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    shinsplints advice

    hi, i know its a bit of a late reply, hope you have sorted the problem by now, if you are getting shinsplints from walking then it sounds like a pronation or supination problem. Ive just taken up muay thai training and once again same old problem with shin splints after one session, however i know what causes mine, there are alot of people who use the term loosly but there are different factors which contribute to shin splints. My problem is Medial Tebia Stress Syndrome caused by supination, i tend to walk on the otside of my feet as i have high arches, so a trip to the podiatrist sorted that out with specially made innersoles which strightened out my foot while inside my shoe. The problem with martial arts is that its normally done in barefoot thus leaving people with this problem very susceptible. Although the innersoles have enabled me to walk without problems, i still cant get into running or skipping on a regular basis, ive tried it and its just a matter of time before the pain starts to build up in the shins. What has caused mine to flare up lately was hopping over a punchbag side to side while barefoot, i should have known better! Dont pay attention to sports shops who give you profanity removed tests to see what type of footwear you need and then try to sell you some high priced product, thats what the podiatrist is for, they will give you the innersoles for free after taking a mould of your foot and then you use them in any footware.
    check out this link

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    I used to suffer from these quite badly,I found focusing on strengthening the muscles involved with the eccentric movement helped.

    Walking on your heels for a few minutes each day,for example.
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    To prevent shin splints, try those funny compression socks that runners wear. My wife loves hers.

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