Saenchai vs Alamos Paris tonight.

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    Tonight in Paris France, the second edition of Best of Siam takes place, and it's headlined by a huge fight between Saenchai and Damien Alamos. Along with the main event, there are some other great match-ups on the card as well.

    Saenchai is renowned by many, as the best Muay Thai fighter in the world, fighting all over the place in weight, defeating the best opponents, and much larger opponents. Tomorrow, he'll again be against a larger opponent, as Damien Alamos is the Lumpinee champion at light welterweight. Saenchai comes off a big win against Pakorn in Scotland, and before that he avenged a loss to Singdam Kiatmoo9 in October. Alamos actually lost his last fight, to Diesellek Aoodonmuang last month. Nonetheless, it's still a huge fight with two big names and two great fighters.

    Yetkin Ozkul will return to the ring just under two weeks after losing to Masaaki Noiri and he'll fight Saksongkram Poptheeratham. Saksongkram is coming down in weight for the fight, which takes place at 61kg. It'll be a very tough fight for Ozkul against a bigger Thai opponent.

    Farid Villaume will also return, but after not having fought for two years. He faces Antuan Siangboxing, aka Antoine Pinto. Villaume is 37 years old and a French legend, while Antuan is just 21, although he already has 141 fights to his name.

    Some more Thai vs. French match-ups are also on the card, with French up and comer Bobo Sacko fighting Petasawin Seatransferry at 67kg. Sacko comes off his first career loss to Aziz Hlali, last month. At 70kg, Dejrit Poptheeratham fights Hicham Chaibi.

    63kg: Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym vs. Damien Alamos

    61kg: Yetkin Ozkul vs. Saksongkram Poptheeratham

    70kg: Farid Villaume vs. Antuan Siangboxing

    67kg: Bobo Sacko vs. Petasawin Seatransferry

    70kg: Dejrit Poptheeratham vs. Hicham Chaibi

    72kg: Wendy Annonay vs. Raphael Llodra

    67kg: Fabrice Dellanon vs. Baghdad Kharbouchi.
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    Brilliant - would love to see this card!!!!
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    Saw Saenchai V Pakron in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, was a great fight with Saenchai pulling off all his usual tricks.

    Great technique from Pakorn too....always doubling up on the kicks. He was outclassed in the end though.

    Also Saenchai seems like a good guy, walking about the venue all night signing autographs and getting pictures taken.

    Privilige to see....:D
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    Saenchai ended up cruising to a decision over Alamos. Saenchai was from all accounts in control for the whole fight. This win comes just under two weeks after Saenchai's last win, in Scotland on November 10 against Pakorn. Next up for Saenchai is a third fight with Liam Harrison on December 9 in Macau. Alamos has now lost twice in a row.

    Unlike Saenchai, Farid Villaume hasn't been fighting that often. Actually, before today, he hadn't fought for two years. He faced Antuan Siangboxing (aka Antoine Pinto) and was unsuccessful in his return fight, losing a decision.

    Like Saenchai, Yetkin Ozkul also fought on November 10, but in Japan and against Masaaki Noiri where he lost a decision. Ozkul lost again, this time by cut stoppage in a fight where he was getting dominated, by Saksongkram Poptheeratham. Saksongkram's stablemate, Dejrit Poptheeratham took a decision over Hicham Chaibi.

    In another Thai vs. Frenchman match-up, Petasawin Seatransferry won via cut stoppage over Bobo Sacko after the fourth round. Petasawin and Sacko each dropped each other in the third round and it seems to have been a great fight by all accounts.

    63kg: Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym def. Damien Alamos by decision.

    70kg: Antuan Siangboxing def. Farid Villaume by decision.

    61kg: Saksongkram Poptheeratham def. Yetkin Ozkul by TKO (Cut) in Round 4.

    67kg: Petasawin Seatransferry def. Bobo Sacko by TKO (Cut) after Round 4.

    70kg: Dejrit Poptheeratham def. Hicham Chaibi by decision.

    Raphael Llodra def. Wendy Annonay by TKO (Cut) in Round 2.

    Fabrice Dellanon def. Baghdad Kharbouchi by decision.

    Mohamed Kariche def. Desty Beaubrun by decision.

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