Religious experience.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Kframe, Sep 26, 2016.

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  2. Van Zandt

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    Your symptoms of acute fatigue and auditory hallucinations can be attributed to dozens of physiological issues. I would consider speaking with a qualified medical professional, or several, before you categorise your experience as "religious."
  3. philosoraptor

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    I actually find it an uplifting experience - I get to make my own life, for better or worse, and rather than having the meaning of my life given to me by some cloud deity I can create the meaning of my life.
  4. huoxingyang

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    On the flip side, this can be incredibly comforting - it doesn't matter what you do because once you're dead, no worries. Understanding that life is meaningless and that there is no accountability after you die could be a justification for the freedom to live your life however you like.
  5. Pretty In Pink

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    Pretty much how I've always felt about it.
  6. Kframe

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    I hadn't considered that it could be something physiological. It only happened once, never before and never again.

    Thanks VZ. I need to get into a GP anyways. Haven't had a check up in over a decade.

    Bozza, I have no idea what kind of meditation I am interested in. However, as you have suggested, I will be trolling youtube. Something beginner friendly is where I will start.
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    weird cos a lot of the threads I've read are deffo not family friendly hey ho always some clipboard unacceptable reference rule maker somewhere.
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    Í'm reppin' zen-style, yo (Did I get that right? Is that how the kids on the street talk?)!

    If you're interested in that and want some advice or whatever...ask away.
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    So basically expressing an opinion on one's comments hasn't been done on here before. The rules need rechecking then, if a mod can't take a gentle bit of crit or advise then they don't deserve a position of power.
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    And oh it was a joke and not an argument.
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    No by all means express your opinion, just don't use curse words. Some are so-so okay but anything you wouldn't say to a child you can't say here. It promotes discussion and discourages name-calling.

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    For instance, I can attack/argue someone about their beliefs, such as "well the Pasta Monster doesn't exist and it's stupid to think otherwise" and I couldn't say "your a Pasta Monster loving idiot!"

    So yes, the mods are regular folk, just don't swear or attack people. Logical discussion is the aim of MAP.
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    Didnt realise id cause such a fuss when i was making a joke albeit a bad one quoting master ken. Sorry if I offended anyone
  14. David Harrison

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    Hi Kframe, while it is a psychological phenomena you experienced, I'd hold off on checking yourself into the funny farm just yet ;)

    What happened to you is called hypnagogia, and it is simply the state between waking and sleeping. Auditory hallucinations are very common in this state.

    "Hypnagogic hallucinations are often auditory or have an auditory component. Like the visuals, hypnagogic sounds vary in intensity from faint impressions to loud noises, like knocking and crash and bangs (exploding head syndrome). People may imagine their own name called, crumpling bags, white noise, or a doorbell ringing. Snatches of imagined speech are common. While typically nonsensical and fragmented, these speech events can occasionally strike the individual as apt comments on — or summations of — their thoughts at the time. They often contain word play, neologisms and made-up names. Hypnagogic speech may manifest as the subject's own "inner voice", or as the voices of others: familiar people or strangers. More rarely, poetry or music is heard."


    I've had a fair few religious/mystic experiences, from Christian to Taoist, from the traditional Western occult to personalised experiences that don't fit into any spiritual system that I'm aware of.

    What this has taught me is that there are no true gods. If Kali, the Virgin Mary, The Green Man and Cthulhu can all present themselves to me with equal vividness, then I can only conclude that none of them are real and it is actually my own mind that I am communicating with. It is the only logical conclusion to the variety of contradictory beliefs that humans have sincerely held over recorded history.

    I personally believe that the mind being able to appear greater than the sum of its parts to itself is more "magical" than real gods speaking to us. For example, your "prophetic" dreams, I would say, are just your intuition that something is wrong; your unconscious mind just gave you that intuition in the form of a dream rather than waking, analytical thought. Remember that the part of us we consider "us" - the conscious mind, is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I wouldn't advise you what to believe, or what church/synagogue/mosque/temple/coven to attend, but I would advise against you trying to simply replace one religion with another, unless it is simply the ritual and community aspects you crave. If it is a relationship with the divine you crave, you don't need a church:

    "Know you not that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?"

    - 1 Corinthians 3:16

    I've known a number of Druids and Wiccans and the like, and I would warn you that if paganism is appealing to you to escape dogma and hollow ritual, you can still find a lot of dogmatic, sanctimonious people practicing hollow rituals in the pagan scene. You're right that it is a modern invention, the father of which is considered to be Gerald Gardner. Whether he invented it simply to see skyclad women frolicking on the heath... I would have thought there might be easier ways to do that, but who knows? He took inspiration from the Western esoteric tradition, which dates back to the 17th Century, and mixed it with an idealised nature religion loosely based on the scant knowledge we have of European pre-Christian beliefs.
  15. David Harrison

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    You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    Ever read Dune, or seen the film?

  16. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Physiological, not psychological.

    Kframe's physical state at the time could have been influenced by anything from hypoglycaemia to dehydration.
  17. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    There is no difference. The nervous system is part of our physiology.

    If he is still experiencing fatigue and insomnia, then that needs to be checked out. If he just happened to be knackered because he had an isolated bout of insomnia and he had an auditory hallucination, that is perfectly normal.

    The issues surrounding his relationship and general malaise of depression and anxiety are the priority, as far as he has described things, which he should most definitely seek professional help for.
  18. Pretty In Pink

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    Well that's nice. Hopefully when you come back from the ban you'll be more chill :)
  19. Dead_pool

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    I find it incredibly positive that how I treat people and the interactions I have will ripple on in time after my body returns back to the earth.

    Actions will always speak louder then empty words.

  20. David Harrison

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    ...or not.


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