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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by Evainski, May 15, 2012.

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    Hi Map.

    I have an uncle who is both partially blind and Deaf. He was born deaf but he can hear to an extent and can speak although with some impediment. He was fitted with a cochlear implant a few years ago and that has helped matters but he is still deaf. As far as his eye site goes, he was diagnosed with Retinitis pigmentosa about 20 years ago and has been classed as legally blind for the last 10. Retinitis pigmentosa is a condition that worsens slowly over time, first loosing night vision and peripheral vision until eventual blindness.

    He has had a guide dog for the past 5 years and insists on remaining active, going for long walks with his dog which is good but he doesn't live in the best area. He has been robbed of his phone, threatened abused and followed and thugs are rife in the area. He is a fairly stubborn old bugger and often walks quite late at night which makes him very vulnerable.

    Now to the point, the other day he said he was threatened by some men again and he has been feeling very vulnerable of late. I train in taekwondo and he was asking me if my instructor would be ok with giving him some one on one training. He says he doesn't want to train in a group or gain ranks, just pick up some self defense skills. I told him that I don't think taekwondo would have much to offer him considering that it is primarily a striking style as striking without vision would be a bit difficult I imagine. I suggested maybe he should look at a grappling style like jujitsu or judo or possibly look for a self defense course specifically for the disabled.

    I'm just after some advice from you fine people on this and if anyone knows a good school or style I could direct him to. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

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    I'll suggest just one move for blind people and that's "bear hug". Get a used heavy bag (~100 lb) and use your bear hug to lift that heavy bag off the ground 100 times daily. The day that you can "squeeze" your opponent to death, the day that you have developed yourself a dependable combat skill (even if you may be blind).
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    I have heard that judo is good for blind people.
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    Judo has a lot of blind competitors and top judo black belts, they feel the movement and it's been suggested that this is an advantage.
    Judo is also one of the most easily accessible arts anywhere in the world.

    BTW youknowwho probably isnt joking.
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    Self defence starts by accepting your own limitations.I can see and hear perfectly well but due to lack of physical size there are quite a few people I am not going to fight well against so I have to avoid getting into conflict with them.If he wants to walk late at night it might be an idea to get someone to go with him.If that isn't an option then its best he changes his routine and walks during the daytime when its safer.

    Its very difficult for an able-bodied person to defend themselves.Add disabilities and it goes up a few notches.Unless he is prepared to dedicate his life to training then physical self defence is really a non-starter and might lead to him trying to defend a cheap phone when the safer option would be to hand it over.

    Sorry to be so negative but street fighting isn't a sport or game and one mistake can lead to you ending up on a mortuary slab.
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    He should carry around a claymore or a broadsword.

    Or a cane sword.

    Bottomline, he should carry a sword.

    I wish I had a sword.
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    Just saw this on BBC, interesting read.


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