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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by pseudo, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Yes, kind of,

    I have two tire rims that I welded 2" pipe with a kind of L bracket to make a squat rack with :D
    Sorry, I was typing in another thread, then my tablet crashed, I really need a computer. I have a lot of weight training equipment at my disposal, it's just hard to access due to the condition the room is in. I have a bench press rack, a jimmy rigged squat rack, a jimmy rigged chin up bar, lots of olympic plate in different weight denominations, a 2 long bars and a short curved bar, a bench press machine, leg press, lat pull cable machin, leg curl machine... lots of dumbbells up to I think 80lb.
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  2. Frodocious

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    You can't go wrong with adding dead bugs to your routine:

    Just make sure that you really focus on keeping your lower back flat on the floor when you do them.
  3. alexis101

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    Great news you had a fun vacation. :whistle:

    Chilling out really relieves stress, and the people who can give us the comfort and joy are those near to us, ;)
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  4. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

  5. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    i would get a squat rack set up for the future with a bar on it

    core exercises - stick some weight on the bar and hold it on your back or front for a set period of time. it'll get you used to handling weights

  6. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Im still here, I haven't given up.

    I know, I haven't been keeping my logs thats because I have been recording my sets. All I've been doing are core exercises, been increasing my reps every set. While it hasn't been much im very happy with my progression, I've been focusing on preforming the movements right and targeting the proper muscle groups. Iv never managed to hit these muscle groups probably because I've never really put much effort into core in the past. Im quite happy.

    I will probably move on with my training come February and do a fill body weight regime as well as increase the intensity. Im still having a hard time motivating my self, im sure it will start getting easier once I start feeling results.
    Exercises are as fallows.

    Dead bug (Thanks Frodocious)
    And these
    [ame=""]Core Strengthening - Lower Back Injury Prevention with Rener Gracie - YouTube[/ame]

    These last ones are the exercises im most satisfied with. They are targeting the muscles group/area where I had injured my self and had the most pain.
  7. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Bachelor party

    Well, I just got back from my bachelor party... and I am soooo very sore...

    It was a wonderful time, I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. However shenanigans!

    I had to fend off three of my good friends as with intoxication comes shenanigans! One of my friends had the great idea that of giving me a mushroom stamp (NSFW) and well, it went down hill from there. I have no experience grapling, yet I managed to keep 3 of them at bay! One of which was a former wrestler and champion in his senior year. The other was supposed to have done MMA for a few year however if its the club we have here, im not sure how much credibility I can give him. The 3rd friend is just a scrappy bugger and who I found to be a danger to him self as well as my self. I managed to get him in a guillotine choke, I let him go because I could feel him sagging and a few people were starting to yell, "this is getting serious" I dont want to hurt my friends, so I let it go. No sooner had I let him go did he take my back and put me in a rear naked choke. That kind of ended it there.

    One of the takedowns which im rather pround of was one I had learned in Aikido! Kind of... I did something similar to ryotedori? I think that's what its called. Anyways I had a blast and it made me miss sparring something fierce. I did get thrown and I think I have a bruised rib on my left side, very sore, very uncomfortable, see how I feel tomorrow after the alcohol wares off. Wish i had my gloves so i could have gotten some strikes in.

    Anyways, im off to bed, if nothing else, was a great work out ;)
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  8. matveimediaarts

    matveimediaarts Underappreciated genius

    Small joint and pressure point manipulation works well in situations like that, for future reference. I just started learning it as the jutsu aspect of karate. But surviving a scrap of any sort is occasion to celebrate. Cheers, mate! :google:
  9. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    The Brutal Honesty of Children.


    I had to take my wife to the hospital a few days ago, she was having intense pain just below her ribcage that was making it difficult to breath. (She's fine, she had torn some muscles and was having muscle spasms on top of that, muscle relaxants and more muscle relaxant). So while my wife was in one of the rooms awaiting blood test, I was playing with my five year old and my 15 month old. My five year old was having fun just watching tv, and me chase after her younger sister in the waiting room. We were there for quite a while so it was normal for my eldest to what to see mommy, so I took them both in to the room where my wife was. As I left with my youngest back into the waiting room, I hear an explosion of laughter... I think nothing of it, I figured my eldest had said something goofy.... and did she ever. I guess, she was done watching me make a fool of my self chasing after her syster. " mommy, I dont want to go back out there, Joel looks funny, he runs after Noella like a fat person, it's embarrassing. "


    So, on a different note, this crazy month has finally subsided, planing the wedding, getting married, and now we are just tying off the aftermath... it was fun, but im happy it's almost over, im just too introverted, iv had enough of people. I've been able to get a bit of training done again. I had the opportunity to do some Ninjutsu, 2 full hrs of it. It was fun, I enjoyed it. This was about a week ago.

    Today, I went to aikido, two hours of aikido, and one hour of weapons, good times. Anyways, not much of an entry, but it's something, hope to start posting a bit more regularly, now that things are slowing down again. I'll also try to give more details later as well, just need to figure my self out a bit and develop my writing style.
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  10. Ero-Sennin

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    Putting your fingers in somebody's mouth and either gripping their teeth (jaw, but from the inside) or cheeck work well too. If you can get over it, grabbing a hand full of groin or pressing your fist or fingers into somebody's butt all work too. The benefit is that usually people realize you've crossed a line, and most people aren't willing to cross that line back to keep on rough housing. :D

    Happy to hear you had fun Pseudo!
  11. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Perfect, we need more kancho's in MMA. It'd certainly give some TMAers an interesting reputation :D


    Don't worry about how you enter stuff into your log Pseudo, it won't take you long to figure out your owns style of logging.

    Look forward to seeing the rest of the log develop :)
  12. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    It's a bit cheesy, but sometimes you (I/we) need one of those 'phoenix moments' (die in flames in order to kick start your re-birth). Yep, sounds even more cheesy when written down...
    But, if it has affected you enough to tell the story, then maybe it is just enough extra motivation :)

    Ninjutsu and aikido - cool! Two arts I have never tried but look pretty interesting. As long as you enjoy them and get something out of them (whatever it is you are looking for), then I wouldn't worry too much about how you log it, all is good :cool:
  13. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Jebus, im not sure how I feel about your statement... dose your wife know thats how you rough house with your friends? :evil: I don't think that strategy would have worked with one person in particular, the guy attempting the stamping... he would have taken it as a challenge. Maybe I should introduce the two of you :p.
  14. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Well, nothing too notable today, when to Aikido again, was a lot of fun. Still not very familiar with all the names of the techniques but rest assured once I can get my head around all the names, you guys will get all the details of my experience.... as it stands now, I get thrown around a lot.

    My sensei and I had a pretty good discussion about aikido after class, mainly the politics of Aikido within the federations, I wont bore you with the details but what I got out of it is, expect pain. He was tought a more traditional approach where if it doesn't work under resistance and pressure then its questionable Aikido. This made me very happy, after our chat I had to go back and read koyo's old thread, they share very similar ideologies.

    Finally he sprang two more surprises on me, this was my second time doing weapons. I always left after hand to hand because to be honest, traditional Japanese weapons never really interested me. Past few classes I stuck around and turns out I show an affinity for jo. His words not mine, I tought I was doing terrible, the movements felt terrible.:dunno: He encouraged me to get my own Jo and Boken and practice the katas at home.

    Second surprise, he is bringing his primary sense up, Toshiro Suga around Easter(still working out all the details). I'm feeling rather spoiled today:p:eek: I never taught I'd have the opertunity to meet someone like Toshiro without leaving the yukon, nevrr mind being such a newb. Im not worthy. :hail:


    Oh yeah, tomorrow is first class of Savate, looking forward to checking it out.
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  15. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Missed my Savate class because of stupid car problems!!! Very peeved....:mad::bang::mad::bang:

    Going to Archery... grrrrr...
  16. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Well... yesterday I had a very intense AIkido class... I think I rolled about 400 times... I was pooped by the end of the day...

    Now my Gripe about Savate.

    Today was my first day trying Savate, I wasn't overly impressed, that dose not mean I didn't have fun However I was slightly disappointed.

    First Impression, the guy is big, bigger then me anyways, must be 6 foot 2 inches and maybe 250-260 pounds. The problem with this, he is not in shape not by a long shot! Having said that neither am I. While I physical fitness isn't necessarily an indication of someones skill, it definitely raises a few flags when it comes to a sport that demends a lot physically. I did subtlety inquire about this and I guess he had a lot of personal problems that led to his current physical state... so I guess the flags are at half mast for the time being.

    Second flag, he only wants to work on technique, sparring, reflex excersize, and drills. Again, nothing wrong with that, however he doesn't want to invest any time in physical condition, which in this sport I think is important. Not a big deal for me as I can do this on my own but it still raises a few flags. When I inquired about this he stated that his time slot is limited, which it is, only 1hr and a half and only once a week. He would like to do more but he hasn't found a place to rent that can accommodate his schedule... okay fair enough. So again, flags are at half mast.

    3rd gripe... (he is french, so Im trying to translate in english and im not sure what the proper terms are sooo.... bare with me). We did something called ping-pong drill, basically you put up your gard and you try and "tag" your opponent, with out getting tagged your self. In this drill your aiming for shoulder, shin and thy. We started with shoulders as im assuming he wanted to see what kind of boxing background I had. Lets just say we progressed rapidly, I would say my boxing was better then his by a good margin. If I were to compare him to my boxing coach, well there is no comparison, my boxing coach would have toyed with him like a cat does with a mouse.(he use to do it to me regularly) now, when we added kick, well I was toast, I've never done anything that involved kicking quite so intensely. So I have nothing to compare too.

    A bit of self criticism, after tonight I've realized how horrible my game is after 7 years absence. I never fancied my self as anything special but boy oh boy, my foot work was atrocious, my feet just didn't want to cooperate, I might as well of been wearing clown shoes. My coordination plus adding kicks... laughable. Lots of work ahead if I want to get bakc to where I once was.

    My conclusion, I'm not sure... it seems like he's still working on some personal issues and this is an attempt at bringing his life back to normal which is cool. As far as his skill goes, I think he's okay, hard to say from one class, he seems to put a lot of emphasis on proper technique and slowed me down quite a few time so I could get my kicks right. I think he is someone I can train with and get a good foundation as long as he is teaching Savate( I have no way of knowing as I've never done any, I have watched video and read up on it and he is using the right terms.) I however don't think at this point that he is someone that could allow me to progress to a competitive level. This is just a first impression so my opinion might change in the future.
  17. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Sorry I haven't been posting regularly, I dont feel like what I have to post is significant enough to bother.

    Anyways, getting a little frustrated with my Aikido class, I've missed 3-4 classes this month due to teacher absence. This is of course no fault of his, naturally work has to come first and he was called out to organize the artic winter games in the smaller communities, it's also flu season. Just frustrating because I'd like to commit more time.

    I started this Log at just over 220lb, I've since managed to drop down to 212lb, still have a long way to go but its progress regardless. I also got a really big reality check this week, my family has a history of high cholesterol and I found out that my father is on the waiting list for heart surgery. I'm rather devastated by the news even tho I knew it was a possibility from a young age.

    This has prompt a serious change in diet. I plan on going Paleo, vegetarian... yes this is not an accurate description, more like 80% plant matter and 20% animal protein. I've already cut out 100% of dairy, and all artificial sugars. Diary because im lactose intolerant. Anyway my diet is a work in progress but one that im taking very seriously.
  18. pseudo

    pseudo Padawan

    Just a quick entry,

    Back home on my turn around from Iqaluit for two weeks, far too short if you ask me.

    I did not slack on my diet while I was a way and it seems iv been droppings about 1-2.5 lb per week since I have started. It has been a challenge as all the food brought to Iqaluit comes from plain which makes anything fresh very very expensive. Anyways, when I started I was juggling the 220-223, I weighed my self this morning at 195! Thats a 25-28 lb drop since the beginning and I've never felt better. I'm looking forward to adding more weight training and MA trainig to the mix. Maybe I can be sexy after all. :p

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