shin atemi japanese MMA?

Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by furinkazan, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. ToddR

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    Also where abouts are you based and what style do you practice fusen? Sorry for not asking sooner :/
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    Just helping you sell your school, this thread is high on google when you search shin atemi!

    Whats the deal with the name, were you previously with an 'atemi jitsu' group and were disatisfied with how things went?

    Im uk based, training mostly BJJ (purple belt) and judo (kyu grade still for now), I used to be a dan grade in JJ, and train wrestling and striking a little too.
  3. ToddR

    ToddR New Member

    Awesome man. Bjj purple? Respect! Where do you train bjj? Such a long story lol... Bear with me mate I'm just making dinner and then I'll write a proper reply.
  4. ToddR

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    Ok dinner finished lol. Basically I broke away from any karate organisations I was with in the uk because I was tired of the politics etc. and set up my own karate dojo...the plan was always to incorporate grappling etc... I was teaching on seminars and people were saying that because we grapple a fair bit it's not really karate and I kind of agreed (even though my opinion has always been that REAL karate had a lot of grappling elements) we were also kind of tired of the reputation that karate has among other styles now where it's been so bastardised by people (I still have a lot of respect for some karate-ka... But there is a lot of **** out there let's face it) so we started thinking about a way to teach similar values to what we were already doing but without having to be labelled as karate. We wanted to be something different that we could maintain ourselves... We were still part of a ju jutsu based organisation at the time but didn't want to be labelled ju jutsu as we were predominantly striking based... So we started up as Atemi jutsu (striking technique/science/art)... And it went well until we realised that other systems were using the same name for their Atemi waza.

    So for a while we just decided to run our dojos without a system name and just had dojo names and kept our syllabus running the way it was... My instructor was a kudo instructor at that time so for a while the plan was to start setting up a kudo branch of our own under him as we'd been doing pretty much the same thing for years already... Same as my instructor had before he joined kudo, but then I thought tbh if we join a big organisation like that its just going back in to what we'd worked hard to get away from in the first place.

    So we went back to the drawing board and the name Shin Atemi was born it means New/True Striking

    My instructor is no longer with kudo he went back to teaching his own system which is essentially the same but he wanted freedom aswell. He has an advisory role within Shin Atemi now though.
  5. Mitch

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    Hi ToddR, is your stuff linked to Lee Hasdell at all? I know he was involved in the UK Kudo scene at one point. Best wishes with it anyway, sounds like good stuff.

    Just a friendly reminder that we don't like bad language on MAP, so even if the filter catches it and replaces it with stars please don't type it in the first place :)

  6. ToddR

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    Hi Mitch, yeah that's correct man. Lee is awesome.

    Really sorry about the swearing I couldn't think of a suitable word! Haha!
  7. Mitch

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    Do you still train with him? I think he's doing his own style again now rather than Kudo?

    If you have any videos of your training it'd be good to see them :)

  8. ToddR

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    Not on a regular basis as he's quite far away but we support each other's events as much as possible and are in regular contact. He's teaching the same as he always has just without the kudo banner. Kudo doesn't actually have a syllabus.

    I'm just about to go back to Japan so will be filming a fair bit when I'm there so I'll put some bits up.

    Where are you based Mitch? And what style?
  9. Mitch

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    I'm in Nottingham and TKD based, but have done a little Enshin under the excellent Gary Chamberlain in Loughborough. I'd love to try something similar here in Nottingham, I may be able to track down some Ashihara nearby.

  10. ToddR

    ToddR New Member

    There isn't much ashihara in the uk is there?

    I don't see/hear of it often here.

    If you're ever in London feel free to pop down man, always nice to get together with fresh faces and discuss different methods etc.
  11. hext

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    It seems quite interesting, what sort of thing does the syllabus involve?
  12. ToddR

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    The syllabus is quite compact... Various strikes blocks and kicks, then takedowns etc and basic grappling drills etc. We wanted to have some structure.. But at the same time we wanted to make sure that there is freedom to express yourself and make sure that you have to build up your ability in the way that you wish like in BJJ. BJJ guys I know always say that karate etc has too much structure... I agree. But at the same time I feel that you do need SOME structure. Just not too much. So we give enough to build a good base but after that you work on whatever plays to your strengths. For instance if you had a background in grappling it would be a waste if you didn't use your throws etc to your advantage. If you had previous stand up experience you would want to try and keep it standing up. Hope that all makes sense?
  13. hext

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    Thanks for answering my question, I have 4 Years experience in Karate and 2 Years in BJJ so appreciate what you are saying.
  14. ToddR

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    Nice combination man :)
  15. hext

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    I've "liked" the Shin Atemi page on facebook, it looks like pretty good stuff & looks like they had a blast over the weekend.

    thought it might be of interest..

    "comfortable conditioning

    [ame=""]Summer Camp[/ame]
  16. Kuma

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    Looks and sounds just like Kudo with minor variations. Good stuff.
  17. Mitch

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    Nice to see you here Kuma :)

  18. Kuma

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    Every now and then I come out of my basement doomsday shelter.

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