San Da/SanShou schools in London.

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by jinroh-81, Jan 31, 2006.

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    Any San Da/SanShou (Chinese Kickboxing) schools in London? I know there is one in Tuffnel Park (North London) area but it costs alot and is based around shaolin kung fu.

    Does anybody know about any other schools?

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  3. jinroh-81

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    Thanks for the link, i'll look into it further, gonna give them a call or e-mail.

    I've found this school after a long session on google and yahoo:, It looks promising.

    I am not bothered about the japanese/korean belt ranking structure which seems to be the norm of chinese martial art schools in the west, but as long they don't charge alot (i.e £40 + for a belt examination) and the teaching is good i'll be happy. Know anything about this school?

    Thanks for the last link, I am really grateful.

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