Push Ups- How Often Should They be Done?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by SomeGuy, Sep 23, 2005.

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    I'm interested in how many times a week you boxers do push ups? Im wondering if you can do them almost everyday and still benefit like sit ups, or is it like lifting weights where its better to rest a few days inbetween work outs? Im not looking to bulk up or anything I just want more punching power and increased endurance. Oh ya and right now im not doing any other form of exercise ( I dont like lifting weights) so this will be the only kind of strength exercise I will be doing.
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    Just about every day. They're a good wake up in the mornings. Busting out a set of 50 in under 2 minutes is a good way to get the blood flowing.

    The important thing is to make sure you cover the full range of motion (ROM) - otherwise your kidding yourself.

    Push ups for boxers are primarily for muscular endurance. Not neccessarily strength... if you can knock out 50 of them then it's an endurance issue not really a strength issue.

    You can work them in most days... ease back a bit after on the day of strength training. Use them the day after as part of active recovery from a heavy weights day.

    It depends on where you're starting from. If you don't really have a push up regimen in place you may see some slight increase in muscle size from push ups.... but the 'bulking up' thing is primarily a myth.

    I don't know that pushups are going to give you massive gains in power with punching. Power in punching comes from the hips, footwork, shoulder and triceps. You can improve your punching power more by focusing on your technique than you can by busting out pushups.

    That being said.. pushups of all kinds are vital for a boxer. Incline are particularly useful as they hit the front of the shoulders quite well. Again you want to work different angles. The body responds well to variety so start with working variety into your push up regimen.

    LOL! Push ups are not the magical cure-all... if you're boxing and all you want to do is push ups.. don't expect massive improvement. Boxers do a whole host of other types of exercises... yes... including weights.. SHOCK and HORROR!!! :D

    Use the search engine here and take a look at some core exercises -a must for boxers. As well you could benefit from checking out the material on this site:


    Ross knows his shizznizzdy... follow his tips and you can't go wrong. And yes Ross also advocates weights.. and no he's not a bodybuilder. Again much of the prejudice against weights is based on myths and inaccurate information.

    Good luck.
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    Well. I was about to make a great response.. but everything I wanted to say has just been said by Slip.. so..

    Listen to him!!
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    Well, I remember reading somewhere that push ups are better for punching strength than lifting weights. I'm not sure if this is true , but I can understand how pushups would make punching mechanics easier since you are using your whole body for the exercise. But youre saying that push ups wont much your punches stronger, they are just for endurace?

    Oh ya, and I have lifted weights before. I just dont like it. It doesnt feel natural to me maybe because the way im built or something.
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    I don't think lifting weights feels natural to anyone at first... Especially the two days following the first good workout, heh...

    But it's something that you need to do if you really want to gain strength. Pushups will help your strength when you initially begin your training, but they'll quickly lose their effectiveness for strength training. It's like doing low weight-high reps, it's good for endurance training, not strength.

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