Seminars, to go or not to go?

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by bouli, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. bouli

    bouli Valued Member

    Back from Japan seminars.....monthly theme seminars.....Gikan Ryu seminars ;)

    Basically, what influences your decision on attending?

    Celebrity? (You know what I mean)
    Exotic theme?

    Come on people let's have ye!
  2. llong

    llong Valued Member

    Hi! I'll be in japan from 2/20 to 3/4. Are you around?

  3. garth

    garth Valued Member

    The titles for thee seminars should be renamed

    Back from Japan seminars...I've just been to Japan and need to recoup some money seminar, where I will be teaching what I only learnt last week and haven't had a chance to perfect yet seminar

    monthly theme seminars.....My Mortgage/rent for Dojo is due so need a little extra cash seminar.

    Gikan Ryu seminars....I've just found some Genbukan techniques that are down loadable from the internet. I can now teach this stuff, after all the students don't know I haven't had a single lesson and it will make them believe I've got access to some secret material that Soke taught me seminar
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  4. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    Damn, i was going to say that:evil:
  5. llong

    llong Valued Member

    In keeping with the jest of the thread, what about:

    New View - I just had an insight that is "like wow man". Best part is then using Soke's words, totally out of context, to support said theory. "'Soke is always saying....' but most people didn't understand him. Fortunately, for you, I'm here to interpret for him."
  6. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    Yep, heard that one too lol
  7. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    What do they call, I just got promoted a few Dan and am in trouble with the Mrs. seminars, is that included in the Back from Japan ones, or is it a subset?
  8. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    All of the above, surely?
  9. ninjedi

    ninjedi Valued Member

    A good seminar to attend is one in which your teacher has invited or arranged for another shidoshi to visit your dojo/town.
  10. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    Typically this is a good way to go. You learn some thing that your teacher deems of value, you support your dojo! Pretty simple.....
  11. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    My favorite seminar would be where someone has never trained iaido but brings it out and is showing how to do it and several Bujinkan practitioner's that cross train in iaido are in the crowd. Watching their faces is priceless! ;)
  12. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    That sounds like a tale worth hearing......
  13. skuggvarg

    skuggvarg Valued Member

    My opinion is that seminars is in 90% of the case a waste of money and time.

    The only ones I would recommend is where the instructor actually teaches something tangible not all that kukan, henka stuff that anyone could do. Naturally he should have studied and internalized that which he wants to teach beyond just coming back from Japan with it. I hate seminars without any real theme, like "buyu-seminar" or those that have like 10 or more different instructors showing totally unrelated stuff.

    I only sometimes visit such events to see the general bujinkan population in action.

    Regards / Skuggvarg
  14. Kframe

    Kframe Valued Member

    What about the Tai Kai(spelling?) are they worth going to?
  15. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    It is hilarious to be sure! ;)
  16. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    I always enjoyed going to Tai Kai. The last one in New Jersey was awesome! Now, unfortunately Sensei does not travel anymore. Though I completely understand!
  17. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    I always loved Doron Navon and Mark O'Brien seminars. Real meat to what was being taught and both had excellent fundamentals and it showed and was conveyed in the seminar!
  18. hatsie

    hatsie Active Member Supporter

    I remember when I still trained at a certain independant Australian organizations 'ninjutsu' whilst I was training back in a bujinkan school. We were doing cuts with bokken from dai jodan, I was doining it the 'proper' way my shihan/ Tim barthurst and others had shown me , over rushes the 'sensei'
    " no no, just cut straight down!"
    " eh?"
    "Just like a falling leaf... Straight down...." ?!?

    He then had his 1 st kyu brown belt demonstrate the horizontal cut from a 'pretend' sheathed sword. Horrible it was, all arms reefing it out the belt, cut and shoved back in, no hips, not even thumb/ forefinger to pretend to resheath to in pretend saya, not even back in the belt.... Jambed with elbow to body. "Good" he says everyone do that..... Lol
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  19. hatsie

    hatsie Active Member Supporter

    I like mark o'brien trained with him at shirashi sensei's dojo, jeez hes good! very small class. Mark, Liz , Simon and I I think great!

    I've often thought he might post in this very forum, politely asking for reality......:)
  20. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    Hopefully mark's still ok, long time since I saw him in Japan, I know the reasons why he's not there anymore but totally agree with the posters, he was a nice guy and with great Taijutsu

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