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    Moday until today...

    Nothing special, really.

    I still think it's interesting, how much more attention children pay to a technique or whatever you show the, when you allow them later to do it on you.
    Worked twice so far incredibly well! They work together to get the thing right and *all* of them suddenly want to show the technique as well, when they can make me fly.

    I think I will try and use that in the future even more; depending on what they are supposed to show of course - I won't make a seven year old throw me with an O-Goshi or something ;)

    We grown-ups did some knife defense stuff afterwards; as usual the teacher made sure to point out, to just do as an attacker says, and not try something for being cool - I heard it so often now, but I still think it's good to mention it anyway.

    Funny enough I was allowed to try a technique on him (see above with the kids) and had more fun, than with my partner.
    (To my defense: It's the type of partner hardly anyone wants to train with, because you can hardly touch the person, without being concerned of hurting, due to constant mentioning that pretty much everything hurts)

    Tuesday: A little Karate, a little repeating of my grading for program.
    I skipped Kickboxing, because there were to many people I didn't know.
    And I'm certainly not resilient(?) enough lately for that; Tics are back, I'm constantly tensed and have to concentrate on not letting people notice too much; I feel like going back into my shell nearly all the time - despite taking my medication.

    Tomorrow I have to get a new set, maybe I'll talk to my Doc about it.

    Wednesday (today).

    Another crappy day.
    Karate-Kids were okay, but I was glad that I didn't have much to do.

    Later was some ATK, pre-grading.
    Could have done without that; I notice me blacking out for the grading half the time already.
    Before that, there was someone else doing the warm-up as usual.
    That was the reason why the tics were there to that extent as they were on Friday and it will be the same reason, why they will be there the next time.

    Grading itself was even worse.
    I totally screwed up one technique (like "totally"! I did the wrong thing, I stopped in the middle, I asked for repetition...).
    The rest was also bad.
    I did pass, but I don't know why.

    After the grading I said to my Uke, that if they have the balls, they'd let me fail.
    But they didn't.

    Afterwards my teacher asked me, if I was still unsatisfied, and when I said "yes" he answered, that I should be.
    He also said it wasn't a totally bad grading, but not really good either.
    And that it was apparent, that I only took two weeks I focused entirely on that grading.
    (Of course I did! Before that were other gradings, I knew the date of.)

    So long story, short: I passed, but the level was wayy below I what I should be able to.
    He even said, he saw me doing some of the techniques much better during class.

    This weekend i am supposed to attend an assistance-class, so I can do the trainer-course next year.
    Not sure, how I am supposed to make that work.
    Certainly at a point right now, where I hate my life for a while again.
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    Another day on trying to get the kids ready to get graded.
    I don't think I will get a lot of them ready on such short notice; maybe two of the three whitebelts and one of the white-yellow-belts.
    I'm definitely not good enough to manage more in four or so weeks.
    But I actually live with that and still don't feel down; it's only four weeks after all and it's kids.
    Not sure, if that makes a difference, but I pretend it does ;)

    Afterwards I drove to my Jitsu-class.
    Sensei wasn't there (I bet, he would kick my behind, if he knew that I call him Sensei here lol), but his Co (and my Judo-teacher) took over.
    So it was fun and taxing.
    Randori on the ground in the end twice and and once standing; not much, but :cool:
    Boy, I need to do that more often.

    Friday was a day off, since I had to take trains to Wilhemshaven, for an assistant-seminar.
    I really don't like Wilhemlshaven. Rain, bad weather, ugly, ... ;)

    Saturday was my first near-panic day; yay.
    But it worked out in the end, I have to admit.

    One of the teachers even remembered me, as Senseis Uke, what I thought was funny :D

    Right now I'm working through the notes of the seminar and realize, that this is quite a lot o_O:confused:

    Tomorrow is the day with the practical stuff (games and warm-up) and the test afterwards; theory and practical.
    I'm slightly panicking, since I noticed how much information that was.

    The good thing is definitely, that I do most of the things that were taught already; but I didn't know all the special terms they use; I went more by copying my own teachers and some instinct :oops:

    I have got to get up in six hours roughly and only worked through half the stuff - and I originally wanted to go through it more than once :rolleyes:

    I hate tests.
    The last one and the last similar-to-a-test-situation I screwed up.
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    By my calculations it's over 6hrs since your post! so how did it go?
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    Back home!

    I will only know in around a week, but I think I passed.
    Mainly because apparently it's nearly impossible to actually fail :oops::D

    For the practical part I had to make them play a warm-up game, show them a technique and correct it and do a cooldown.

    I chose "Zombieball" for the game: One ball, people try to throw at each other; when hit you have to do a certain number of a certain exercise and wait at the side until the one, that hit you got him-/herself; the (s)he is out and has to do the exercise.
    I don't think it was awesome, but it makes people run, what was the point.

    The technique was a simple one I do with the kids as well.
    I actually wanted to show something different and noticed that midway, but of course I kept doing the started one.

    The cooldown... yeah... we don't really do that.
    So I quickly copied something, what my Judo-teacher did Thursday :oops::rolleyes:
    I think he's the only one who does that at times.

    Theory was aside from a single question only multiple choice, so not that bad.
    In theory ;)
    Personally I thought that for two or three question it was possible do tick more than one answer, which was allowed.
    But I also think, that some of my answers weren't what they wanted to see.
    I ticked them anyway, because it is what I had done already when it came to certain situation or what I would do, no matter what they'd say about it :oops:
    Or it wasn't precise enough for my liking.

    For example:
    What do you do, if the trainer shows a technique wrong?
    - I say it and correct him right away.
    - I say nothing, but show the technique correctly.
    - I say nothing and show it wrong as well.

    I actually did the second several times already, because I couldn't fit showing something wrong with my conscience.

    What do you do, if a mat has a rip?
    - I use duck tape.
    - I tell the trainer or do nothing (I don't remember which it was)
    - I remove the mat and tell the trainer later.

    For me it depends. For example: Is the mat in the middle and there are no other ones close, I'd use tape for the moment; if it were at the side and the new mats right next to it, I'd remove it and put a new one there.

    Last but not least: A slightly older man comes into the dojo and says he would like to try it, but isn't sure if it is the right thing for him. What do you do?
    - I tell him my style is the most awesome thing ever.
    - I tell him about it and let him know my opinion.
    - I send him to a trainer or the head of the school.

    I did both the second and third option already.
    I don't see any harm in it, explaining the style and giving advice (I was even told to do it). For example if someone says he can't stand being touched at the throat, I can tell him ATK is no, and JJ or Judo are big maybes, because of chokes.
    For further information or a second opinion I show people to out head, if he's there.
    Btw.: Normally, we just them the changing rooms ;)

    Most of the others questions weren't anything special, but some still not precise enough for my liking.

    I also really should accept the fact, that I probably need that stupid MRI for my shoulder :mad:

    What made the day crappy: I either lost my wallet or it got stolen.
    Awesome (sarcasm)

    What made the day cool: I met my former JJ-teacher at the train station by accident, so we got to talk a little again.
    Awesome (no sarcasm)
    I still can't believe, that we actually seem to still get along, despite me being a psycho :D
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    Not really a training log, since I was sick this week and stayed at home and just might be half the coming week as well.

    But: I got the letter with the outcome of the assistant license.
    I passed.
    But I'm not satisfied. At all.

    Practical part: 2,50
    Writing part: 2,00
    Overall: 2,25

    The practical would have had to be better; much better.
    The writing... Well, as mentioned before, I still don't like some of the questions, for various reasons.

    Also: The kids I train since the 6th of last month had their pre-grading today, in which we take a look at them and decide if they get actually graded in January.
    I wasn't present, because I think my coughing would have caused irritation at the very least.

    But: Two mothers had written to me afterwards: All of the kids are allowed for their grading next months.
    Given that I only had four weeks and was sick one of them, it's probably a good sign; the parents are happy at the very least.
    Since I wasn't there myself, I don't know yet, if the kids did really do well or if the got some slack, for the short time; I need to ask that someone who knows more about it.

    Attached Files:

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    Update time.

    I will go backwards this time and start with today.

    Last week came a letter from one of my clubs: In January there will be an extraordinary general annual meeting, about closing the club for good.
    Today our Jitsu-group didn't train but we talked through our options:
    1. Agreeing to the closure and go separate ways.
    2. Agreeing to the closure and change clubs as a group.
    3. Disagreeing to the closure, form a new managing committee, separate us from the Judoka that are left (only three kids) and start anew as a Jitsu-club; so essentially we will "take over" since no one cares and try fighting.

    Long story short: As it looks now, I will be a member of the new managing committee, so we don't lose the club.
    Not exactly what I had in mind, when getting up today :D

    If things won't work out, we can decide to close the club still.

    Aside from that there's not much new actually.
    Still having my bad phase in which everything is crappy, still doubting pretty much everything.
    Still no idea how to get the kids ready for their grading in January.

    But I go train most of the time (health and weather gave some problems; not bus due to snow, no way for me to get to train) and do enjoy, once I am there.
    So it's about clenching teeth for the moment, until I will be better off again. Which will come.

    Next year will also come my trainer-license (in case I pass, of course) and also there might come the license to be a ref for tournaments (mainly, so I know the rules, if I am to teach the kids); I already have appointments for next year without knowing, if I will survive this one lol
    What annoy me already: The trainer-license will be on two weekends with some work for in between; the second weekend I will miss a JJJ-seminar one of my own trainers give due to the license. The association needs to plan better :mad:

    Regarding my own training: I'm a bit lazy at the moment.
    I'm tired a lot (I guess medication plus stress, plus depression), a bit feeble and the such, therefore I go slow at the moment.
    When I'm there (again: Usually I am; for some things I'm not stressable enough at the moment, like when tomorrow somebody else as the usual coaches will lead the training) I try to do everything and mostly it works (running not so much, but I am utterly useless at it anyway); but I also notice that I think I will enjoy the upcoming two weeks in which the dojo is closed.
    Which means I will probably go nuts in the second week :rolleyes:

    Also for the next year, a few people might meet some Saturdays and "play" a bit with BJJ.
    Meaning: We might try to learn a bit with youtube videos for example.
    Obviously it doesn't replace real training with someone who knows their way, but we want to try to find a few ideas for working on the ground.
    Therefore "playing" is a word I chose deliberately.
    It's supposed to be some fun and playing around and maybe(!!) some easy rolling, just to see how it feels and works for us.
    It's not set in stone yet though.
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    Last log, it's holidays - Woot woot.
    I wonder how long it takes, until I'm bored.

    Anyway: Easy Wednesday: I only went to the dojo for the Karate-Kids, as there was another coach supposed to the practice and I'm not well enough for that.
    In the end the co-trainer did it, but I didn't stay anyway.
    Still too down and I was glad not to have to do so much anyway.

    Did some Kihon with two of the kids; into the air and against the pads.
    Oi-Zuki, Gyaku-Zuki, Mae-Geri.
    Nothing too difficult, since one of the boys was there for the first time and the second doesn't manage to concentrate; he's like a bouncy ball and I'm not sure if I ever saw him actually walk, not jumping, unless he came late to practice and sneaked in a bit.

    We only played some games with the little ones to end the year.
    I nearly died when one asked me to come, when he was supposed to use the loo - but he only couldn't flush properly (the flush needs to be repaired and until then you have to hold it down) and later couldn't turn on the water.
    I was so glad that that was all, as I would have no idea how to help a little kid (or anyone really) on the loo :rolleyes::eek: :D

    In between the two kids group the other coach and I actually got a present from all the kids (well, their parents ;) :D ): Some chocolate and a voucher (I guess, I buy some Lego Star Wars :rolleyes: )

    The older ones did a little techniques with me, after I gave the kids that are to get graded in January their files, where it says what they are supposed to show, as well as theory (vocables, translated names of techniques, pictures of techniques, "What is JJ", Dojo-etiquette... ) all they need for their grading.

    Then I had to move earlier, to get to the other club, so I told them what the other coach would to (very short ukemi and a game as well, to end the year); one of the boys actually came running to hug me, which was kind of cute, I have to admit :oops:

    My own training was fun: We did a few techniques, combining Aikido-movement (Tai-Sabaki), with a Karate-block and punch and finish with a Judo throw.
    So, we basically did some Ajukate, which I really, really like :)

    Later we worked with some wrist-locks.
    To keep it short: Ouch.
    And a smiling teacher.

    I also learned that I will probably get the position of the executive secretary.
    This might at least be the English word; it's the person that does a lot of writing, has the list of members, gets the applications when joining or leaving the club, some online banking ... Since I don't phone and am not that good with talking to strangers, I think that makes sense.

    My teacher told me to ask the head of "my" other club, if that would be okay for him, since I'm a coach with them.
    The other one couldn't care less about the position itself; he doesn't think that the plan as a whole will work out in the end and that he, of course, would prefer if I were all the time with them (that had me speechless and looking like a dork, I bet), but he doesn't see any clash of interests.
    I can still feel him waiting, to get fingers on my teacher, so he finally re-joins there ;)
    Not to paint a false picture: Their friends, and the second one would like to get the first one into the club :)

    Friday was supposed to be a kids-training only day.
    I met with some of the kids who want to get tested; six were announced, four actually showed up.
    I let them play in the beginning as warm-up, did a few techniques with them after talking a bit about the file again (two of them weren't there yesterday) and in the end let them do a bit of ground randori, because they had too much energy ;)

    Karate-Kids did play a bit in the beginning too and afterwards did some work on the bags.
    So, it was aimed to be fun training for them as well; since one of them has her birthday on the first training day of the next year, they will probably get their "game day" then.

    than I actually wanted to leave, but decided to stay for ATK.
    The usual teacher still wasn't there (he has an fat inflammation in one toe) so helped out is Co-trainer (who is injured as well, but had the bad luck to be here, so to speak. An injured toe apparently beats and injured hand ;) ).
    We... yeah... played for warm-up too :D

    Afterwards I was told to show a certain technique; the co-trainer took the more advanced students and I went to the other side with two men, who were there a few times only and worked with them on said technique and a second one, with similar movement.
    Luckily I could also explain, why we did what we did in that way with the first technique, otherwise that could have been rather embarrassing, when I was asked something once.

    So essentially, I gave training the entire time; once alone and twice as Co-trainer, so I had a rather calm day, aside from the warm-up.

    Now two weeks of nothing (or nearly nothing), for which I'm actually thankful (at least right now).
    I already have so many seminars and such in the next year, so it will be another full and hopefully fun year.

    And what I already dislike: I really have to start it with a cliche: I need to lose weight :confused:
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    Last week, first training week after the two week holiday break.

    Monday: Little kids and older kids.
    Little ones - playing, pacours fun (balance, running slalom, jumping...). They love it, since I did it the first idea. Kids are weird.

    I'm still desperately trying to manage, that the older ones who will be tested on Saturday, finally remember what they have to do.
    And the three yellow-orange kids still don't even know everything (that's for today).
    I think, I will get killed after the testing, for screwing up the kids training.

    My own: Fun start with some techniques on the ground.
    And as bonus one of them will wander in my own curriculum for my next grading.

    Afterwards: Practice for the grading of my teacher/ buddy in April.
    24 Locks and six chokes; was fun.
    I will steal his chokes, add two more and use the for my own grading as well; he agreed to it too!

    Tuesday, JJ.
    First training with Sensei after a while. Yay.
    Managed to get two rebukes already :D
    One of them for not wearing my belt, after it got loose when we were doing some randori.
    I know he hates that, but every other instructor I have dislikes it, when they have to wait in between; so one of the rares times, where I mixed up the behavior of mine.

    I trained with a whitebelt for her grading, doing some Kihon and some locks.
    Another first: I had to actively try to remember, how Sensei (did I mention how he would kick my butt, if I'd call him that all the time? :D ;) ) wants to see Kihon compared to Karate-class. That was creepy.

    Was quite a reminder for me, to start working on my own curriculum; so I started that this week also.

    Wednesday: Took the day off, since I was utterly annoyed with the coach who would be there (I would have been fine, once there I'm sure, but couldn't be entirely sure. Still close to getting angry fast, everything being crappy... Talked to my Doc today and we doubled the dose of one of my medications.)

    Thursday, Mini-SD and JJ-Kids
    Came to late for the first one, because I totally miscalculated the time.
    We did the usual and added a simple wrist lock.
    At least I though it was simple ;)

    Still no idea, how I am to manage to make them pass.
    I mean, yeah, it's kids. It's my first teaching experience where it's entirely up to me and everyone knows, that time wasn't best either. So I'm pretty sure, they will pass anyway and just have to wait a while longer for the next grading, because they'll have to be better prepared and knowing for that.

    Some do okay, two little ones (6 and just 8; they shouldn't even be in this group) are driving me nuts, even though I love them.
    Will give the new partners today and hope that works better.
    Yes, six days prior to the grading.

    My own, JJ
    We were repeating the stuff from Monday a bit and added a few more things.
    I was allowed to be uke, and yes, I still love doing that.
    It was fun and another technique for my own curriculum.

    Afterwards: Competition training.
    Unfortunately I can't normally make it, because I refuse to neglect my own training in the other club.
    My endurance was bad, but at least better than I expected.
    The kickboxing stuff was okay, but since I want to fight JJ (which, in the association we are is similar to Judo, but more ground and no Ippon) that was it.
    Okay, a bit fun, yes - but not my focus.

    The JJ was more my liking, but rather easy-going.
    But I could attend once at least and now know, that I would like to do it more often.
    the JJ teacher for whom I uke in April told me he would do some private tuition with me after his grading; I hope he really does!

    Training for the grading.
    Some are doing good, some aren't.
    The two boys I mentioned above switched partners here by accident (so to speak; one was getting his belt done from another student, so I put the partners of the two together.
    Because that worked, I want to keep doing that.

    "Hey, Nicky, you get the higher grades and the two whitebelts. Do some Karate with them."
    What did I learn? Right! I need more Karate-specific-SD :D
    Did some JJ with them, but the good thing is, that they like it as well :D

    Hate the coach.
    45 minutes of running and other endurance... stuff.
    Afterwards a few drills with throws.
    I got partnered with a girl who got dizzy before, so I didn't throw her but let her throw. Felt like doing more endurance training lol

    Warm-up after ATK this day was great... No, it wasn't.
    We did some cool stuff, the teacher added so another student and I would have something more demanding, that gets us further, as he afterwards told us.
    Would probably have worked better, if he didn't had separated us during the lesson :D
    He sent me to a whitebelt and my partner to another student.
    So I didn't really get to do the cool stuff, but explained the easier things and let the new one try these slowly.
    Can't have everything, but he does that, because he trusts me, to take care of the new ones and because he knows, I won't hurt them.
    Not sure whether that is good or not ;)

    Skipped most of the warm-up.
    Later my partner and I had some trouble to keep up, due to training before lol
    Means, we did everything, but boy, I was getting tired for that day :oops:
    We both hoped he would forget us for sparring. Seemed to work, but he only made us fight last.
    I'm absolutely sure, it wasn't only a minute either, to which he pretty much admitted.
    Lesson that session: I am supposed to do kickboxing, not boxing.
    Darn it.
    Now I need to work on my kids even more.

    Seminar, because I'm a badass, to do that even after that start of the first week :cool:
    Or, it was easy-going, because it was pure theory :D

    History of MAs, emphasis on "our" JJ (as I mentioned somewhere: We're not of real ryu. It's a bit complicated here in Germany)
    It was fun and my teacher (Sensei) could give me a ride home, which was awesome.
    Mainly because I now know, when he gets mad at me during training it will have no impact on our personal relationship.
    And I worked on making him want to his next Dan after all :rolleyes::D

    Sorry, for any mistakes.
    I don't have time to re-read it, because I should already be going.
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    Last week, 15th - 20th.

    Mini-SD: The usual.
    Kids can be such ... dictionary says "limpet"?

    Jitsu-Kids: Training for their grading.
    I separated two boys from each other who would goof around a lot and should have done so way earlier.
    The reason I didn't: Height difference compared to the others.
    Other then that it was the same as the last sessions: Kids were supposed to learn for their grading and actually did so.

    My own: It was fun.
    We did some knife defenses with the stick, which I wanted to add to my grading; I should have written them down earlier, since now I have to re-work them :D

    Tuesday: JJ
    Since one or two students are supposed to get graded soon, we also did some training in that regard.
    So I continue working on my program there and exchanging with one or two other green belts.
    Either that or practicing with the whitebelt for her grading.

    Wednesday: Karate-Kids
    Same as with the Jitsu-Kids: Practice for their grading.
    The other coach made Kihon with the other students, I had the two who were up for grading.

    I have a black and blue elbow.
    The teacher wanted to show how it's the real deal on the street, and how you end up on the ground.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    Then he threw me with a foot sweep - let's put it that way: Pure ATKs can't properly throw ;)
    I went to the ground all right but in a crippled way, because he used more force then technique.
    I think my coccyx has a slight bruise, my elbow is black and blue - despite me being able to fall properly.
    Makes me wonder, how it must feel on concrete without knowing ukemi.

    I told that teacher later. His statement: He threw just the way he wanted and I just can't fall properly :D
    Told F. (tired of calling him "Sensei" here, since I'd never call him that unless I want to annoy him ;) ) about if, for fun.
    But we both know: If he made sure of one thing, than it's that I have good ukemi and be thrown in any way one wants :)

    Well, things like that happen, and it's not that I stopped training ^^

    Sort of an off-day.

    We had our extraordinary meeting, regarding the shutting down of the club.
    Long story short: We won't shut down, but make a pure JJ-club (withour Judo) out of it.
    And I am now a member of the... executive board?
    Not sure about the term.
    I hope, I won't screw up.

    Special training in regard to the grading the day after.
    I did it slow and all, because if there is something they still don't know there's nothing I could do with not even a day left.
    Picked a pair of kids for every technique to show, did some theory (two kids can count to ten in Japanese. Two of the three youngest! :) ) and let them play before and after, to get their heads free.

    I have to admit, I was surprised how well it worked out, considering how restless they were and how much goofing there was.

    Essentially: See above.
    Did one of the two Kata they had to show and the stuff that gave them most trouble.
    In between some slight Kihon, they had to show.
    The Kata and one SD-technique per kid gave them problems.
    But aside from that it was okay.
    A bit too slow-paced, but that's a general problem with them: They do what they are supposed to but always a bit slow, without action.

    I actually didn't remember what we did.
    Than I did, and also why I suppressed the memory.
    Among others a defense against a baseball bat.
    It was really bad.

    But afterwards we did some ground randori and "light sparring" (just open hands), which was cool.

    It's like a plague at the moment, but here we did some grading program as well.
    I have free techniques, but just did what I was told.
    This way I at least do things as well, I don't like too much and might skip otherwise :)

    Took that off actually.
    Since the day after are the gradings of the kids and the anniversary celebration of one of my coaches and two of his friends.

    Grading Karate-Kids:
    Again a bit slow-paced most of the time and there were slight mistakes in one Kata, but all in all it was okay and they rightfully passed and are now proud yellow belts :)

    Grading Jitsu-Kids:
    I prepared them for their grading.
    And yet! They managed to surprise me in a positive way!

    Two of them got so nervous, they forgot half of the program. But it was the first grading for both of them and they kept going, so they passed as well.
    The other ten?
    I was mostly positively surprised.
    They didn't always show what they were supposed to show, but they didn't stop midway, but kept going anyway.
    Admittedly: I doubt they realized it in that moment, but either way, they showed something!

    Two of the younger ones showed that they could do better, than sometimes during practice.
    And of the boys, for yellow-orange, showed how it can look, when you concentrate.
    He was like a sponge the last few weeks.

    What *I* learned: I probably should teach them another throw: Instead of Ko-Uchi-Gake I think I might use De-Ashi-Barai from now on.
    Not necessarily an easier throw to execute in randori (at least I find it rather difficult :D ) but when talked through it should be a little easier.

    I was also told, that this grading was better, than the previous ones, where it wasn't my responsibility.
    I do wonder if that's true (which, for me, would be a cool thing, I have to admit), or if it's just something he said, to humor me.

    The celebration: Sort of fun, but as usual taxing for me.
    Slept nearly the entire Sunday and half the Monday; might have been five hours awake, at the most, until me alarm went off at roughly 1pm on Monday :oops:
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  10. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    That fall sounds annoying. I always see it as a bit of both, you should be able to throw in demonstration with control, and be thrown you learn how to land, but on a mat, as there is only so much you can do to land correctly on hard floor.

    I'd be asking for them to demonstrate how to land on hard floor without bruising :D
  11. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Luckily it was on a mat, otherwise I would have had a problem :D

    I'm not easily one to say "I am good at something", but F., my main teacher, made sure I could fall very well rather soon, so I at least dare to say: I can easily be thrown without worry :oops::D
    It really is an eye-opener, for what would happen to people, who can't fall. The elbow and maybe the clavicular could probably have been broken.

    The teacher whothrew me is just full of natural strength and at times isn't able to imagine how much strength he possesses. As a mutual friend call it: "What is easy for him, is hospital for others." ;)
    Ah, well, I will live through it, it won't have lasting damage on me, but is just an annoyance.

    It might make take tomorrow off though. I gave myself a dead leg* on Monday :rolleyes: and might be lazy tomorrow, depending on how I am feeling.

    *I hope I used the right term: A hit on the muscle of the thigh.
    Is that really called a "granddaddy" or a "chopper" in English? o_O:D
    Not that our term is better: Translated it would be "horse kiss", "kiss of a horse"
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  12. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    This week.
    Mini-SD: Same as usual.
    I think we're getting too many kids and will advise the coach to call for a stop, if there are more to come.

    Too many kids as well, and I will certainly ask for a stop, if there's maybe two more kids.
    There is no way I can overlook so many kids once it gets into more technical realms.
    Might be due to the number of kids (15-18) or due to my lack of experience; but in either case it's not fair towards the kids.

    Little warm-up, little hitting of pads, and play-time.
    Because of their grading two days earlier I allowed that as a reward.
    Since not all of them were there, I even added some time on Thursday as well.

    I even think, they enjoyed the pad-work.
    I chose something that was as far as possible away from the grading stuff and seemed to have worked.

    I really have a tough time to remember what we did during class :oops:
    But luckily I got two videos of it :D
    Defense against ground attacks: You on your back, and someone punching you while fixing you in place.

    Free training:
    Little preparation for my coaches grading.
    This time the throws.
    Essentially it was fun, and I love getting thrown with Sumi-Gaeshi and the like; it's always so much fun to fall it!
    It was only "essentially" fun, because I ended up being dumb: I somehow managed to fall on my elbow. NOT elbow hitting the ground, that would be easy, but falling properly with my arms, than slipping my arm for no reason I noticed - and my thigh falling on my elbow :D
    So, yeah, I gave myself a dead leg :oops::rolleyes:

    At least I didn't let it stop us :D
    We kept going and nothing would happen aside from "ouch, muscle" because I was a dork.
    But we all know: It's nice when the pain goes away!

    Fun warm up with some Karate-punches, Kickboxing-punches and a combination of punch-redirecting-going into a throw.
    I love it when F. does that, and he likes doing it, because it's part of Ajukate, which he also trains and which works pretty neat with JJ.
    When showing the throw (simple O-Goshi) he also showed Harai-Goshi as well. Apparently getting up after being thrown and than going "Awww :( " when no second throw gets shown, is a weird reaction.
    Either I am weird or everybody else is :cool:

    We actually did skip Ukemi today.
    And went on straight to grading program.
    So a partner and I played a bit, with what I want to do and what she and her partner considered showing.
    F. going: "No, it's okay, it's good" is actually being creepy. I don't expect him to say something positive, when I work on my program :D

    What I learned: If I want to show a real good grading, nothing of the former program should be included in the same way it was shown there. Only exception: The Kihon part, especially punches and kicks.
    I can use some of the formerly done techniques, but have to change or add something.
    I admittedly like that idea: I only wanted to reuse a few things anyway (to show that I have learned something) and I'm actually glad that I can add some things or change others.
    I also wonder who of us is more curious as to what it comes down in the end.

    Skipped ATK and only went to competition training.
    Managed to nearly have a fight with the coach, during the kickboxing-part.
    I stopped doing sparring, before the partners could change, because I don't like sparring one of them: A nice guy, we get along well, but he isn't able to go slow and for me it's like getting an uncontrolled beating.
    I don't mind experiencing pain, but he also nearly injured people, and I don't want *that*; especially not when I am training with one of my coaches for his grading.

    The JJ-part was more my liking, but honestly I think the coach was still ****ed at me and hardly bothered taking a look at what I did.
    Ah, well.

    He did drive me home later though (because I borrowed two electric barbecues(?) and had to get them and more stuff home).
    I got a lecture then, as was to be expected.
    I guess I see the next time, if he will still be annoyed.

    Mini-SD: Again, the usual.
    Only worse.
    The coach made them do a step by step session that was supposed to lead to O-Soto-Gari.
    Instead the kids were bored to death.
    Only doing one step forward doesn't keep attention.
    Personally I think she works too technical for 5 year olds.
    But - not my group, I'm only the co-trainer.

    That is my group and I'm sure at some point she will notice the following: She can tell kids we will work on their grading starting this or the next session - but we won't do that!
    Since she is only co-trainer here, luckily what I say goes.
    And I refuse to only work their grading program with the kids.
    It gets boring and I don't mind if they only have one grading a year (which is more than she even managed; but I notice: Right now I will talk myself into a fit, so I stop that :oops:).

    I warmed them up, did ten minutes of kicking - and actually had to go after half the session (stupid thing on Thursday and it won't change unless the club changes times).
    So I was to leave them my co-trainer.
    Luckily I promised them on Monday another play-day, still as a reward.
    So I let them play when I had to go.
    I explained to a Mom from a boy who was taking a look at the class, why they would play so long, and she was totally fine with it and thankful for my explanation and the invite to come for a month to check the club out.

    My own... yeah, went awesome.
    I drove to the main station - and saw, that my train wouldn't be driving.
    So no training for me, but an early home day.
    Which was annoying actually.
    F. wasn't there and therefore warned me on Tuesday that I have to be there on Thursday.
    And now that.
    I don't even know, why the train didn't drove: I mean, I *do* know, there was a bomb alert*² in the city, but I don't think it was in that direction.
    Anyway: No train, no training.

    *² Not a terrorist attack, only an unexploded bomb from WWII.
    Still happens from time to time. I don't even think people are particularly concerned, when there's a found.

    I already noticed on Thursday that I somehow was not in the mood to go the usual training.
    So I asked a friend and coach of another club, if I could come around for a visit and train with them.
    Apparently I'm always welcome there :) so I did that instead.

    I arrived fortyfive minutes early in the dojo/ gym and was greeted by the second coach (and another friend of mine; both are former students of F, my current main teacher :) ).
    He and his assistant were teaching the kids, but he took some minutes to talk to me a bit; I thought it nice.
    And than he was an ass (he is just like F.! You can see the connection in moments like that :D ): Because he stood in front of the kids and suddenly I heard him telling, that Nicky would be showing them something.
    Now - I also know, that he has a second assistant with the same name. So I actually looked around where I didn't see that person.
    Until it dawned to me, that he was talking about me :oops::eek:
    Admittedly, I was a bit slow until I got that :D

    But: I know now, that I can fish a technique out of my head and show and teach it lol
    It wasn't particularly inventive, since it's a "go back to" technique for me, but I didn't freeze - and that would have had happened, a year - let alone two - ago ^^

    In the end I taught the kids for about forty minutes.
    Three to four techniques (more like three, but I divided one in two parts), and they did essentially what they were told (once or twice two ended up talking too much and training too little ;) ).
    During the last technique, a rather simple one, I ended up talking with the coach again at the same time; had an interesting insight for me, since I now also learned, that I can have a talk and watch the kids at the same time - including giving out corrections, either just by calling it over ("more breaking of balance") or by interrupting a few seconds, going over, give a correction - and than going back to the conversation.

    So, I conclude: My teacher, F. obviously has done something right.
    The others as well, no doubt, but I also know that he has the biggest influence on me.
    And I finally know, how it is possible to be on the other side of the mats and still seeing mistakes being made, while talking to somebody else :D

    Now, on Sunday is a seminar.
    I hope for the best, but am willing to live with the... not so best.
    One of the coaches there has the tendency to correct only one or two pairs and only give the other short glances, which isn't the most useful, when you want to learn something.
    I just hope he won't work with Kubotans; they're kind of boring to me, despite being useful in certain situations.
  13. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Seminar today.
    It was fun and the first time (of three) where one of the instructors wasn't too bad.

    But in all:
    Dju Su; some sort of Chinese JJ apparently. I only know it from the same instructor, but it's fun, so I admit I don't care too much how legit it is and I never bothered to look into details, since I only did three times on seminars :oops: Now go on and slaughter me for it.

    As the instructor said: Very similar to JJJ.
    So four of the five shown techniques had elements that weren't new, but still fun to train.
    The fifth was new to me, and I think I will actually try and use it in my grading (in case it comes to it. But either way it will be in Summer the soonest, so lots of time to forget it again ;) ).
    He had shown it as a defense against a punch, but I think it can be used against a stick as well, what is what I want to try to do; maybe one part as a ... missing the English word right now... Using a lock or something to make people go, where you want them to go (not the most important thing to a civilian, unless it's a drunk cousin, I guess).

    Second was TDKM, Tactical Defense Krav Maga
    He showed a few things and only included hits to the groin; which was nice actually.
    What he showed also seemed to make sense and the instructor was nice and open for any questions.
    He also didn't mind, when you continued a technique in a different way, than was showed :oops: I noticed that, when I accidentally went into a neck crank, because I was so used to do that; I apologized and explained the "why" and he was cool with it.
    He also asked what style I do, and when I answered he told me he did a few years of JJ as well.
    "Few years" my behind; I googled him later, he has a 3. Dan in it :D
    Anyway, what he showed seemed to make sense, it was fun and I enjoyed it ^^

    One of his entries I will keep for sure and try and use it more often; it wasn't complicate at all, for some reason we never did it like that.
    And since I'm looking for new or not much used stuff (again for the grading, but also for *fun*!), I will try and work and play a little with that.

    Last was Aiki-Jutsu.
    I met that instructor before as well (was the third time, just like with the first one). Admittedly that made me think "Crap", when I read his name, because the last two times he showed fun stuff, yes, but would only concentrate to correct two or three people, which was kind of annoying.
    Last time he gave a partner and me a correction and ran away, before we even could start trying it out...

    BUT this time was different: He still showed some fun stuff, including throws when an arm is locked, and he *also* stayed after correcting something.
    Yes, his "well, you can't learn everything first try" might be true, but was still a bit annoying, if that's the only thing and he doesn't just correct it; but aside from nearlyy once he didn't do that today, and this one time he would actually do correct it, after my partner went into more detail, what the problem was - of course: Demo effect. It worked that time and the instructor essentially just said: Yeah, like this, so where is the problem :D (before that try, I would roll slightly over my partners face; we still don't know what he did wrong than :rolleyes: ).

    Not sure if I take complete techniques of that with me for the future, but what I *will* take with me, is a way to roll into an omoplata. I thought that was way more thrilling and interesting than the throw, what was more important to the instructor :D

    I also got the OK from one of my teachers to organize my first seminar!
    Okay, it only means, I will ask F, my main teacher, if he would offer a seminar for the kids I train, but it's still organized, right?
    I mean... we have to agree on a date after all :cool:
    ;) :D
    I asked for the info on how much it is allowed to cost (never did that before, so to be honest I had no idea, would we would take (from the kids) or give (to the instructor).
    Now it's up to waiting and wondering, if F. would do it.
    He likes teaching kids, so for the moment I am optimistic. And since I thought some time around Eastern it's enough time to agree on a date.
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  14. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I've never heard of Dju Su before. I search on it looks a bit like chin na I used to do in kungfu. It looks like it's own "system".
  15. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I started a very short search once and admittedly I don't even remember what I found, because it really wasn't much at all.

    But as I said, I do it mostly for fun, so if I see some thing on seminars and they seem to be a bit off lineage-wise, I don't care too much.
    Sure, it would be nicer, if there were more history and such to it, but as long as it's fun, I'm fine with it.
    If they would start talking about God showed them would to do, I could still roll my eyes, also bite my and keep quiet. Or leave if it's too much :D

    If I were to actually train in said style regularly, I would like to know more about it - even if that more would be, worst case scenario: I "invented" a new style, so I can feel important.
    I could still chose whether or not it's worthwhile to stay anyway, but at least it would be honest.

    I will google chin na later on, though.
    Curiosity is still a good thing after all :D :oops::rolleyes:
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  16. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Yesterday, Monday
    Two new kids, both four years old.
    One was a bit shy but mostly did what he was supposed to do.
    The other is kind of cute but unruly and not listening.
    I'd like to make him learn to attend properly, because he has young parents, that say themselves, that they want to try how their son is doing; that he should and has to learn that it's not always working how he wants it to, that he has to listen and what he's told; that they want a dialog with us, to know what we think: Let him attend or if it's too soon.
    And all of that came from them first! Which I really can respect.
    None of the "my kid is special and allowed to do this and that"-crap (which we're luckily don't really have).

    After the kids were bored on Thursday I warned the other instructor to be careful not to bore them; worked half way.
    They were bored during ukemi (to be fair, they always are. But I also think she does it too long), and afterwards she asked me, what we should do - I told her something during which they can move and; she chose a game; not sure I would have done that, but it was certainly not the time, to so something that needs concentrating.

    Warmed them up and later did some kicks against shields.
    The really seemed to enjoy it and to have fun; now that the gradings are done for the moment, I think I will do padwork more often.
    And I need to figure out, what to do next with them and plan a little more ahead and work out how to not only show them some things but show it in a way, that makes sense and is build upon each other.

    We went a bit back to basics and did some locks that would follow each other and can be done as a chain during gradings.
    Probably was pure coincidence, that the teacher has it in his upcoming grading as well ;)

    Free training, JJ
    Working for the teachers grading.
    We went to his locks, chokes, throws and block and counters.

    The elements are mainly memorized now; needs a little more fluidity maybe, which will come easy as he knows what he's doing, I'm sure.
    But for the moment we're more focused on the order and the position on how to stand where, so it can be seen easily.
    Flying (or falling) is still fun :D

    Today, Tuesday

    Before we started we had our cash audit and a little talk regarding executive work; I have the keys now for our two lockers/ cupboards.
    This work should be interesting; the executive committee, that quit now, seemed to have screwed up by doing nothing...

    Also before we started, F. came to me, asking if I were to come to the Ajukate-seminar, he and another instructor are giving.
    I said yes and asked if I will be allowed to uke again for him - I'm not only allowed, I even have to :D
    Because the other instructor can't make it. So now he has to give a six hour seminar alone :D ; double the time, should be easy.

    Training itself: Warm up by our Judo teacher. As if he wanted to annoy me, he added leapfrogging.
    I hate it.
    I can't do it.
    Therefore I was really glad in a way, that my partner was hurt a bit and couldn't do be the obstacle.
    But since God hates me, F. came over, biggest, meanest grin in his face, ordering to do it with him. Well, crap.
    (We had a discussion about it, because I can't do it and hate and don't like doing it and...)
    So, being forced to do and remembering his rebukes, I tried; felt like I nearly broke several bones.
    But apparently it was good enough, so that I got threaten afterwards, if I were ever again to say I can't do it....
    Essentially I feel like I'm being punished for trying it ;)

    Afterwards we, F. and I, tried a few things for his seminar.
    Being locked all the time I started to hate him a little ;)
    Gosh, it was so much fun.
    Aside from the pain :D

    Again after that for me nothing much happened.
    We were supposed to do three people group, what we did, but the other two trained for a grading of one of them and I only stood beside and watched at times.
    I guess I can live with it once or twice, but I hope that it will change next time again :)
    I also think, I would get into trouble if it were too happen, because I'd be seen as lazy and obviously can't get any better like this.

    Not entirely sure, what I will do tomorrow.
    The instructor likes to burn out energy a lot - but my elbow still is sensitive and hurts a bit.
    I don't really mind the pain in a severe way, but it's so annoying when it still hurts when doing ukemi :mad:
    Bruises are stupid.
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  17. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I decided to take the day off.
    I actually slept until 18:30h, only being awake for roughly an hour around 13:00h.

    I really need to lose some - no, lots - of stress.
    Stress + double dosis of my medication, seem to make me tired more; I hope that stops soon and I get used to it.

    The usual, to be honest.
    We finished the throw; I still think the coach should not pay that much attention to details in that age-group.

    Warm-up, Ukemi, repeating the kicks from Monday.
    Since it was Thursday, I had to leave around twenty minutes before the lesson ends.
    "Unfortunately", I the kids asked questions and I ended up in "Erklärbär"-mode ("explanation-bear"); it's an idiom that lives through the rhyming sound; it's means I started explaining and went from one explanation to the other and took wayyyy longer, than I wanted; the good thing is, they did listen all the time and even found follow-up questions.
    The bad thing was, that I missed the train due to it by a minute, and came ten to fifteen minutes late :mad:

    Something that apparently won't happen again!
    I asked, if it were possible to start practice 30 minutes earlier.
    Well, that was denied in the end.
    BUT - instead I get a cab* every Thursday, that drives me to my own training :eek:
    Will cost around 50€/ month according to the "boss", and apparently I am worth that, to the club.
    Seriously though? I am not sure, if I am really worth that much money.
    Yeah... no pressure at all...

    *as long as there is another certain student in the Jitsu-class, the mother would drive me there; getting 10€ per Thursday. She said it doesn't make a difference, if she were to sit there waiting or drive me to my training, drive back - and wait then :oops:

    My own JJ
    Since I came to late I had to warm me up alone; I think I had around 20 seconds, before I was integrated in the session. Felt totally warmed up, obviously.
    Didn't matter though, because there was a little warm-up left; not much at all, but I felt warm afterwards :D

    Ukemi; I was allowed to not to forward falling due to my elbow (after getting a mimimi from my teacher); instead it was backwards - not that much better, to be honest lol

    Next was practicing for the grading.
    I really need to get my program clear, so I can practice more purposeful.
    We had some goofing around and since we were a group of three, we also had a bluebelt with us. He's a nice guy, but he tends to go "See, doesn't work!", because he would ignore implied strikes and at the same time complain, when he gets punched harder.
    So, I usually don't like training with him too much; this time he did that twice or so, but also gave some good thoughts.
    I wish he'd do that more often. Because all in all he really is a nice guy and get we along fine; I do think he kids are a little spoiled though, while at the same time well-raised ;)

    The substitute of the usual coach couldn't make it, the other real coaches had to work. One of them said, he could be there at 18:30; so I offered I'd warm them up and to ukemi, and he could take over.
    Suddenly it became 18:30h the earliest and I should the session.
    Again, no pressure at all.

    So I warmed them up, did ukemi (during which he arrived; before 18:30h! Just as a sidenote ;) ) and showed them a few choke-defenses on the ground.
    In the end it worked out fine.
    That kids were glad, that I would jump in and made me laugh when one of them said "Nooo!" after I told them, that this session would be some groung-work, but the next one would be pure Karate again.
    Apparently groundwork is more popular than Karate.
    And even though I totally agree, it's still a Karate-class :D

    I also need to face the truth, if it's keep going like this: I think I really do like teaching kids. Preferably starting around eight.
    Darn it, I didn't expect to like it, nor to be able to do it. Especially the latter.
    The world is a weird place, with lots of weird people in it.

    We played some soccer and handball variant.
    Afterwards a little running and after this evading; only against punches (that's the wrong word here, I'm sure. Help appreciated. Strikes?) from above; with a stick.
    The evading had some follow up steps, until it became two or so easy techniques.
    It wasn't much today, but I was already sweating like a pig.
    I went off the mats between session, and was greeted with a "It's the first time I see you sweating!".
    Coaches are mean ;)

    I missed the first 20 minutes (circa), because I had to do some talking; among other things the above mentioned cab and also the EDC-Gala in October (well, I handed over the... enrollment(?) and made sure, I wouldn't be alone).

    We did simple defenses against Oi-Zuki.
    When stepping forward at the same time: Foot sweeps; my partner and I were nice to each other and tried to work as technical as possible. Than came the coach, told me to attack him and was less technical and more forceful ;) But not in a bad way, before it seems wrong.
    When evading properly: Tani-Otoshi.

    And a little sparring in between and in the end.
    The in between was fun: My partner and I were so focused on the stand-up part, that we went down rather soon ;)
    The sparring at the end, we planned to do the same, but got divided: My partner got a rather new whitebelt and I a yellow belt. I think he has that belt for twenty or so years lol In the end he allowed us to get on the ground and there it was something between him allowing me to play and me working.

    Some soccer for warm-up.
    Some combinations, we were shown.
    Ugh. I hate sparring against people that have two meter long legs and arms and nothing else; I especially hate it, when I get this certain person twice (and being the only one who had to fight someone twice lol) :D
    Essentially I tried to survive and somehow reach him; but I think I only fanned him some air. I was so close once, but even that I didn't reach him :D lol

    Another round was against my usual partner; we're a rather good team, so we both get to play and try some things. I would just need to dare more trying.

    Another round against my JJ-teacher from here, for whom I was Uke during his KB-Dan and will be for his next JJ-Dan. Luckily he is good and can stop himself, otherwise I would gotten a hook, that might have knocked me out :oops::rolleyes:

    Last round was against coach.
    I hit him twice or thrice, so... yeah, I still suck, I can't deny that. He had beaten me to a mush and kicked my lips once (little blood, as I later noticed, but hardly noticable); in a controlled manner, all of that, but it is still frustrating. He is not only a millions times better then me, he also is big with long legs and arms as well; and I'm just too bad to get close.

    Tomorrow: Six hour seminar. Looking forward to it.
    Shame though, that F. can't make it in the end, since he has gotten sick today.
    I think he's scared, because of the seminar :cool: ;)
  18. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Yesterdays, 03.02.18, seminar.
    All the money went to a good cause: Benny & Co, an organization for muscle dystrophy Duchenne.

    The seminar was set to take six hours.
    Sort of worked out even; it went a bit over seven hours :D with two breaks, 10-15 minutes each, I'd say.

    Three instructors, each one gave two sessions; so it sort was: ATK, Judo, JJ, ATK, Judo, JJ.

    1st ATK.
    With music and weird movements and ... let's make it short: The instructor was a lady in hers mid-seventies and she broke me ;)
    The techniques were short ones; nothing fancy at all and mostly easy (ATK-like).
    It was sort of fun, but nothing groundbreaking new.
    But this woman is, as I mentioned around, 74 or 75. If I will be like that when I'm that age I will thank the world!
    Also : You don't expect anything fancy. It was ATK, which isn't fancy, and she purposefully chose something, smaller or weaker people could make work too, without training for ages.
    In her theory-part she also made sure, to tell to make the public aware that you are in trouble and such.
    So it may sound like it, but she didn't told people: Do my stuff and you will be save, without training properly.

    1st Judo
    He started with the basics: Showing how to move into the partner, when going for Seoi-Nage; step by step: Where to the feet go? Where does the does the body's center of gravity go? How to pick the partner up? How to actually throw?
    Now, I know the guy who gave the session. He fought in our Bundesliga (national leage) for quite a while, and trains tons of stuff (BJJ, little wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, whatnot). He does know, what he is talking about.
    Therefore I was rather shocked to hear, that apparently -in his experience- most people do not know the above!
    Seriously - every one of my teachers made sure we know where to put our feet or our body's center of gravity.

    So we did some Seoi-Nage, Tai-Otoshi (hate it, can't do it. I always feel like I will break my own leg, when throwing people), some techniques out of striking or kicking context, ...
    It was a great session! And made you look forward to his second one.
    The only weird thing was: I met him on several seminars after which we went to a restaurant with some people. There and on the mats as well - let's say, he wouldn't use the nicest wordings ;)
    So hearing him not cursing or using bad words was just unreal :D

    1st JJ
    I met the woman who would do these sessions before as a host for another seminar, and she seemed nice there.
    She really is!
    She also showed techniques on the ground, which was great because I 1) love the ground and 2) are looking for for my grading :oops:

    It was wrist or lapel grabbing, which was great since I don't have much there especially.
    Also some other things.
    I had lots of fun during that session and really need to try to write down everything we did there.

    2nd ATK
    Similar to the above, but this time it also included attacks when being pressed against the wall, while being choked or getting stabbed/ punched.
    What was cool was, that she would show the basic technique and after this wouldn't mind if we added our own at all. Quite the contrary, actually.
    My partner and me also got praise from her, when she walked around :cool:
    Probably like most did, but I keep that part a secret ;)

    2nd Judo
    A couple of more throws, including Kani-Basami (in a very save and secure way: Putting one leg in front of Uke, letting him/ her hold it; put a hand on the ground and them "jump in".
    A couple of toeholds, a chain of five locks when being hold in Kusure-Kesa-Gatame (my partner and me apparently were the only once on which 2, 3 and 4 wouldn't work due to being too mobile in the joints; but for people like us he had the first and last one included ;) ) and the such.
    Great session.
    And another praise for us ;) :D
    I guess, that's what you get when actually working the whole time and not start talking in between lol
    Fun again and the teacher warmed up more, since some of his language got more... colorful :rolleyes:
    Not as much as when he is a guest in our dojo though :D

    2nd JJ
    More ground techniques :cool:
    The poor woman sure as hell had a hard lesson: The last one after six hours of work already!
    Some people already left (we had a few that would drive a while longer), some people would start getting lazy.
    I do admit: My partner and I both had a bit of a hard time to keep concentrating as well, despite us loving training and being rather fit in learning longer for longer sessions as well, I think.
    In our case it showed itself, that we would screw up at times and end up doing little randori at the ground for a few seconds :oops:, but we also kept going again and again, when most people starting talking.

    I felt like going "Nooooo!" when the teacher would show a technique I had done to be before, by my own teacher, when he had his grading, because I remembered "Ouch", was the main thing I thought, when we did that ;)
    The good thing was, this experience put me into a position, I could help two people out, I know from a club I visit sometimes or meet on seminars :)

    The last thing that was showed was an escape out of a hold; somehow we managed to it absolutely fine the first times, but afterwards somehow freed ourselves, by going in the complete different direction.
    We both laughed, when it happened to my partner accidentally and would look like idiots at each other, after I had it happen as well :rolleyes: :D
    Obviously it wasn't our fault, but the lack of oxygen in our brains :cool:

    The before and after: I still don't believe how this is happening nor can I understand it, but: I knew lots of the people who were there and talked to most of them.
    Which is *so* unreal still!
    I remember the first few times when I went to these seminars, now knowing anyone aside from my teacher and being scared to death and considering leaving or hiding!
    Now it's like: Oh, there's x and y and... damn, what's his name again? While talking to them. Or, well, to be honest: Them talking to me.
    But I am able to answer and react, which is more than was possible before.

    Afterwards we went to a restaurant.
    It was rather fun as usual, but also made me sleep a lot today and already being tired again as well.
    Also: My shin hurts since yesterday, and I have no clue why.
    It just started out of nowhere; feeling like a bruise that's constantly getting poked. Only that there is nothing to see and the "poke" is my pyjama pants that I ... well, wear!

    TLTR: Great seminar, lots of fun, some things I will adapt to my grading and even more I have to write down :)
    Successful day, I'd call it!
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  19. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Moday, 5.02.18

    Today I was alone with the kids; and there were three kids attending a trial lesson.

    Since I was alone, the logical consequence of course was what?
    Right! Within the first few minutes a boy bumped into one of the guest-girls, and ended up with a nose bleed :oops::rolleyes:
    So I asked a mother to take a look look over the kids while they were playing catch and treated the nose; next logical consequence: No bigger coolpack, just a little on, smaller than my hand...
    Anyway, it stopped bleeding, the boy stopped crying a few seconds after he noticed that he even was bleeding (that was sort of funny: Tears all gone as soon as he noticed, that actually something had happened ;) ).

    Anyway, the bleeding stopped, we went back to the mats and he kept going right away.
    Luckily I had planned something for that moment, that wouldn't be physically demanding: I made them sit in a circle and explained quick what "self-assertion" is and mainly: Not to punch right away, because someone says something mean.

    Instead I made them go together in pairs and stand face to face.
    One was to say "yes" over and over again, the other "no"; starting rather low and getting louder and louder.
    They liked it, I think; at least they enjoyed being able to scream and not getting punished ;)

    Second step was placing them farther apart, making of them go towards the other; the standing one had to job to call "stop", once his partner reached the middle line.

    Third step, similar to the second: Difference being that the moving one would only stop, once the other partner would call "stop" and reach out his arm.

    It actually went rather well, I think.
    The kids seemed to enjoy themselves, the parents seemed to be enjoying watching in kids (holding their ears shut :D ).

    Next I made them balance a bit over a bench and run slalom.
    I also allowed them to talk a bit during that, because after all they were waiting because I could only watch one kid at a time while balancing.

    In the end I tried the second new thing: I explained them a new game - we would tell a story together and play it.
    Meaning: I started telling them, how we would drive to the airport (turning the hands on front of us), to enter a plane (flying around with outstretched arms).
    I asked them, where we would fly to and a boy wanted to go to Paris; so we were the Eiffel tower (making a roof with the arms above our heads, walking on our toes).
    I kept going how there are ponds in Paris, and ponds have ducks - so we waddled deep down having wings... I felt like an idiot ;) the parents where grinning, the kids started getting the hang of it.
    We flew to Asia, where they met camels...

    Then I told them, we could keep working on the story in the future.
    I sure hope I won't hate my own idea :D

    Warm-up, ukemi.
    I wanted to do two throws with them: De-Ashi-Barai and O-Goshi.
    Managed to get done "half" of the first.
    I only let them do the movement of the arms and leg - without breaking the entire balance. Because I wanted them first to understand, that they have to use the arms for it.
    I mentioned in a short sentence, that there is a difference between a"barai" and "gari" - which maybe I shouldn't have done, as the youngest (from all the kids, it had to be the youngest to wonder it :D ) wanted to know the difference; lead to a little detour I hadn't planned :oops::D

    My own JJ
    We did some repetition of a few ground techniques.
    It wasn't new, but it was fun: Back to the basics.
    Groundwork is always good, so no complaining by me :D

    Took Tuesday and today off.
    Maybe the rest of the week as well.
    I'm not sure whether or not I might get a bit sick, but I know that I don't get concentrate much and are feeling ... well, a despription could break the TOS ;)
    My brain has so much chaos, that I turn in circles, not getting anywhere, which leads to the desire to run against a wall over and over and over... again.:rolleyes:
    Well, it will get better, I'm sure, but for the moment it's purest annoyance.
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  20. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    First training since last Monday, as I took time off.

    Tuesday, 13.02.

    Nothing special, really.
    Warm-up, Ukemi, a bit grading program, where I essentially only did two techniques, to find out, if I were allowed to do them and if they were okay.

    One was a joint lock my teacher apparently wanted to feel on himself, before saying if it's okay.
    Going from his face, I'd say it hurt; afterwards I got the OK for the technique, if I manage to get into and, more importantly, keep up the lock.
    Since it's a lock that apparently can break bones easily (because it's quite tight all the time) I'm not sure yet, how I am to show it faster and with more dynamic into it though :oops:

    Also managed to get a reproach on the back home.
    But at least I think, I could explain a bit why it came to it.
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