a while, but very happy to have graded!

    Next week is Spring Training Camp. Two 1.5 sessions a day, Monday to Friday. I think it's going to hurt, but I know it's going to be fun!

    Now I get to join those working up to brown as well, rather than being with the other white belts (which is why Sensei put a grading on just for me and a couple of others).

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  12. Phil Lewis

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    Just over half way through springs training camp. Whoop reckons I’m burning about 1500-1800 calories a day, and I rather suspect it’s about right.
    Aching pretty much, and forgot to bring a foam roller!
    Amazing training with a bunch of ex-world champions, and I’ll be taking away lots of ideas for my daily practice.
    But I’m starting to think I should have booked an extra few days off work to recover afterwards!
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  13. axelb

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    Well done on the grading! Do you feel your body is adapting back into it?
  14. Phil Lewis

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    Yes, I think so. Things are loosening up a bit, and whilst 3 hours a day, 3 consecutive days (and 2 more to go) is right on the limit of what I can physically handle, regular training is getting “easier” (and so allowing me to work harder).
    I’m definitely not a teenager anymore, though…
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  15. Mitch

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    Awesome! Not in Torbay were you?
  16. Phil Lewis

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    Indeed I was! Still am in fact, until tomorrow!
  17. Mitch

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    A friend has been on a kata course there during the week in prep for a dan grading. Enjoy! :)
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