ptkalista's thoughts on PTK, open challenges, etc.

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Diego_Vega, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    Your verbal counter re-counter techniques are more higher than mine. But you see my friend kali is in the language how do you explain kalipay, kalibo, kalibutan, kalingawan, kaliskis, or kalis? Those are not indian words but ancient Filipino.
  2. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Well I am not a linguist but.

    How do you explain the multitude of Spanish loaned words used in the Filipino Language today? Such as Trisia???

    And I think if you do some more research you may find that there will be many words in the Philippines that are Indian in origin, but then again with there being some influence of the Hindu religion in the region that is only sensible.

    Best regards

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  3. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    So my freind, which language is Kali in? there are so many in the Philippines. So are you saying Kali is actually regional and not national?

    I know in one region it means Pineapple and another it means to dig a hole, I am sure in another it will mean to dig a hole for a Pineapple:rolleyes:

    Best regards

  4. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    Your verbal counter recounter techniques in the field of linguistics is more better than mine, so i will to bow down and invite you to show your verbal counter recounter skills to our seniors in PTK. the unwritten history of Kali is not in linguistic it is in the metaphysical and the culture which cannot be written. The blade is not a book. :woo:
  5. Gladius

    Gladius New Member

    you need to ask cassius to explain since you can find ali in all of them
  6. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    But Tirsia is still Spanish in origin is it not? So it is written so shall it be, now where did I hear that saying?????:D

    The problem is here my freind is, you pose some what looks like valid points in the first instance, but then you fall short when people actually point out some errors in you statements with a cheep fob off's of 'the unwritten history of Kali is not in linguistic, or written, or in a book' bla didy bla yidy bla, and to be honest it is giving the wrong impression of what PTK and it's senior members are all about and I have met a few of them in my time.

    I am sorry but they dont speak as you do and quite frankley you are giving a bad impression and disrespecting the Grand Tuhon and PTK with your backhanded challenges just because people point out errors in your words.

    Having the 'if you dont beleive me fight me' (OH sorry fight them) attitude still does not change facts whether they be written, in a book, liguistic or not.

    And not only that, I never take anyone seriously unless they are truely willing to tell me who they are and what they do.

    Hence you receive the 'not to be taken seriously' responces from everyone else including me.

    Best regards

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  7. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    February 2008 Test of Skill not Open Challenge

    The February 2008 Tesk of skills in Manila was is always there. I am just suggesting for those that do not respect the true kali to show. Maybe you can think of it not as open challenge but a fellowship of the blade. Yes maybe tersia is spanish but pekiti is still ilongo and kali is still Filipino. Are you saying kali is indian or british? We are saying it is Filipino not from books but from the language like kalikasan or kalinaw. We do not need books to tell us it is a made up word from the US because why when it is already in the language should you believe this? :woo:
  8. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    You've got an incredibly bad style of posting... (coming from someone with my posting style that's really saying something)... you don't respond to a large majority of the questions asked about you - basically dodging everything that doesn't fit your narrow views and then when you do you respond you come back with cryptic mumbo jumbo that leaves the rest of us wondering if you actually believe what you're saying and whether or not you're just making it up as you go.:bang:

    Either way... whatever organization or group of people you profess to be speak for... you're an embarrassment. If you go back and seriously read the rhetoric you've posted in this thread alone... people can only be left asking the following two questions:

    1) how old are you?

    2) why should anyone take you seriously?

    You continue to drone on about this Feb. 2008 test of skills in Manila... but that only leaves everyone with more questions about you and your motives:

    1) How are you related to this meet in Manila (an organizer, participant, PR officer?)

    2) Do you really expect that the meet in Feb. will be full of people dueling it out like 'true Filipino warriors' with live blades?

    3) Will their be blade only fights to the death showcasing your Kali-with-a-K TM that you keep banging on about?:confused:

    Those are two very direct and very simple questions... can you answer them?:confused"
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  9. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    1. I cannot fight for PTK yet, but will be fighting for my fighters credentialing. I would like to see those who disrespect the true kali fight if they think they are better that is my only motive to let the doubters come and believe.

    2. Yes, it is sponsored by corporations and the gov't, dept of tourism, filipino marines, filipino police and more. We will fight sticks no sticks and blade. Even if many stick twirlers stay at come afraid there will still be enough people who will show.

    3. We are all blade all the time type of organization. we will fight stick no stick or blades. If you come to test our blade game we will stand up and say do you want to feel pain or no pain when you die? :woo:
  10. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis Matira Matibay

    Hi All

    This is all a lot of BS about nothing. If this is the tone of the so-called challenge, then people will be falling asleep from the boredom of this broken recording, or rolling about on the floor laughing.

    The author is not a fighter, senior or even a decent representative of what could / should be a respected art. This continual garbage is actually making the system that he claims to represent look nothing better than a bunch of soccer thugs. Let's face it, what would an obvious novice know about his so-called 'true Kali?'

    Even in the PI, where men are men and cattle run in fear, it is illegal to promote 'death matches' So all the BS about pain or no pain when you die!!! Dude, you are already discrediting GT Gaje and his system and if you are a Pinoy, then you are not a great representative of your country either. Are you a 13 year old school kid with too much time on your hands?


  11. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    I posed a similar question to him on another thread. Don't expect a straight answer.
  12. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    But you see, unlike yourself I do not need to prove myself to anyone. I am happy with my ability are you happy with yours:rolleyes:

    Best regards

  13. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    So wait a minute... you yourself are not or can not fight... yet your busy flapping your lips about everyone who's not coming to fight or might not be coming to fight... when you yourself are not fighting.

    How convenient. :rolleyes:

    So wait a minute... all of a sudden now it's 'we' when just a second ago you said you won't be fighting (for what reasons you haven't made clear)... on one hand you're so busy calling everyone stick twirlers... but yet yourself are not even doing that... and by your own admission you are not fighting at all... be it stick, blade or featherduster...

    How convenient. :rolleyes:

    So wait a minute... again... you're not even fighting... so I fail to see where you figure into the 'we' of all of this.

    Apparently this get together involves no blade VS blade competition... so it appears to be a stick twirling fest. Last I checked they didn't have any blade VS blade battles in MegaMall or any other venue... government or non-government sponsored... and you can be damn sure Jolly Bee isn't backing a bunch of clowns who want to prove their Kali-with-a-K TM by having blade battles to the death. You're not even competing... yet your jumping handing out comic book style warnings about killing people and whether or not the want to die painful deaths.


    What an absolute crock of horsepucky you're talking.

    Really... I hope your mom hands you an ass whoopin' you never forget once she comes home and finds you've posting the silly stuff you have. :p
    She's gonna redden your backside for making Kali look as foolish with all your puffed up shirt talk... Jesus de Christo... you're making Kali look as silly as some of the Kung Fu camps.
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  14. Azazeal

    Azazeal Valued Member

    Ya... esp. 'cause according to him 1 year in PTK is worth 80 years in Modern Arnis or Doce Pares or DeCampo.. so.. how long has he been with PTK that he cant handle some ppl who've been into Martial arts for at most 40 years?

    C'mon PTKalista, thats only 6 months of PTK, isnt it?
  15. oosh

    oosh Valued Member

    I find it hard to believe this guy is PTK. I think if he was, this pup would have been brought to heel by now ;)
  16. juramentado

    juramentado lean, mean eating machine

    just in case anyone here missed it..

    ptkalista is a PTK troll. I and I'm sure other PTK people here don't think he's a PTK student. He's probably some kid getting his kicks yanking chain in the FMA forums. ptkalista is not, never was and will never be representative of our system nor do I consider him a member of the PTK community.

    Let me repeat myself:

    ptkalista is a troll

    He, she, it does not represent anything even remotely related to PTK.

    A whole community of PTK people here in Manila and probably a lot of others around the world are looking forward to finding out who or it is. :mad:
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  17. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    My friends I did not say I am not fighting. I am fighting but for my fighters credentialing only not for the open challenge with other systems because only the seniors can do this.

    Juramentada, I am sorry. I am just hoping to invite them so they can learn about the true kali, because as we can seee many of the people do not believe in the true kali. That is why I am inviting them to the Feb 2008 test of skill.

    If my PTK seniors do not want me to post anymore, I will do. If you people have more questions about the test of skill ask juramendado he will have more about details and rules. I will see everyone there, or maybe not because i know most become scared.

    But the book but show in February! :woo:

    Goodbye I will see you in Manila.
  18. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter


    I trust that the PTK posters who have responded to your posts have made it crystal clear that they think you're misrepresenting them here at MAP. And that you'll take that seriously. You're actively working to damage the image of a style you profess to value. Please stop.

  19. juramentado

    juramentado lean, mean eating machine

    You're not inviting anyone to anything. You don't practice PTK. You're just someone posting false info and doing a negative PR stunt by pretending to "defend" PTK.

    I'm not your senior because you're not a PTK student. Stop pretending to be a PTK student because it's plainly obvious that you're not one.

    I'll tell you what, PM me your real name and where you live and I'll see to it that PTK will send some representatives to "explain" to you what we find offensive about your posts. :D

    As I've said, please everyone stop feeding this troll. It'll just keep coming back to feed on your attention.
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  20. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    You do not have to do an open challenge on me we are on the same side. GT Gaje Jr. is also promoting the test of skill on fmatalk. We are suppose to promote this event because the government the military the police and well respected companies are supporting this event. I am just inviting the people who should be there just like GT and other PTK representatives is inviting in other forum. But because I respect my seniors I will stop inviting.

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