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  1. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    Another legend in JKD passes away.

    RIP sir.
  2. sardara singh

    sardara singh Valued Member

    when you found
  3. Van Zandt

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  4. Rajveer

    Rajveer Valued Member

    Terrible news, RIP Ted Wong.
  5. Pat OMalley

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  6. TheDarknight

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    The passing of Ted Wong
    Type : Coverage

    It is with a heavy heart that the Bruce Lee and JKD Family inform you of the passing of our beloved sifu and friend, Ted Wong. Out of respect for Ted's family, we request that you respect their privacy during this time of mourning. A public tribute will be organized at some point in the near future. We will let you know how you may participate at that time. Thank you. Shannon
    Rip sifu Ted wong
  7. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Wow. Wasn't expecting to see anything like this. That's terrible.

    Rest in Peace
  8. Simplicity

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    RIP SIR, Ted Wong... This has been a bad week in the JKD community... We also lost our JKD Brother William Holland (2nd gen. Instructor), he passed on Wed. Dec. 1st...

    Remember, we live to die... But not all of us "Live A Life Worth Dieing For"

    Something to think about...
  9. sardara singh

    sardara singh Valued Member

    well said simplicty, Sifu Ted Wong we never forget you, he gave not holding back JKD and walked the path of his teacher Bruce Lee. Rip
  10. sardara singh

    sardara singh Valued Member

    Sigung Ted Wong Rip it is a with heavy hart and sad news. We will miss u on the Bruce lee Foundation gathering, Rip (Sigung Ted Wong)
  11. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Really sad. Ted was a great man and a wonderful teacher.
  12. dimitris

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  13. Peter Lewis

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