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    I just joined Martial Arts Planet. I am a judan black belt in Shizenki-ryu karate. I started my training in Shizenki-ryu in 1965 at the age of 9-years old. I am now 47-years old. I've been a black belt in Shizenki-Ryu since 1969. My sensei was the late Hanshi Louis Fried. He was a direcet practitioner to Shizenki-ryu's soke/head-master, Kewi Tasuki.

    Shizenki-ryu was founded in 1920 by the late Kewi Tasuki. Louis Fried was Tasuki's 1st generation successor. Hanshi Fried past away on November 13, 1991. I Avelino R. Mayoral, became the 2nd generation successor to the late Fried.

    I am the president of: Shizenki-Ryu Karate Association. I gain this honor in 1991. I currently hold black belts in two other styles other then Shizenki-Ryu. I hold a sandan in Dragon Kenpo karate and a shodan black belt in American Eclectic karate.

    I am a member of:

    1. Shizenki-Ryu Karate Association, 2. American Kick-Punch Karate Federation, 3. International Society of Martial Artist.

    I've instructed karate since 1969. I have instructed karate at the University of Alaska and also on base at McGuire AFB.

    My karate/self-defense waza (technique) is being acknowledged in: "THE RAPE DEFENSE HANDBOOK FOR WOMEN." Author: Sebastian Ventimiglia.

    I now live in Anchorage, Alaska. I was born and rised in Lockport, New York.

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