RIP Roger Moore, 007

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by aikiMac, May 23, 2017.

  1. aikiMac

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    Overshadowed perhaps by the terrorist attack in England (and rightly so), but James Bond has fallen. :cry:

    I know that popular opinion says Sean Connery was the best James Bond, but I disagree. Roger Moore was always Bond to me because he was Bond in my formative years: when Star Wars and Indiana Jones and ET were the playing in theaters, Roger Moore was Bond. "For Your Eyes Only" (sung by the lovely Sheena Easton), and "Octopussy," and "A View to a Kill" were the James Bond movies I knew.

    RIP, 007.
  2. Giovanni

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    moore was cool. too bad he's gone.

    i would love if sometime they could have done an all-bonds episode kind of like the last episode of tng where all these enterprises showed up.
  3. Giovanni

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  4. Vince Millett

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    I used to have a Saturday job in Hamley's, the famous toy shop in London, back at the turn of the 80s. I sold Roger Moore two battery operated toy submarines for his nephews. He was very nice and friendly. I recall his hair looking like it was made of plastic.
  5. Martinroy

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    Roger Moore 007
    A great Actor ...
  6. VoidKarateka

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    He took on The Man With The Golden Gun. A British great has indeed fallen :(

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