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    There is a drunk singing in the alley between my flats and the block opposite. It's the first live music I've heard for months, still... 2/10 stars.
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    LOL! That's funny, dude! Did you offer him a pint to shut up? :p :jester:

    Wow, Loreena McKennitt. That's a blast from the past. I used to be a huge fan of Celtic music (I still like it). I have a couple of her CDs. Gorgeous music. :heart:
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    Went into the city(San Francisco) last night to see Flamenco Guitar Legend Tomatito. This was my second time seeing him and was completely amazed and blown away. As usual he had an ensemble including a second guitarist, percussionist, vocalists, and a dancer. They were all very talented, but we came to see and hear Tomatito. The venue was the Herbst Theatre inside the War Memorial Auditorium, a very nice place to see a show and we had great seats. They played for an hour and a half and absolutely wowed the crowd. Any time you get a chance to see a true master you cant pass it up.
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    Last concert I went to was a quiet little band called Mastodon a couple of years ago (check them on Youtube/Spotify/whatever, there may be a bit too much swearing in some songs for MAP) and my neck has probably just recovered. In the same year we had Seasick Steve play and the year before also had Clutch and Andy McKee play up here. Both were absolutely awesome and the place went up when Clutch started Electric Worry. We seem to be the last place any decent artist wants to come to unless they're Take That or Rhianna though so we get proper music possibly once every other year and we have to take advantage of it.

    [ame=""]Clutch - Electric Worry, O2 Academy Newcastle, 22nd April 2014 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Seasick Steve. Roy's Gang 02 Academy Newcastle - YouTube[/ame]

    That said, a quiet little band that have sold a handful of records (~90 million) is heading to the north east next year and I have my ticket booked...

    [ame=""]Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - YouTube[/ame]
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    Last night I saw Flamenco guitar virtuoso Vicente Amigo at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. What an amazing show. This is the second time this year I have been to this venue to see a Flamenco legend. I was fortunate enough to see Tomatito here last October. It's a great place to see a show if you live anywhere close. As for Vicente, I expected perfection and was not disappointed. His ensemble consisted of a percussionist, Bass player( somewhat unusual for a flamenco show), a second guitarist, One singer, and a dancer. I have been to several Flamenco shows now and always enjoy the raw emotion of the performers as well as the interaction between the audience and the performers. They played for about 1 1/2 hours. Bravo Vicente.
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    Saw Slim Man yesterday at Watts Winery in Lodi, Ca. I had not heard of Slim, but apparently he is pretty well known in the jazz world. Great show. Slim sang a lot of his original songs as well as a few diverse covers. Besides vocals he also played Bass and accompanied by Keyboards, Dave Hawkes on drums(Local Modesto boy) Greg Vail on Sax(A pretty well known musician himself), And local Lodi boy Sam "Mombo" Hernandez on percussions. Always great to see and hear live music at that level at a small intimate (maybe 60 people) setting. Check out Slim Man when you get a chance
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    Made it to Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland Ca. last night to see Bobby Caldwell. Bobby's getting a little old but his voice still sounds really good. Best known for his 1979 hit, "What you wont do for love" he also wrote a few songs for other artists. His back-up band was solid, the Sax player was off the hook. All in all a great night at a great venue.
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    How lucky am I? For the second time in 13 months I had the privilege of seeing Flamenco Guitar Virtuoso Vicente Amigo. Vicente is considered to be one of the two top masters of Flamenco in the world today(Along with Tomatito). The way this man plays is amazing, and he was on top of his game last night. He had the same ensemble with him as last year, Percussionist, Bass Guitar, Second Guitarist, and Vocalist. The only thing missing was a dancer but since I was there to see/hear Vicente that's O.K.(Although those Flamenco dancers are pretty Bad ass). Ole Vicente, You truly are a living legend.
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    Had the great fortune of seeing The Dave Koz and friends smooth jazz Christmas show last night at the Gallo Center in Modesto Ca. Dave has been doing this Christmas tour for 21 years now. This is the fourth time I have made it, always a great time. This year featured Dave Koz of course, a masterful Saxman and great Host. Jonathan Butler was there, as he has been every time I have attended. He is a good Jazz guitarist and a wonderful singer. His rendition of " O Holy Night" is always a highlight of the night. Keiko Matsui was also there. My first time seeing her. She is an amazing pianist, would definatly see her again. Saxophonist/Vocalist Mindy Abair was also there. Was also my first time seeing her, she brought a harder Bluesy edge to the show that was really cool. Newcomer Shelea was also performing and Damn, That girl could belt it out. Apparantley she is a recent Quincy Jones discovery and she was all that. Look for a PBS show coming out in march featuring her. Dave's back up band was fantastic as always, featuring Brian Simpson on Keyboards. Next year I recommend everyone should see This Christmas tour, as well as any of these individual artists as possible. Merry Christmas.
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    Went to the Harris Center in Folsom Ca. last night to see the 2019 International Guitar Night tour. This is the 3rd IGN concert I have attended and it was amazing as always. This years line-up consisted of Luca Stricagnoli, Cenk erdogan, Samuelito, and Antoine Boyer. Hard to pick a Fave as they were all awesome, but being a Flamenco guy I would have to go with Samuelito. Only 25 years old but playing traditional Flamenco like an old pro. Cenk was also very cool. He is from Turkey so he has a strong Middle-Eastern Flamenco sound to his music. Antoine was the youngest, only 22. He was more of a Jazz, Gypsy Jazz stylist, and in a rare sight for IGN concerts played a thin-bodied electric jazz guitar all night. Not sure how to categorize Luca other than creative, inventive, and playing some crazy, custom made guitars. One thing I like about these shows is that during the intermission and after the show all the performers are in the lobby autographing cd's and taking pictures with fans. I made point to stick around until the crowd dwindled so as to talk with these guys a while. They were all very nice guys and didn't mind hanging out a little. All in all, a great night, a great show, and 4 wonderful musicians.
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    The Jazz Center in San Francisco was the venue last night for Amazing and lovely Pianist/Singer Eliane Elias. Bringing her Latin Jazz/Bossa Nova style to the stage was a treat for all in attendance. The focus was on her original songs, some instrumental, some with vocals. I was blown away at how great she was on the grand piano and love her sultry voice. Her band consisted of a bass player who she has played with for many years who was very talented in his own craft, and who doesn't enjoy a true jazz drummer playing on a bare-bones drum kit. If your a fan of Jazz with a latin beat check out Eliane Elias.
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    At last, I am pleased to revive this thread!!! Although I have been to small local venues to hear local talent I finally was able to attend an actual "ticketed event" concert last night. Mark Collie has been a favorite of mine for some time now and one of the first singers to get me into Country Music. The Venue was The Sofia Theater in Sacramento Ca., about an hour away from me. It is a small theater(max 325 people) and was only about half full...small crowd. Mark was playing solo, just his voice(which sounded great) and his guitar. He did accompany himself on piano for a few songs as well. He shared some stories of his life, his career and his association with legends like Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. After the show he and his wife did a meet and greet in the lobby. I was thrilled to get to meet and shake hands with someone who's music has brought so much pleasure to my ears all these years. He was a very nice man and very down to earth. All and all a great night and a magnificent first concert back.

    I hope you all are getting back out to live music events and will begin posting on here again. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Been with my mum to a couple of gigs this year.
    Saw Kiki Dee in Shrewsbury, accompanied by a fantastic guitarist. Very intimate gig, great music

    Went to see James Taylor in Manchester, easily the best stage presence I've ever witnessed. Amazingly talented set of people on stage with him, just a beautiful night. Introduced me to a lot of his music that I'd not heard before.
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    Saw Ottmar Liebert last night. I have seen him twice before but it has been over 7 years since the last show. As usual he performed with his band Luna Negra( bass and precussions) and the sound was flawless. Not a man of many words Ottmar let the music do the talking...literally. Other than taking a couple of minutes to introduce the band and mention the name of his latest recording it was 1 1/2 hours of solid playing. If you are not familiar with Ottmar - check him out. His music is beautiful, soothing and relatable. He is one of those musicians that everyone seems to like his music regardless of the genre they normally listen to. This was also my second trip to the Sofia theatre in Sacramento, Ca. in the last 2 months, a great smaller venue close by that I will certainly be coming back to again.

    I also have been getting back out quite a bit to local small venues(wineries,clubs,etc.) to hear and support the local bands/artists as well as the businesses. It is important that all us music lovers do this. This is what keeps the music alive.

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