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Discussion in 'Suggestions, Problems and Tests' started by Kimpatsu, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    Sure doesn't sound right, I do a little websearch and I find 3100 branches as the number.

    So the average club size is 500 members?

    Wow, lots of money in opening a school...
  2. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    That's completely wrong, Andrew. There are 2,850 branches in Japan alone, and a similar number in Indonesia. That's over 5,000 branches right there, before we get onto the other 28 countries. There are over 70 practicing members at the University of Southampton club, and similar numbers at Glasgow University. There are about 20 such clubs in the UK, and even more in France. It soon adds up.
  3. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    Sorry, Andrew Green,

    In Shorinji Kempo you are not allowed to make teaching your living. This is what has stifled its progress in the west. If you want to teach Shorinji Kempo you must except that you are not going to make money out of it, and just do it because of your own desire. This ensures that those that become branch masters do it for the right reasons, and are still contributing something to society other than budo.
  4. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    After reading about this and giving it more thought I can now state, that a public Shorinji Kempo forum is now definately NOT going to happen here. Closed mindedness works both ways.

    It's also clear that you have no intention of entering the other martial arts forum areas here and contributing to the general MAP community - unless you count debating your scientific & philosophical beliefs to the point of absurdity.

    It seems very clear from the above posts that what you need is a private dedicated forum.

    There are lots of free forum hosts out there - why don't you go set one up? Or, as Andy mentioned above, we can host a private, members only, forum for you for a small fee.
  5. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    I don't understand; as I said, there's no point to my entering the other private (dedicated) forums, because I have nothing of value to contribute. Surely that's a positive thing?
    As to my scientific contrinutions and philosophical beleifs (please don't think that science is a belief system), if people make scientific errors, I will correct them. If their beliefs are based upon scientific misunderstandings, I will correct those too. It's the right thing to do, surely? Or would you prefer that people wallow in ignorance?
  6. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I realise you have nothing to contribute - so other than trying to get a Shorinji Kempo forum - what exactly are you doing here on a multi-style martial arts forum? Why not just set up a Shorinji Kempo forum of your own? As I said - there are many free forum hosts out there. Proboards is quite popular...

    If need to go to work now so it will be a while before I get to read your reply.

    Have a great day.
  7. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    For the general discussions, such as debunking the Creationists. I'm also willing to answer any questions anyone might have regarding Shorinji Kempo. But as I know absolutely nothing about Aikido, for example, I'm not in a position to post to that forum. Neither is anyone else who isn't an Aikidoka. Likewise Karateka and the karate forum, or Kung Fu practitioners and the Kung Fu forum. It would be highly indecorous to post opinions on a subject of which one knows nothing--and show up one's ignorance, to boot!
  8. WhiteWizard

    WhiteWizard Arctic Assasain

    you can do this magic thing called reading though :)
  9. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    True, and I'm an avid bibliophile. But reading is a passive activity; actively writing a contribution to such specialist forums is beyond me.
  10. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    Maybe thats a good reason to pop into the Aikido forum or the other arts you mention and have a look around. No-ones saying your going to learn Aikido or anything else by reading about it but you might be slightly less ignorant about it, how practitioners train, what the principles behind it are and so on AND who knows maybe you could even discuss a point someone made by relating it to your own experience. Unless Shorinji kempo-ists have a radically different body than the rest of us I can already think of one thing you could find in common.
  11. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    LOL Without that kind of discussion MAP would be a ghost town! And really boring... MartialTalk .com offers private forums for a small fee. I think MAP is more of a place to look for common ground betwen martial artists of all styles.
  12. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    Please; a practitioner of Kempo (any kempo) is called a Kenshi. It's kimochi warui to call us otherwise.
    No matter how much I may read about other arts, I will never be part of their inner ethos; what is the purpose for which they train? Their overriding rationale? Their raison être; their esprit de corps? It will always be something for which I am on the outside. As is proper. The problem isn't exclusivity per se; it's that in Shorinnji Kempo, we own up to it.
  13. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    We've already offered this.

    What's puzzling me in this Kimpatsu, is that you say you are ignorant of other systems, so have nothing to offer to their discussion, but you are insistent on how different Shorinji Kempo is to everything else, despite this self confessed ignorance???
  14. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    I asm not a chemist, but I know that chemistry is different from physics on the basis of maturity of the science; physics has been around centuries more than chemistry, which in turn is centuries older than biology.
    Tell you what; let's cut to the chase (ouch! I used a cliché! ;)): If you can answer the following question correctly, I'll concede that Shorinji Kempo is not unique. Now, you have to imagine that you're taking a Shorinji Kempo grading, so your answer has to include the required elements (kind of like your GCSEs, or whatever they're called these days):
    What is the meaning of bu, and the essence of budo?
    Remember, your answer must be in the ballpark to succeed, and I am the final arbiter...
  15. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    In other words you favour ignorant boorishness over considered, educated opinions? Surely not!
    The common ground exists in the general forums. The expert forums are for just that: experts.
    I have long held that we live in a world of unwarranted egalitarianism. That you are allowed to post to an expert forum does not make you qualified to do so. Your opinions regarding Shorinji Kempo would be as worthless as mine on Aikido. I have not studied Aikido well enough to hold a valid opinion. Do you argue with your doctor over his medical diagnosis? Or your lawyer regarding her legal opinion? Then why argue with a Shorinji Kenshi regarding their expert opnion, or an Aikidoka regarding theirs? The distinction escapes me.
  16. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Tell you what, you answer my questions, then we'll consider yours.

    I can make it real simple. How about, you line up all 1.5 million SKempo practitioners and have them give MAP $1 each. for which, you can have your free forum. ?
  17. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    Choose to get offended by whatever words you want I dont speak Japanese and hence generally I dont use it. But if it makes you happier Ill refer to Shorinji kempo practitioners as kenshi from now on. :D

    Emm.. you also just posted three questions you could potentially discuss with people from different martial arts. If you limit yourself to only discussing what you already know how did you ever learn anything? Im a big fan of not making generalisations about other arts that you dont have experience in but believe it or not it is still quite possible to engage in discussion without doing this.
  18. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    What WERE your questions? I thought I'd answered them all.
    To enrich you, when you don't even respect us? How about I charge you $10 for every time I correct a scientific error on this board; you'd automatically owe me more.
  19. Kimpatsu

    Kimpatsu Banned Banned

    Thank you. I don't expect you to speak Japanese; however, I do xpect you to know the fundamentals. (Like the plural of cappuccino is cappucinna).
    I wasn't being snotty; it's just that to be on an MA forum and not know the basics...
    Could you please list the three questions you mean? I don't see it.
  20. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Now don't you think you're jumping to conclusions a bit?
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