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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Kaith Rustaz, May 20, 2007.

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    As I said in the other thread, McJizzle, please refrain from using profanity in your posts...
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    Did you read even the first paragraph?
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    McJizzle is clearly a troll. Read other his previous one is that stupid by accident.
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    Though there are people that breath incorrectly most would not come to this site or bobs to find out about breath.

    Breath makes you sick more because of the the fact one nostril breath more during the day than the other one an is dominant while at night the other one breath more an is dominant. If this becomes off balance in any form from which is to breath at what part of the day than you will get sick. The breath also travel through the cycle of the meridian methods that TCM says.

    While bad breath practice or controls may happen it is less about the sickness than that which follow the natural method of control. I would say understand it not know the bad, for breath in any form is not bad.

    Yea, but you still don't have a clue as to what your breath does or not, even if you think for yourself, you should breath as you normally do. To that i say good for you, you know what you want. :topic:
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    I don't know about nostrils making you sick or meridians for that matter. But to state another obvious fact about breathing, it should always be calm and even. If your breathing is adjetated or short and sharp, even after a work out, it's time to start calming yourself down.
  6. nready

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    I realize you don't know anything about the actual breath cycle an method, hence i choose to mention how it works. In a very basic on how it works, the body tries never to over work one part of the body it will make you share the loud on other body parts, should you force it to work the wrong way at the wrong time then you have trouble.

    An as for if you are having a sharp or agitated breathe do not force it to change would be what i would add again that deals with breath controls an there are thousands of them, like fire breath of yoga, there are thousands more.
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    It takes 500 ms for total gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a healthy lung, within a window of 1sec transit time of blood within the capillary system. Dont see the need for the whole 'retention' part. :confused:

    I understand that controlling breathing in certain circumstances and deeper (slightly) breathing generally can be benificial. I do wonder how much is myth though...
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    While we're on the topic of breathing, I seem to only breathe through one nostril during the day. Does anybody else experience this or have I got a lingering long term cold that I should get checked out :confused: I seem to be very susceptible to colds :cry:
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    I suggest you get your sinuses checked out. :cool:
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    One of the most fundamental things people forget is that your muscle behind
    your breast plate controls your breathing. Strengthen it and your breathing improves .
    If You get out of breath easy its not your body's tired its this muscles tired .
    Train it and Your stamina will improve by leaps and bounds .
    Nyuu Ninjutsu
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    Hey noob! You can't strengthen internal intercostal muscles through any kind of exercise beyond breathing.

    But, don't expect a fraud from the secret clan to understand much. :rolleyes:
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    but too be fair although unlikeky its not know he is a fraud i would be happy to train and find out if it good or bad, paper is just that.
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    Not when dealing with the classical arts. Which to be honest that’s what he’s asserting.

    If something is claiming to have a specific history and be from a specific culture it's development will have been shaped by that history and culture. As a result you should be able to look at why you do something a certain way in the art as well as how. Does it link to the context in which it was developed? If not why?

    These arts were shaped by the place and time of their development and this should be apparent when looking at them. Their inherent effectiveness is based around their historical roots. If the historical roots are in question so should the effectiveness of the art because if it didn’t evolve from where it’s supposed to have done then where did the techniques/system come from?

    Someone’s imagination?
    Sho Kosugi films?

    Another proven system maybe? That would be fine but if that were the case then why lie about its origins?

    Here comes the big one. If the teacher etc is lying for personal gain then why would you want to risk you personal safety with him? Why would you trust him to teach you effective methods of protection?

    After all he’s BSing you for money/ego etc so why should he give a dam about you getting a smacking due to his dodgy teaching?
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  14. Shidoshi

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    Doc who?

    What muscle cant be strengthend by working it out?Hmmmm
    place weight on chest Grass Hopper enough to make You have to work for each breath for those strong enough then breath in breath out.
    Talk to Doctor Before trying something really hard.
    If lbs gets lighter go up in weight . Keep at this type of training for awhile
    You'll see improvement if not You didnt set weights in right place or You didn't
    I could get a known Doctor ask him if I"m a fraud about what I'm saying so You in Your little world feel safe . I have a life so do it Your self
    but make sure this person can be looked up and asked what Your finding's are true or not so I can call You fraud if You lie about Doctor.
    Dojo Tigers make me lol thank You.
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    Wow you have a massive 751 posts. And you've even been here a few months! :eek: :rolleyes:

    Some athletes deliberately restrict their breathing so that they have to work harder for every breath. Which seems to have a positive effect. They use a tube with a fan in it though rather than weights on the chest.

    I don't know enough about it to say how it works. My guess is the athletes are learning to use more of their lung capacity but I don't understand why there's a muscle in the body that can't be strengthened.

    If the diaphragm is working harder regularly then why doesn't it get stronger? Common sense would suggest it should get stronger?
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  16. Shidoshi

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    Your right

    Most people dont use there hole lung capacity and what they are doing is
    working on getting more air into there lungs. If Your working your lungs You work that muscle its the main thing that controls your breathing. You do breathing control to open up the bags in your lungs that filter air to hold more air cant remember there name .
    There are so many things You can do for breathing.
    I've found its the hardest muscle to keep in shape but You bring a good point I'll ask my Army Doc friend of mine why it is .
  17. Lord Spooky

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    Is there any chance you could try to write your posts so they are easier to read please?

    Oh and could you answer these questions:
  18. Zannen!

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    And what part of you can`t work out the intercostal muscles without breathing was confusing?

    Cardio alone increases the blood flow which increases the refill rate of your capillaries. Breathing or lung capacity, is part expansion and contraction of the lungs and mostly oxygen flow into the blood stream. (at least as it is measured)

    Yeah, my whopping 751 posts are mostly nonsense and one liners with the occasional worth while post, I get board at work. So, how`s your day?
    Edit* Intercostal muscles are not the diaphragm. You can work out the diaphragm, the intercostal muscles you can`t directly work out.

    P.S. Wow I do have a lot of posts :D Only one post per day more than you.
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    Hmm lets see. The part that was confused was the part in my head called my brain. It doesn't work too well these days. I'm low on essential brownies and Su isn't sharing. But that's another storey.

    Since you mention the intercostal muscles can't be worked directly then I would have to assume there is something that can be done to work them indirectly. If breathing is the only way to work these muscles then doesn't making it harder to breath make these muscles work harder?
  20. Taoquan

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    Can you please name this "muscle" you are refering too?

    To the best of my knowledge there is not just "one" muscle that rules all of breathing, but you can use the abdominal (diaphragm), intercostals, heck even the posterior muscles of the rhomboids etc can affect breathing. Also I would have to seriously caution against anyone putting weight on the chest to aid in breathing exercises. This is VERY dangerous! You realize only 80 lbs of pressure is needed to snap the sternum!!! :eek:

    Not to mention this kind of pressue on the heart can cause severe cardiovascular problems. To increase breathing you are increasing the exchange of Oxygen and CO2 by using the alveoli (air sacs). If you are looking at increasing endurance it is usually through expanding the lung tissue (through breathing exercises) to intake more oxgyen. Or by increasing the health of the lungs to optimize Oxygen and CO2 intake/output.

    I am unsure what you are talking about? I don't mean to be rude either, but your suggestion of wieghts on the chest is a bad one imo. Also the chest breathing you speak of does NOT incorporate all of the lung capacity.

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