Reasons to choose Judo (Much like my Aikido thread)

Discussion in 'Judo' started by -=|§ØÛ£|=-, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. binski20

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    I have not studied judo yet, but am looking strongly towards it right now.
    As some people have said, it is an art which you can practice at nearly full strength. How many other arts do so? There are some, but not all.
    I will not give credit to the notion of "95%" of fights going to the ground or whatever it is that circulates around. Bottom line though, is that if it gets close enough to grapple, throw and/or fight on the ground, I hope you know what you are doing. If not, you are likely going to learn a quick lesson.

    Anyway, I chose to respond to this because I am likely choosing judo and wanted to explain why. I feel it can be effective. Will I go into a bar and take on 3 guys? Lemme think about that.....ummm no. If a guy attacks, will I be able to do something?
    Depends of course. If he cheapshots me, or jumps from behind, the cards are already against me. It is just like any other art. Learn what you can, and more importantly, learn how to use it on the street if you ever intend to do so.
  2. -=|§ØÛ£|=-

    -=|§ØÛ£|=- New Member

    True words my friend. I love to watch throws be done. To me there is just this whole hidden art to it.
  3. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    download this:
    various throws
  4. -=|§ØÛ£|=-

    -=|§ØÛ£|=- New Member

    Hey, thanks a lot man.
  5. cal_JJJ

    cal_JJJ New Member

    Thanks Saikyou, That was a great download!

    I really like that Tomoa Nage towards the end. Thats the way I always pictured that it would go if you tried to pull it of in a SD situation, but he hung in there and pulled it off dispite his opponants efforts to get off.
  6. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    yeah its a nice video. its a quick download too.:D
  7. -=|§ØÛ£|=-

    -=|§ØÛ£|=- New Member

    Ude Gaeshi and Kami Basami are my favorites.
  8. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    too bad, kani basami is forbidden in competitions.

    my favorite throws are Kata Guruma, Harai Goshi (Makikomi), and O Guruma. :D
  9. iron_mick

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    saikyou, do you know any judo classes near the alabang area? where do you study judo?
  10. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    got this from

    NAME: The Little Gym
    LOCATION: (Alabang) Level 3,Festival Supermall,Filinvest Corporate City,Muntinlupa CONTACT NOS. Tel.850-40-60/850-40-61
    SCHEDULES: call for information
    PROGRAMS: Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Gymnastics
    RECOMMENDED AGE: all ages
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