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Discussion in 'Karate' started by PersonasBinar, Jan 11, 2004.

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    OSU all:

    I'm a 37 year old blue belt from Toronto, CANADA, and to test myself I am planning to enter a semi contact tourney (Kyokushinkai) in Montreal in the spring of '04. My 10 year old daughter (blue as well) also trains with me, she's awesome.

    My question is what DO the judges look for in these types of matches in we aren't to go out full power? I've heard several differing opinions regarding what goes on in these matches from:

    a: Semi? ya right.....full power with pads more likely to.....
    b: control control control

    While it seems a knockdown is unlikely at partial power, unless I catch an opponent off balance, which is entirely possible. I am keen to go in with eyes and mind open. I have no illusions that there will some opponents trying to "take my head off", those will be dealt with respectfully but accordingly as this is not my first exposure the the MA...(lol)

    AS well what would the rules be to a strike from a different art thrown into the match? (ex.. a nerve cluster strike to the shoulder in order to render the arm useless) Sometimes memory overides to frontal lobe.....and in the excitement of a combat, I fear I may revert to open style.

    Will that get me disqualified automatically?

    Any information regarding these semi-contact tourneys would be stellar.

    Thank-you all


    Remember to be good to all as KARMA has a looooong memory
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    The rules can differ from organisation to organisation. You haven't said if its Clicker or WUKO style semi contact? The rules differ in between those two styles too.

    Generally what the judges look for is controled and clean techniques that hit the target their aiming for, and that get through the oppenents defences to score the point. They also like combinations of techniques, i.e. Uraken & Gyakyu or Mawashi Geri & Gyakyu. The technique that scores most often in these type of tournaments is a simple gyakyu (Reverse Punch)

    Excessive contact will get you into trouble (trust me), so avoid knockdowns at all costs. Once you can get away with, twice will get you disqualifed for a lack of control. Its just semi contact after all, no need to knock them down.

    Any technique that debilitates your oppenent, i.e a nerve cluster strike to the shoulder, will also get you points taken off, or disqualified. Contact should be "light" (read light as not a full contact blow, but not a soft tap either). I know thats not always what happens in these tournaments, but just because some people have no disregard for the rules, doesn't mean you should either.

    As for strikes from a different art thrown into the match, I can't really say, but its highly likely that those techniques won't score points, as the judges won't recognise them. Clicker and WUKO's scoring depends on the strike you throw, and where it hits. If you throw a strike, and the judge's can't identify it, it won't score. The best thing to do is stick to your kyokushinkai basics, they most often score.
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    Thanks for the reply, got some questions to ask next class. And no I promise not to open a can of WA on someone trying to hurt me...I'dd much rather just DANCE DANCE DANCE.


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    Good luck and have fun. Let us know how you get on.
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    OSU"'s all fun....even when it


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