SAQ drills with and agility ladder for martial arts

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    This is a drill With a SAQ Ladder designed by the author to build on some fundamentals techniques and body movements used by the martial arts athlete. The drill is comprised of the parts.

    Part 1 is two feet in the ladder and two feet out of the ladder with a total of 8 steps. This works on the basic foot agility and quickness and coordination of body and mind.

    Part 2 is a push kick phase. The push kick can be performed in either the offense with the strike point being the balls of the foot or the defensive push kick with the strike point being the flat bottom of foot. This phase gives the athlete repetition with the technique as well as cardiovascular work because of the nature of the exercise. It works best with at least 4 reps per cycle.

    Part 3 is an open leg squat into a front push kick. One leg steps backwards and the foot opens 45 degrees, squat keeping the torso upright, upon raising apply a push kick with the back foot. This phase works on the quadriceps and gluts as well as continued repetition of technique Reps of 2’s work best with this phase.

    A few points of focus during the drill:

    1. Remain on the balls of the feet through out the exercise. This engages the tendon and other increases the SSC or short stretch cycle bridging the gap between other forms of resistance training.

    2. Try to put focus on coordination of the feet and avoid touching the ladder. This helps improve motor skills, and spatial awareness.

    3. Keep your hands in a guarding position to the best of your ability and put more focus on this as your comfort ability with the exercise increases.

    4. At least 2 cycles should be preformed; cycles and reps may be increased for higher intensity.

    5. Work progressively, start slow get the basic movements and progressively add more speed, as you feel comfortable.

    The video can be seen at:
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