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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by belltoller, Sep 6, 2013.

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    My reporter friend says that it will be Floyd vs. Khan in May. Khan is least deserving of the shot, especially if Bradley beats Marquez which I predict.
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    I would love to be proven wrong about Marquez, as I myself am a fan of his and he is a quite an excellent pure boxer... very different from most of the Mexican style face forward fighters.

    I'm not saying that a man cannot gain muscle at 39 years old, but the KO isn't really all of what makes me think that. Marquez has power yes, but he has not shown any sort of knockdown power like with the first right hand that flattened manny. Yes, the KO could very well have been manny leaping/tripping toward him and he is very wide open for that shot. Marquez is actually seen a few times in sparring working on that very punch. However, Marquez is smart enough that he has seen manny do the very reckless double jab, straight left (the way he does it is reckless I mean) with both hands down, and should have attempted to counter that within the previous 3 fights. I will add to this post that I think it was 73% of press row had Marquez winning the third fight. Marquez knows he won the third fight... everyone expected manny to just steamroll Marquez, roach naturally predicted another KO, but roach's biggest problem is that he's no good with pure boxers. He never could box himself. He was a brawler and uses the "offense is the best defense" type of fight.

    I think manny has been on something since a bit before the DLH fight, he gained massive power and was able to hurt some very big WW and guys who had even been JMW. IMO when you have fought your whole career at 130, or around there and suddenly jumped up and have guys like Mosley running from you and you have Clottey just shelling up to try to not get hit. Ricky took some of Floyd's best punches for 10 rds (mind you that Floyd was able to stun Canelo on a few occasions) before finally being KO'd... but manny has so much power he was able to KO him in 2? Ricky had hardly ever been very hurt in his career. Then comes along a what? 38 year old Marquez at the time who gives manny a boxing lesson in the third fight (funny how he couldn't manage to KO him, but there is so much speculation that if manny just KO's Marquez with the first solid punch he lands people will even be more suspicious) but loses yet again. Marquez himself knows and even says that he has to KO manny in order to win the fight and takes more chances, but his power has increased this time. Anyway, i'd be willing to bet 90% of them are all on something.
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    It'd [Khan-Mayweather] make more sense if he [Khan] took the Devon Alexander fight ( he pulled out from that, right? ) with a win, at least. Danny Garcia would be a more probable shot - he also has a KO over Amir.

    Khan is fun to watch and is improving but I don't see that one.
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    Khan tried to hit on my sister a while back. Even gave her his number.

    That's all.
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    Really? Wow! Maybe she should call him and tell him fighting Mayweather would be bad for his health!

    Going back to the drugs thing, I'm not sure because someone hits hard it's a sign of they're on something. Skill and technique are what make you hit hard. Without them, it won't matter what you are on. If you got some big steriod dude and got him to hit a golf ball as hard as he could, I am sure he wouldn't hit it as far as say, Tiger Woods. Or maybe an older guy like Mickleson. Punching is similar. Having strength doesn't necessarily transfer to power, especially if it's misplaced.
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    that may be true, but bulk the correct muscles on tiger and I think you see a bit of a differencw
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    Also keep in mind that there are numerous PED's out there that's purpose is not even to bulk you up, you you gain strength more so than you would naturally and can cut fat as well.
  8. Sandninjer

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    lol yeah, funny thing is she respectfully rejected him. Back then I was a die hard fan of his so I was ****ed off at her. From what I recall, she mentioned he had someone give his number to her (probably to avoid letting the rest of the public create drama over it). In fact, my good friend has had him over at his hookah bar in Fairfax, Virginia quite a few times already. It sucks because I'm the one that introduced my whole community to him years ago and everyone but me has met him in person. Despite all the boxing drama, I've heard countless times he's a very humble guy in person.

    But as far as drugs, what if someone with decent enough technique happened to be on PEDs? I also used to be a huge Pacman fan but I noticed his strength had gone waay down since Floyd kept calling him out for PED use. I'd hate if that were true and I'm not making any final decision on that, but Pac would have been a good example of my point if true.
  9. Saved_in_Blood

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    The question I ask is why is it that manny NOW wants drug testing vs. Rios after getting flattened by Marquez? Even if manny felt that he would have gotten caught vs. Floyd unless he got off of something (assuming he was using) then why not just get off of the stuff... fight Floyd, lose and go home 60-100 million richer? Not all of it was manny's fault as bob arum HATES Floyd for the simple reason that Floyd, like Oscar, bought out his contract that arum was ripping him off on and now Floyd just made 41.5 million dollars WITHOUT PPV... he will easily make 80 million from his fight with Canelo, and likely closer to 100 million total.

    Why would manny, roach and arum turn all of that down? Number 1, if he wasn't using, he would have zero chance vs. Floyd. I know many people think otherwise, but manny has many weaknesses and the truth is that Floyd is twice the boxer that Marquez is and I consider Marquez to have a very high boxing IQ.
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    Here are some interesting quotes and things I've heard

    Alex ariza said "Marquez beat us with the same stuff we were using"... take that one however you want it.

    Ariza chased a reporter out of the wildcard gym and tried to fight him after being questioned about Morales and Corrales' liver issues (one which supposedly turned out to not be true). What causes liver problems in an elite athlete? All oral steroids can cause liver issues actually. Doesn't look good for him. Keep in mind that Morales also tested positive for Clen after his second fight with Garcia

    Ariza and Memo have links to each other and have worked together.

    Freddie roach has had several known users training under him when they were caught.

    Floyd himself has been linked to a TRT doctor who runs several anti aging clinics and there has been word that he has had test pellets implanted.

    When the reporter had been poking around this story, Golden boy sent a letter to him and requested a cease and desist order or whatever, but he was threatened with a lawsuit.

    It is also a fact that Peter Quillin's fight with Winky Wright was full of controversy after Wright requested testing and had paid 10,000.00 for the added testing. One sample was taken from both fighters after which Quillin's sample was not made public to anyone and was simply thrown away. Wright was told basically that they didn't want to do testing anymore.

    So as many of you can see... there's a lot more to it then just manny and marquez.
  11. belltoller

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    test pellets?
  12. Saved_in_Blood

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    They are pellets that are implanted under the skin that slowly release testosterone instead of using the shots, creams, etc. Most of the time the shots are better to use as an intramuscular injection split into several doses throughout the week though since test has an almost euphoric effect and after cycling off many guys "crash" much like an alcoholic would if quitting cold turkey. Anyway, the pellets slowly release sort of like a shot would for I believe it's 4-6 months? I don't recall that for certain though. I've studied a lot of this stuff since getting a bit older it starts to drop about 1-2% per year after 25-30, but staying active and lifting do help me a lot, as my levels have stayed in the same range for many years.
  13. Ero-Sennin

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    What kind of steroids research have you been doing? Shots aren't done several doses per week, it depends on the ester for the frequency you inject. You also do not "crash" at the end of a cycle. What happens is your body shuts down natural production from the testes (in males) in cycle and they don't start back up when you quit the steroid. This causes an overabundance of estrogen, which is why it's essential you know how to cycle of steroids if you take them.
  14. Saved_in_Blood

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    Yes, some are longer acting, but if anyone who uses test c for instance thinks it will last a full 10-14 days with the same effect constant is kidding themselves. Test e is better off done at two doses of 125 than a full 250 at once... And yes, people do crash when going off because the e2 goes up and can cause depression, anxiety, etc. so a good pct plan is always a good idea wayyyy ahead of time. I am aware that it causes shut down, so so the orals such as anavar, dbol, primo but people still use them without a good test base which is stupid. Heredia was hired by Marquez because he knows how to use this stuff and even others so his guys don't come up dirty. Ariza knows this as well.
  15. Ero-Sennin

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    So I'll assume you were using hyperbole in your post then. You couldn't cycle injection spots enough to not feel like your limbs are going to fall off if you had to inject several times a week like you wrote! I can accept the "crash" analogy although I think it's kinda' missing quite a bit in it, but not 7 injections a week :p
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    I don't care much about steroids, nor have I used them, but I did a lot of research because for a long time I was feeling very drained all the time, depressed, angry, etc. One of the guys who uses them persuaded me not to get into them at that time, but to try vitamin D3 instead. After several weeks it really changed my mood and how I felt. I'm naturally aggressive, but not in the sense of starting trouble. More of just an overall type aggression rather if that makes sense.

    On a side note, I don't even understand why many of these guys hire strength and conditioning coaches. Many trainers do not like added muscle on their fighters because of the "loss of speed and agility" argument. I don't know about that. All info can be found right on a google search. I suppose it's just easier to let someone tell you and work with you. Those guys don't come cheap though.
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    I don't think Blood said he shot-up 7 times a week :confused:

    I had to take shots for a while - this was like late 90's - 2000 or something. I don't recall much of it other than the bleedin size of the needle :eek:

    I think it was the bottle it took to do the injection that increased the testosterone level rather than the serum itself.

    Unfortunately, at that time I did not do any kind of athletics, so I wasn't in a position to tell what sort of effect that it had. Do recall when I tried to use patches I would get the hives like madness
  18. belltoller

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    Ya, we can tell that well enough :p

    Just kiddin, of course
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    D-3. That's something I'd like to have a go with. Was it in any particular form? Would having it compounded by a chemist give better results than OTC?
  20. Saved_in_Blood

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    I use Doctor's Best brand D3... I think it's about 22.00 or so for about 180 capsules of 5000iu a day.

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