RIP Darren Schlavi

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    Wow, are any of you familiar with him? He's been acting for years and it seemed like his star was finally rising. I guess he had problems like the rest of us but I hate to see the life of anyone snatched away by drugs.

    Here's an article with pictures. One of the earliest roles i saw him in was White Tiger with Gary Daniels. He also played the Australian who fought Ip Man in Ip Man 2.
  2. Mushroom

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    Also Kano in the new iteration of Mortal Kombat. Sad times, he was on the radar for next big thing.

  3. mdgee

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    I accidentally misspelled his name.

    Donnie Yen posted a very kind comment about Darren on his official page.

    Donnie Yen-甄子丹 Official
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    1989 met a young and shy Darren Shahlavi at one of my seminars in London, 20 years later we are battling on the set of Ip man 2. Twister had become a handsome, talented and outgoing man. RIP my friend. Condolences to his family.
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    Posted by Darren's personal friend Scott Adkins, via his Facebook page:

    "Unfortunately some websites that have no respect for real journalism are not reporting the real reason for Darren Shahlavi's passing so to set the record straight :-

    Darren was recently prescribed a painkiller for his hip that he wasn't used to, and a toxic reaction to it, has sadly taken him from us. His passing leaves a huge gap many of our hearts and in the industry, as his full potential had only just began to be explored. He leaves us a legacy with his film work, to enjoy, to learn from and to be inspired by, and lets remember the man and the way he lived...
    His family have been overwhelmed by the genuine emotional response to what happened, and are grateful for the heartfelt words and love that people are showing .
    There will be a funeral in the UK, followed by a memorial service in the States, and there is a fund being set up to take care of some of the expenses, and i'll post a link to that as it becomes available.
    Lets continue to respect the man, his work and his family."

    Just to give the story another perspective!

    kind Regards,

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    Thanks Travess. It's just incredibly sad to hear of someone so young leaving this earth so soon. I heard yesterday about that 37 or 39 year old fitness model's death. They still don't know how he was struck and killed by a commuter train. He wasn't depressed to anyone's knowledge but you have to wonder, right?

    Anyway, this news about Darren breaks so many hearts because, just as Mr. Adkin mentions, his star was finally rising and he was getting a lot of notice from Hollyweird along with quite a few offers.

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