Second Time Sparring. Almost got KO'd

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by u6s68, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Right. Being overly tense being one of my problem areas and always contributed to headaches. I'd think being too tight would contribute negatively when it comes to taking shots, though having weak neck muscles adds to the whiplash effect.

    I wonder if the OP suffered at least a minor concussion. If that the case, taking more head blows till it heals wouldn't be a good idea.

    Its too bad - the lack of feedback from his instructor brought to naught the OP's opportunity to have the experience put into context by a seasoned pro and turn it into a valuable learning experience.
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    How much bigger he was than you? I dont like to spar with bigger guys, but I have no options, I am one of the smallest guys always

    Hell, it might be that sometimes for the bigger guys they go "light" in their mind but still just have that power even though they dont notice it themselves. Some just go harder for some reason, I dont think its wise since training shouldn't give you concussions and thus shortening your career.. Especially if you ask someone go light/lighter its a real douchebag move then not doing so. Sorry that you had to experience something like this on your second sparring, it sucks, no doubt

    But I noticed this

    "I tried to reply with some big shots of my own despite being a little shaken from the knockdown."

    If you started swinging a bit there, that might just get your opponent to do the same. And some people (not necessarily pointing to you or your opponent, but just some people) are like this: You hit them with flush shot once or twice and they get frustrated or even mad. And when they get to that point, they want revenge. And to do so, they try to hit you with bigger shots.

    Its never good to spar with those people imo

    And then there are some people who just have that fight or flight situation, EVEN IN SPARRING

    My friend is good example of this. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he has that fight or flight thing going on and then he fights in sparring like his life is on the line.

    As it was said already, it might be wise to not continue after a knockdown. Who knows, sometimes it can be a concussion even in just a knockdown. And it isn't good to get hit more after getting a concussion.
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    "roid shake" sigh....

    playing DA:
    OP you are a bigginer, you are probably WAY over thinking this and all sparring, i remember feeling it was very personal when sparring didnt go my way.

    If you where dropping bombs he's going to give you a clip as a warning, the coach may well have seen it coming hense his 'steady' commands.

    His getting frustrated might not have been because you were totally out classing him (remember he is an experienced boxer and you are a beginner) but from getting slapped about by a new kid and having to stand their and take it.

    you are probably over thinking it, forget about it and move on.

    And honestly i dont know where most of you guys learned to box but there was always a bit of carnage around sparring sessions, you are going to get hit in the ring, if the first time you get a clip is your first bout you are in for a shock.
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    Ja, ja, I've no doubt you and Lei - the more experienced boxers here are right in your assessment(s) of things - but those clips do shock - shocks one all the way back to jr. school, fighting back tears and all the rest.

    And it comes much harder than one expects and that is what opens up doubt - doubt as to whether or not your partner really knows what they're doing ( with respects to their own self control ) - your coach may be giving hints but you've not learned to read/decode them yet, so there is fear - its the fear of not knowing if its your lacking - or the coach isn't really in control of things.

    Anyroad, all that in one's head the split second after that bucket of ice-cold water is thrown on you, lol.

    I suppose if I'd not been in a place where I knew someone to get severely hurt, hospitalised in what was supposed to've been a controlled learning experience, I'd been more "its boxing - what you expect? - man-up".

    The OP came on here, not so much as complaining about getting tagged, if I read things right, as presenting a situation and asking "is this alright? Are there any things you, being more experienced, see as a warning that this place could use some fixin' ?" - which struck a nerve with me, ' cause there were warning signs in my previous school that something bad was on the horizon for someone, sooner or later - and we chose to ignore them.

    I think you right, but there is that process of learning what's normal, what's acceptable from that which isn't. Thinking too much? Probably - but at the same time, each one is responsible for doing due diligence with regards to educating themselves.

    Maybe the OP needs to open up with his coach and just ask, instead of hanging back, waiting for the coach to initiate whatever - I've been that way myself at times till I realised it.

    But maybe he's attempted and isn't really getting any response - hence coming on here and asking the forum

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