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    Grading program.
    At least this time it was for the blue belt, so I didn't already know it and it was something new.
    And ridiculously simple techniques; there were more difficult things in yellow already.

    Afterwards we did some very light sparring (really light; open hands, only slaps; more for speed as anything else) and randori.
    First two rounds only slaps with the hands.
    Next round feet were added.
    Next round was grabbing and getting the partner to the ground.
    After that two more rounds on the ground.

    One of the last rounds it was my Uke and me against the teacher.
    Which is kind of fun, but since he is such a beast (strong by nature) we still couldn't do much.
    He doesn't have to use much technique, he just can make himself heavy to lay on top of you, or you use his strength to throw you away with his finger, ... not much to learn technique-wise, but fun play-wise ;)

    Free training

    Added another hour to 75 minutes to work on the missing two techniques.
    One became a stick technique, when the attacker would press me against wall.

    The second one (I now remember!) wasn't actually missing, but I wanted to change one, because otherwise I'd have had two ground techniques, with nearly the same ending.
    So instead we worked in an attack with an elbow.
    It's a bit playful but fun and doable, so what was enough for me ;)

    Afterwards we worked trough the first 15 techniques, so I can start trying to actually remember the program at some point as well.

    We even filmed these.
    Unfortunately I was dumb as... dumb - the first video was okay.
    The others... let's just say, we have awesome legs and my camera not the ability to "reach" as much as I thought :oops::rolleyes:



    Still school holidays, still not that many kids, but eleven at least.

    Warm-up catch.

    Afterwards some racing game variations (on all fourths; rolling; scooting with the butt).

    Next I tried something new.
    I took our sandbags and put them on the ground.
    The task was to stand on them, grab the other by the arms and try to push the off the bag.
    I think the kids mostly enjoyed it, only two getting cranky, when they had to use the smaller bags (some kids just are stupid ;) ).

    Since there were two birthdays within the last week, we had to make two kids fly and get some candy towards the end.


    I only had seven kids there, so there wasn't much I could do, I would have found fair towards the others, that wasn't there.
    Normally it would be tough luck, but due the holidays...

    I first thought about doing some holds, so that could do some ground randori, but two of the seven didn't know any hold, so it would have taken more time to show that.

    So I let them play again today.
    At least it got them all sweating.

    The The vigor they can play with when doing techniques and - awesome! :rolleyes: :D

    My own JJ

    Again: Warm-up and Ukemi and than it was grading program.

    I took another partner and went through the first 13 techniques again; this time filming them properly, so that I hopefully can work with them now.
    I haven't watched the videos yet, but they were at least filmed by people :rolleyes:

    Free training

    Didn't do long today.
    At first I watched my coach and his Uke for the Kata of his grading do the kata.

    Then he was nice enough to film the two missing techniques to make it 15 again.

    Next one more technique of the next block.

    But I knew my partner was hungry; I was getting hungry. And my concentration wasn't as it's best either anymore, so we made it short.

    Tomorrow (well, later today) is another day.
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    Big surprise: Grading boring.
    I really need to go to Judo again, so that I only have to this once a week.

    Anyway, this time I didn't really get to learn something new but was sent to another student, to "help" him, with his free techniques (8 defenses with a stick) for his greenbelt.
    "Helping" here means "showing" him ;)

    So I showed him five of the techniques as went through class.


    I used the time with my partner to work through some techniques for my grading and to film them, in the hope it helps me remembering and memorizing them.


    Borrowed another partner to keep continuing the above.

    That day we finished filming everything but striking and kicking attacks, and defense against stick, knife and gun.
    Can't wait until I have all the videos and start somehow working properly on the program. Excited and bored already at the same time ;)

    Free training

    Due to the time we only added another few minutes to keep filming, as I only worked through the techniques during Kickboxing and didn't film them.

    In addition I need to remember, to write a little something about what is ATK and make some pictures of the book pages about ATK for one of the guys, who has his yellow belt grading next Wednesday, so he has something he can learn for the theory part.
    But that shouldn't really kill me :D
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    This will be an easy week.

    Monday, 09.04.2018


    the usual, except that one boy is *so* whiny, that I wish I could *yell* at him, to stop being such a baby.
    We had several kids, that would start crying for several reasons, but Gee, this boy beats them all.
    At first he apparently had a little argument with another boy; the other got rebuked and behaved a bit better - boy_1 would, of course, cry.
    And wouldn't stop.
    Besides not getting cuddled but ignored.
    When he finally stopped, he joined the game of catch. Git caught and - cried.
    And wouldn't stop.

    Later I forced him to re-join; when he was caught he would go into a corner, standing there (they are supposed to sit down) and - right! Cry.

    Luckily we were told to just ignore and that he has to learn, that crying won't always work.
    Because I could seriously not be cuddling him all the time, for that behaviour. In all fairness though: For that is the other coach the better person anyway.

    Kids cry, and come to me - I check if all finger, toes, arms, legs are still attached, if ears and nose are still attached, if there is blood... and if everything is fine, I ask them two questions: 1.) Should we amputate?
    And tadaa, mostly it's done with that, because they either laugh at me or look at me with the biggest eyes.
    If that won't work, I ask them: "Should we go to the hospital? There you will get a shot."
    I'm careful with the last one, since one kid actually said "okay" :D

    Seriously though: If it's nothing serious I take a quick look, tell them it was, because they got scared and nothing is wrong; than the get a few seconds to calm down and it's done.
    In some cases I give them a patch and there are happy again (I healed a broken tow that way! :cool:)
    When they really did hurt themselves, yes, in that case I try to be a bit more sensitive and try to comfort them.

    The other coach would at times start comforting them, when nothing really had happened, and make things worse like that.
    Or make the big mistake to ask if something has happened, when one falls. I only look away or say "Nothing happened, go on" - as it's kids, it works like a charm :D

    BUT this boy... He would just cry. Cry a little more. And more. And more.
    Okay, venting - off.


    I hat tons to do with some parents, so I let the co-coach start them and letting them play.
    When I came back I took over at Ukemi and the other coach would go home (wasn't well).

    Afterwards I did O-Soto-Gari with them again.
    Knowing most of them would make the same mistake (not their fault, but the other coaches), I had planned to focus on that.
    Let's just say, it's incredible how much kids can forget ;)
    So Thursday it will be O-Soto-Gari and O-Goshi again!

    Aaaand no game, since they behaved this time like a sack of fleas.
    So no game the next time, unless they behave really well, so they get a little one in the end.
    I'm mean like that! :cool:

    My own JJ

    My teachers this time though.

    We were only four people (three students, the teacher) and ideally the exact two couples, who needed to train together: One pair who wants to grade together in May, and I my teacher and I, him wanting to grade in two and a half weeks.
    Great, now I'm feeling sick :confused:

    It's was rather relaxed, because we finally took a look at his SD-techniques.
    Love two of them; well, there more competition-like, but I still love them: One escape* from Sankaku-Jime and one from Ude-Garami.
    When he showed them to me, he right away let me try those as well, which I thought was very cool of him.

    *not entirely sure, if "escape" is the right term here. Sorry, if it's not.

    Tuesday, 10.04.2018

    So: One gym was closed, the other not.
    But for some reason I felt like staying at home.

    Wednesday, 11.04.2018

    No strike, but I stayed home anyway.
    I really wasn't in the mood for the ATK-grading program today.
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    There wasn't really much to write lately.

    I went a few very easy weeks.
    Partly of a slight down-phase but also due to the grading of one of my teachers, that I mentioned.
    That was yesterday, and he passed easily. I think we (he, his other uke -which hopefully will be mine as well- und me) did pretty good, to be honest.

    Apparently I accidentally switched two attacks, but it didn't matter.
    The theory (starting with fourth Dan you have to explain some techniques no matter what; funny enough I had to it since orange lol) was interesting: One of the people who took the grading wanted him to explain a certain choke he did.
    So my Tori did just that, choking me while explaining and, of course, letting go, when I tapped out. The man though insisted that my partners hand belonged more behind my head (which is correct if going by book, yes), but if he would have done that, I would have gone to sleep, which the man didn't seem to realize :D
    Luckily my Tori didn't choke me out, just to prove a point :D

    The day at all was fun and everything.
    I talked to people that recognized me, which still flabbergasts me (95% of them being blackbelts, which makes me grin helplessly, when I think about it, because that is the case since orange belt as well); I had fun; my Sensei threatend to hurt or kill me, kicked and punched me ;) , ... the usual.
    I have no idea, how I am even able to talk to them; I have no idea how it came, that we would great each other (with hugs even, most of the time!); and I don't understand any of it, quite honestly - but I enjoyed the day.

    And nearly slept through the entire day today as a consequence.
    Also the usual. I might have enjoyed myself, but I was still being stressed out nonetheless.

    As for all the training in the last weeks: Slowly checking out my program, if the stuff really is mechanically sound; starting slowly to work with the kids towards their grading in summer and of course training for the grading that was yesterday.

    Also: I am to prepare some kids for competition.
    Not fighting for the moment, as I couldn't prepare them for that, but for SD (the thing I tried out once and failed miserably at); I think I will also start again there. But that only in November, so I am not worried about that *yet*.
    Give me two or three more days and that might change ;)

    Also: One of teachers, the one with the grading, might after all offer competition training Mondays!
    Not tomorrow (the dojo is closed anyway) or next week - but starting in two to three weeks :)
    He says, that if he want to people to fight, he has to made sure they get prepared.

    The other coach still tells me, if I want to compete, I have to make sacrifices - which is certainly true, but he doesn't get, that it won't make me break my promise I gave.
    Neither do I want to do that (or plan to do that; it was tough for me, to not go for the last two weeks, and that was because of the grading!) , nor do I want to sacrifice my progress for normal training.
    In addition: I want to start at a JJ-competition; so a ninetey minute session a week, where most of the time goes to kickboxing is not really what helps me with that.

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    Nothing special.
    Well, I have extreme trouble sleeping again, so took two days off again (and am not worried, which starts worrying me).
    It really is annoying and surprisingly debilitating if it took at least 90-120 minutes to even fall to sleep, and than wake up all the time, because you need to change pajamas (between three and five times usually), because they're so wet*, that it's just disgusting.
    *before someone get weird here: Sweat! :p

    Monday was rather easy going.
    Maybe, just maybe, because there was no training, due to refurbishment ;)

    Tuesday was a holiday, so, right, no training.
    I enjoyed the long weekend though, because I was really exhausted (mentally), which had me groggy until Wednesday, which I also took off.

    Mini-SD was okay, but the JJ-Kids - let's just say, it was loooong a while, that I had to get *that* loud, if ever before.
    They behave like that again, and they can say good-bye to their grading (at least, that will be my threat. Maybe I will even do it).
    Gosh, they were so annoying!

    Made for an interesting hour though: I yelled at them during warm-up, which had them really big-eyed at the very least.
    Then I went through Ukemi with them; me being calm again (or at least, I considered not to kill them after all), with the intention, that they realize anyway, that I am at least not resentful over their behavior.

    After that it was essentially talking to them for 15 or so minutes.
    I explained them about the grading in summer, and that if any of them wants to attend, they'd have to work hard.
    I even allowed (well, the "boss" told me to try making it possible), that the kids, who just had their grading, could grade again...

    Than I made a point, that it won't work, if they were to behave like today (well, that day).
    The curious thing was: They did listen to that.
    Just like that.
    Kids are so weird.

    The last five or so minutes I went through the dojo etiquette with them again, which all of them remembered very well.
    So I used that, to remind them to follow them as well ;)

    Afterwards I took my taxi to the other club.
    Shouldn't have done that.
    I mean - it was okay.
    But there were only six people, two of them totally new (a third one doesn't really count), so we made some basics of the basics.
    I would have preferred to stay at the other club and working on my grading stuff, to memorize it and work on it, to get it dynamic and all.

    Tired as hell, so didn't go.
    Slept a bit during the day though!
    The good thing is: When I sleep (or try to :D ) I always have at least one cat right next to my head, so I can ruffle me face in them ;)

    Saturday, 05.05.18
    One of the coaches asked some people to BBQ at the dojo.

    So I asked my potential Uke, if we could meet before and train a bit.
    Which we did!
    Three and a half hours (circa), so at the very least, I have all techniques filmed now (I hope it will help me memorizing them) and worked a bit on the details and such (I hope anyway).

    In the end, when the former grandmaster of the dojo was there as well (he's in Germany for roughly a month), I practiced Harai-Goshi as well.
    He gave me lots of corrections, which was awesome!
    It even got a bit better towards the end.
    In between it was: 'It's a good throw. Just don't call it Harai-Goshi' :D

    I never knew him to his best times, I didn't even do MA back than, but from what I gathered it's a good thing (and rather rare) when he praises/ says something good - which he did while I kept trying.
    So - yay me ;)
    (I just won't mention, that he apparently got nicer, when he got older :D )

    And the best: Two more seminars with him in the next three weeks :)
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    Not only being lazy with the log, but also with training in general.

    I need to get onto a new flow or something, because I really don't like what is happening to me at the moment.
    The only good thing: I am a little less worried, that I would quit any time soon, since I still get hyped by seminars.
    That's also the reason for this post.

    Today (well, yesterday) I went to a seminar, given by the master of several of my master.
    He's in his mid seventies now and moved to the Philippines some years ago, so I would be dumb as sh...oes, not to take that opportunity.

    In all fairness: He mainly showed basic things, nothing that would be really new after a few years experience and certainly not, when you have his students as your teachers.
    BUT I enjoyed it lots and I'm so in the middle, that I am at a point, where I *know* the stuff, but don't have the routine, to be incredibly good at it.
    (The student mix was difficult as well: Lots of beginners and lots of BB, some intermediates) .

    Originally the seminar was supposed to be about stick versus stick and a bit on the ground.
    The latter didn't really happen, unless you count being thrown sometimes ;)

    We did some blocking with the sticks, some easy techniques, some drill-like things.
    Much fun!

    The Master also asked me in the middle once, together with my partner - great, I could show how to not do it.
    And I could make things worse, by starting to stutter and to stammer :D
    In the end I meant the correct thing (I asked my -at the moment still former- teacher and he told me so), but the stammering made it a bit difficult to understand ;)
    (What was nice: The mistake I did, was because I listened to my partner, a BB I saw for the first time. And after the correction he came to me to apologize for the wrong correction. I thought that was nice and showed some character. Most people I trained with would just pretend it never happened).

    Later on I was allowed to show it again. And really got nervous, because screwing up again really wasn't an option.
    But the teacher said it was good and I can learn.

    Then again he once sort of said: "There, you can do it. So do it!", when doing something else. I was expecting a slap to back of my head :D

    And what was fun: At one point the teacher got hold of soft sticks.
    So after another he asked some pairs to come forward and fight with those.
    Just for fun, just as a game.
    At one point he asked my partner and I (well, now that I think of it, he asked me and told me to chose a partner. I should have chosen someone else lol), which was fun, more taxing than it looked and fun.
    Oh, yeah, and the arms of my partner was nearly as long as I am big, so... I should have chosen someone else ;)
    I won though :cool:
    Because he accidentally dropped his stick :D


    Another plus was that I could meet with my former teacher again.
    I think I am pretty sure, that I will start training with him again soon and therefore join this other club as well and at least take as many Saturday trainings as I can get.
    Two of my other teachers were there as well, so it was nice to see them meeting with him again too.
    And seeing two of them with their old master was nice to see as well; I think he was really happy, that they were there.

    Hm, somehow the thing with the picture won't work.
    There's the link.
    I will also try again, to make it work.

    EDIT 2: I give up.
    I can't even delete the [​IMG]
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    Four new kids but even with these it weren't too many today, since it was warm outside again.
    Three were Chinese; one of them, the boy, was there before - a bit of nightmare the first couple of times, it's a bit better already. But still a taxing kid :D

    The fourth one was a little boy, four years old.
    They *think* he is from Morocco.
    I didn't do it today, but I will probably do it (even to do it) in case he should join - asking, how it's possible, that they only *think* is from Morocco; gives a weird feeling in my tummy, only to consider some of the reasons :(

    Anyway, we let them play catch, a little coordination game, several sorts of moving (jumping, crawling, ...) and then play a little in the end again.
    The weather makes them crazy anyway, so forcing the little ones to do too difficult things wouldn't do much good in our case.

    The first training for quite a while, during which I *didn't* want to kill any of the kids!

    Also I realized, that their grading is only four weeks away.
    I screwed that up, as I won't get many fit until then.
    I started a couple of weeks too late and I didn't have all these bank holidays on my radar, where training would be cancelled.
    The good thing is: I should be able to manage to get those fit, who would deserve it and work hard.
    As for the others: I will be able to proof, that I won't reward misbehavior - and that's what lots of the kids did lately.

    I let them run a while (first time ever! they did it without "bending" the rules! Yay!), then got them together in pairs (crawl beneath the partner 15 times, leapfrogging over the partner 15 times, and last was an exercise for the tummy muscles; or what should be tummy muscles. That is something I will have to do more often apparently :rolleyes:

    Afterwards it was an easy lesson: I repeated some locks, chokes and holds with them we did the last few times and which is part of their grading.
    I let two of them come forward and show what they chose and asked the other kids for their thoughts - again: This is something they're really good at and during which they work great!

    Since they behaved rather well (apart from two, who were a bit annoying; but one of them was the six year old who shouldn't be in the group in the first place; just because of his age, so I make amends there; the other was his buddy) I did allow them to play a little in the end - after all, I promised they were allowed to, if they behave and if we have some time left.
    And praise where praise is due: Today was a good day with them.
    The keep that up, and I might not hate teaching.

    My own JJ
    I spent roughly ten minutes calming a mother, that her son will pass the grading, if he attends it.
    Due to health issues he couldn't come for a while, but all in all he is there for a while already and when he attends, he works concentrated; he also has a bit of an disadvantage form the fitness side: He is big for his age, incredibly big. I think he turned seven a while back and nearly reaches my shoulder already; he's a bit chubby and when you see him move, you realize that he has some routine needed in regards to his finer motor skills.
    But, and I *love* that: He tries everything, he likes doing it, he's laughing when trying, he keeps trying, ... he's of the sort, where you enjoy to watch and see how he gets a little better, step by step. And because you know, how hard he has to work for that -and yet enjoys it- just great :)

    And it will be his first grading ever: He essentially cannot fail, when he manages at least a tiny little bit.
    We all know gradings are stress, difficult and new for the kids (and me :D ); we all know at times you're so nervous you forget things; there are strangers in front of the kids, which mostly is awkward for them - so they won't let him *not* pass, if he shows something.
    Worst case scenario: *I* get a rebuke, for failing the kid.

    Anyway, my training: Came late to the warm-up and was, of course, very sad about it ;)
    Then we did some evading against stick attacks.

    Then a short round of "stress"-drill: One person in the middle, the other attack -one after the other- with a stick and the person in the middle does whatever (s)he does.
    I was forgotten, so I didn't have to try; wasn't too sad about it today either.

    After that two defenses against a stick attack from the top.
    My partner and I knew both of them already, but got shown a little twist, which made it a finer technique; that and two new chokes made it entirely worth it :cool:

    No free training today.
    Too much on my mind to do something like that today.
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    So, I was having a biiiiig and deeeeep hole, during which I could hardly be bothered to train and mainly did the kids and a little training for myself.
    Which is awesome timing, since Saturday is a little competition (no fighting, only showing techniques) in which some of the kids attend - and I myself as well, to show them I do that too.
    Haven't done anything for this yet myself, but tried to get the kids fit and added an extra session yesterday and maybe next Friday as well - that's up to the children.

    Now, it's getting slightly better, and I'm back to like going again.
    Funny enough, because I might be allowed to do my green belt in Kickboxing next month and maybe Ajukate early next year.
    Thet's funny, because I am a lot of things, but not a belt hunter.

    During an EDC-gala, last weekend, people even made fun of my "hunting" for belts, because I take so much time and should wear darker belts by now xD

    Anyway: Finding my way slowly but steady.
    Medication got actually reduced. I gained so much weight, that *that* started to become a problem for me and I'm fed up (see what I did here?) with it.
    I usually had 67/ 68kg; at the moment I am at 83/84kg - side effects of the medication.
    Now it's choosing between medication, that makes me gain more weight still - and going nuts through to this.
    Or reduce the dosis, see what happens (admittedly, the time of the year isn't the best).
    I already agreed to go back to a higher dose, once I lost weight again, to be on the sure side.
    Because after all: Whether I like it or not - the medication does it's job.
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    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    good to see you getting back to it and adding to your log :) that sounds like a frustrating dilemma with the medication.
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    Thanks, axelb, and yes, it is indeed frustrating.

    The tournament was yesterday.
    I hardly trained at all for it, but I placed among the first three.
    Of course there were only three starters to begin with ;)

    Self defense I made the last place; personally I even think I did better then second place, but on the other hand: Both other starters were at least in their mid-forties, I'd say, and had a lesser grading than me, so I think it was cool, that they even bothered starting!
    The stuff the yellow belt showed was rubbish (funny enough her black belt partner showed some of it as well; still rubbish): I mean - SD against a front kick, was wrapping a scarf around the ankle three(!) times, while the foot was waiting in thin air.
    That didn't even look good :oops::D
    But still, I think it was good she started at all, and if your BB partner shows you something like this, when you are a yellow belt, you expect it not to be *that* bad!

    In "Elements" I placed first.
    But it's nothing big: You show a throw and a hold or lock three times and that's that.
    I showed my partner what would happen two days before - that was our training :D
    He would swing a hook at me, I'd do Ko-Uchi-Maki-Komi and a leglock afterwards.
    So yeah, first place, but nothing you can brag about with :D

    That was my part and it went okay.
    Especially when I am being honest with myself: There was hardly any preparation!
    I went through the techniques maybe five times.

    The kids did well for their first times, even though only two of eight (and of sixteen starts) placed.
    A girl made 3rd place in "self defense", and a little boy in "Elements".

    But honestly: There was a ref at the third mat, I would have loved to punch him!
    He gave so many zero ratings, it wasn't fun anymore.
    To all the kids, not just "mine".

    Seriously, what's wrong with people giving zero points to kids?
    That should be against the rating rules; you should have to give at least one point. That wouldn't change the outcome but more children would maybe consider coming back a second time.
    They are nervous, they are scared - and yet they come, stand there and do their thing!
    More than lots of grown-ups do!

    The superGAU of the day: One of my coaches went to fight.
    His opponent was 30/40kg heavier than him.

    And it happened, what had to happen: The coach got seriously injured.
    Shinbone (tibia) broken.
    Calfbone (fibula) broken.
    Ankle joing broken.

    He got an emergency surgery, once he was in the hospital.
    Plates were set in.

    Before that, locally on the mats, his bone got... I'm not sure about the correct word in that context... the bone got "reduced" (that's what the dictionary seems to say, not sure if it's correct) to the right place again.
    The idea was, that he should have been full of painkillers and not really notice it, but boy, was he screaming, when they did "adjust"(?) the bone to where it belonged.

    Now he has to stay in hospital for roughly a week, before he can get home or at least to a local hospital.
    He isn't allowed to stress the leg for eight weeks and is probably back to walking and training around Easter.
    Of course he's also rather down right now.

    I will visit him, once he's reachable for me.

    I will also get a get well card, on which all kids get to sign and ask in my group, if some kids want to draw, do some handicraft (another new word!) or anything for him, to cheer him up a little.
    He doesn't know the kids by names, but they like him, from when they see him.
    And I really do think, that it will lift his spirits a little.

    So, yeah, I won in a tournament, where I couln't really lose, because both times there were only two other starters.
    The kids did okay.
    And the coach got hurt really bad.
    Not the best tournament for us, really.
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