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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by turk944, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. turk944

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    Hey fellow Kuk Soolers,

    I haven't been on this forum in a while, but I just got back from seminar and thought I'd catch up a bit. I just started my 2nd degree testing this weekend and am still recovering. KJN Suh told us that this test we would be working on arm strength, so we did crazy push ups in between each form. I got some good ideas for workouts at my home school now. He also gave us a preview of next year's test. He said we would be focusing on legs and doing one-legged squats in between forms. I think the area that needs the most work for me would probably be the weapons forms. It always seems like I have the least time to practice them, and my instructor is 350 miles away, so the feedback I get on how I am doing is intermittent at best.

    The black belt portion of the seminar focused on weapons forms (good for me) and advanced sparring techniques. It was pretty informative and another good workout with KJN Suh. Anyway, just thought I'd catch back up with you guys. Hope everything is going well at your schools.
  2. Herbo

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    1 legged squats!! :eek: thank the good lord I have a while b4 I start black belt testing.
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    First of all, congratulations on testing!

    I'm sorry to hear you're so far from your instructor, but since I'm now in the same boat, I was wondering if we could compare notes on training. You're on a yearly testing schedule, I gather?

    Herbo... IIRC, this would be 2nd degree testing. I don't recall doing 1-legged squats for 1st degree. But considering how kyuk pah hyung begins, I could see working up to them.
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    That would be great. I feel that the area I get the least consistent work is weapons. It also seems that every time I meet with my instructor, something is changed, that I get to practice for about a day, and then have to go home and remember the changes on my own.

    As far as training schedule, I'll probably try to make it up there 3-4 times a year. I also help instruct a Kuk Sool school at my local university, but the school owner and I are at about the same level (he just promoted to 2nd degree this past weekend). Anyway, I hope your training is going well. Good luck, we all need more practice:D
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    Ah, curriculum changes. I just moved out here about two months ago, so I hope there hasn't been anything drastic just yet.

    My husband and I are both 1st degrees, but with our young son we've mostly only practiced together on weekends. So now I would have to say techniques are what I need to work on most. Unfortunately, there's not a club nearby just yet. Coyote's been working that while I focused on the sale of our old house, so I'm not sure where it is right now.

    Now that our weapons are out of storage, I've started to work on a weekly routine, about 15 minutes a day, just to keep my memory fresh:

    Monday - hyung (I decided to make KS practice my cardio / intervals training, so I might add some weapons or basic strike practice as I build this routine up.)
    Tuesday - sword just before or after my Yoga practice
    Wednesday - juk sool (kicking) & soo ki (handstrikes) - Still working on this one. A couple of weeks ago, it was round 1 of the 1000 kick routine, plus a review of the basic hand strikes. Yesterday it was about 10 ahp cha oh gi as dynamic stretching.
    Thursday - staff just before or after my Yoga practice
    Saturday - techniques -- though I think this has usually ended up on Sunday instead. Another longer practice, last time we went an hour and a half and still didn't get everything.
    Sunday - make-up

    I think I'm going to need to spread the techniques over several days too.
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    emberksw can you remind me of the 1000 kick drill as i did this 8 years ago when KJN Harmon came to the U.K pls
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    thank you this brings back good memory's and pain

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