Redneck crucifix for the submission

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    Here's a great example of someone down on points pulling out a win by getting a crucifix. I recently had a chance to train with some Sambo guys that came over from Russia and I got repeatedly put into this position (maybe it's a Sambo groundwork mainstay?)... and I can say... it's the worst.

    Not much you can do.. but try to keep moving. Interesting to see it in a fight with some country boys who from the looks of it have never done any sort of BJJ or MMA.

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    Hey Slipthejab,

    Yes that is a common move that untrained and trained people use. The big UFC fighter Roy Nelson uses it generally to perfection. Simple and efficient and one way to gain a dominant position. The key in defending it is when they initially trap that arm with their legs is to turn towards their legs and bring your arm across/underneath their body and either then reguard or go to your knees and try to reguard or escape. If you wait to long though bad things will happen! ;)
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    We use it a lot in wrestling as its a pinning move. Very much we keep it (in our class) chest to chest, like a high up side control. Opp's arm trapped between our legs which at times can be crossed. And our head and arm controling the other, leaving a forearm(crossface) to the face to force the head (and therefore the body) down to the mat and its a pin.

    BJ lost out to this move by Matt Hughes I believe.

    No trace video on youtube.
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    Hughes also beat Carlos Newton with it in their second fight, him and Nelson are both very good at it.

    Jose Also also got one on Faber for about three minutes but Faber kept moving his head and was able to barely survive to the end of the round.

    I like it, I got one on somone the other week and tapped them with a key lock. Nearly got one today but he was too quick getting his arm away. Its probably the very worst position to be in on the gound, definitely the heardest to get out of that I know of.
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    I've seen a BJJ guy use it to choke his opponent out (poor guy was unable to tap due to both arms being immobilized), but that seems like it would only be effective with a gi, where the collar is thick enough to 1) grab and pull without ripping, and 2) put enough pressure on the carotid artery/windpipe to induce unconsciousness.

    Is it possible to hyper-extend both arms when using a crucifix behind your opponent's head?
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    Just out of interest I wondered if you would consider this done from the back, instead of the top , a similar technique? Two variations- one from the ground and one from a supplex.


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