Rest in Peace - Malcolm Young

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    Malcolm Young, co-founder of one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands ever, has passed away.

    When I first got into rock as a teenager, my first album was AC/DC's Back in Black. I have many of their albums, which I have listened to regularly for decades now.

    His brother Angus, gets more of the limelight, but die hard fans know Malcolm was essential to the band. He wrote, or co-wrote, most of the songs as well as playing rhythm guitar and doing background vocals.

    He retired from the band a few years ago, due to dementia and other health concerns. So, really, I mourned him mostly back then. Dementia is sort of a death of a person before their body goes. And I really knew that that was signaling the end of the band when he couldn't go on anymore.

    I will always regret I never got to see them live.

    A band that managed to survive the death of one singer, to thrive for decades after that. A rare feat indeed. (And in that debate, I have to say I can't choose one singer over the other.)

    Here is one of my favorite songs from my very favorite album by them. And while a few albums were *meh* they really produced a lot of really great albums- solid all the way through, where most every song was great.(Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Stiff Upper Lip to name a few.) I think their career spanned over 4 decades?

    I remember one review of them a long time ago, can't remember the source, but the reviewer said you could count on them to just do great rock and roll and never had to worry about them sneaking in a power ballad.:D

    Another one of my favorite songs.
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    One of my favourite bands, and I too made the mistake of never seeing them live. No nonsense biker boogie, and Malcolm was a genius, hugely underrated. There are so many great songs to choose from, and I'm much more a fan of their light-touch boogie than the stadium plodders, but it has to be:

    and this one, which has gloriously non-PC content.

    RIP Malcolm.

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