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    I’m not even sure how training logs are supposed to work, I admit that right away :D
    (Yeah, I read the sticky)
    It’s my first time ever to even try that. May be it will work out, maybe it won’t. But without trying I’ll never know, so... :dunno:

    But since I need to work on a lot of things and it seems that this year will be getting even more serious it might be some sort of help.

    Among others I need to stop thinking too much, need to get more flexible again (that has gotten worse, since I strained my left groin), my condition needs to get wayyyy better, I need to gain strength, ... Well, it’s so much I just know I have forgotten something already.

    I also need to find the discipline to keep doing my “homework” regarding my physiotherapy to straighten my back and such.

    I thought about trying to use this log as a way to keep my training in check and remember some things I might forget otherwise.
    (There we have it: The first thing I forgot: I have to take more notes again!)
    I’m not sure yet, why I can’t do that with a word document, but I will find an excuse, I’m sure ;)
    Maybe this way I will be more successful to actually keep doing everything... well, half the things I want to do; and not the comfortable or likeable half!

    I thought about starting that now, because: Hey, it’s a new year.
    I probably get more responsibility with the kids, and I learned in the end of last year, that at least one of my teachers expects more from me than from the others (it does have his good sides! So I was allowed during a seminar he gave, not only to be his uke to show the techniques, but he also send me out to correct the others and explain whatever necessary. It was kind of funny to stand in front of blackbelts and not only correct them but them also asking me question! :eek: ), so it’s about time, that I do the same and take my own training even more serious, than I do so far.
    Not that I didn’t took it serious before, I sure did, but I hope to learn to be more daring and try things I don’t know yet or can’t do properly – which is really difficult for me; especially, when I know I can’t do it and therefore will only be a disappointment.

    Over the time I also have to decide how to handle my Judo-training: It’s Wednesdays at the same time as ATK.
    I can still do ATK on Fridays, but would obviously miss the lesson on Wednesdays.
    I do have to work on my throws though and can implement a lot of Judo into the JJ-kids-training.
    I thought about doing Judo and ATK in rotation or doing Judo twice and ATK once, then Judo twice again and so on.
    I will also go to the dojo after Judo, so I can practice something there after the ATK-class; not sure what yet as obviously for the most I’d need a partner, but there should be enough I can do alone.

    I might also add some solo-training before the kids-classes sometimes, but I’m not sure yet.
    After all – for most -especially for the most important things I need to be working on- I do need a partner after all.
    Actual throws, for example, are hard to do solo ;)

    Anyway, I just look and try to get a start; for that I will split the last days up into different posts; therefore I say right away: Sorry, that there is a flood of text right away!
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    Monday, 09.01.17
    Kids-SD: We started to change the training for the little ones and it was a good start, I think.
    One girl in particular surprised me the most: Usually she’s pretty much scared all the time and will cry right away.
    Not this time though: She tried rolling backwards (and managed with my help), would later show me how she managed alone, wouldn’t cry when colliding with someone else (it was VERY close though) and later, when she got tired, did some randori on the ground anyway, after I put her hands on the other kid :rolleyes: and even had fun.

    Older kids: Since it was an uneven number I trained most of the time with one of our problem cases: Another kid, a boy this time, with the tendency to cry when stressed, at times a bit slow – but he tries, when you get to him.
    We were mainly doing evading and a little pad-work and he gotten a bit better in both of it as time went by.

    My own JJ-training: I suck lol
    I felt the three week break, my movement is still way to wooden – which is a problem since the beginning, and one of the things I have to work on massively.
    According to some of my teachers the problem is, that I still think too much and need to do more out of instinct and without thinking about the next step all the time.
    Not sure how to get there, but I think there should be a way.
    My sensei said some weeks ago, that it’s a bit better and that we’ll get there.
    We’ll see...

    Anyway, Monday: It was the first training after the break, so it was full of making fun, to be honest.

    I was allowed to be uke for showing the techniques a few times, which was great (yes, I’m weird enough to like that :D ).
    We did some techniques what can be done when attacked with a hook: Evading, going into the attacker... Uki-Goshi, O-Soto-Gari, Ko-Uchi-Maki-Komi...

    The teacher and I also agreed, that we need to start training for his kickboxing test in April.
    That should be fun. And difficult (for me; need to get better at kicking).
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    Tuesday, 10.01.17
    Three new people (I hate people, especially new ones ;) ), and in all not many people there.

    I was allowed to be uke, so my teacher was able to show the new ones some techniques and in the meantime we other three were supposed to work on the techniques for our next grading.
    His idea was to do that as a group, but I ended up alone most of the time – which was okay, since I could do the stuff we did alone: Punches, blocks, kicks...

    I felt like the biggest moron, when I actually had to ask questions about it.
    Not because asking questions is dumb, but because I knew the punches and blocks, just wasn’t sure on how I was supposed to show them in the grading.
    And then actually having difficulties to remember that, didn’t make it better.
    I also don’t remember from the gradings of the others, that they stood in Kokutsu-Dachi at some point, but that might have two reasons: I didn’t pay enough attention, or I am supposed to do it better, because I actually know what Kokutsu-Dachi is, since I also do Karate.

    I also learned another thing:
    When being asked: “Do you stand like this when kickboxing?”
    “Then why do you do that now??”
    “Because... I ... don’t know” <-- this isn’t a good, let alone convincing, answer :D

    We also did a little easy padwork (I hope he adds that more often this year!): Jab and punch, and when he “hit back” we were to evade down (descend? I at least know the German word :eek: ).
    To my own surprise I did rather well and even got a tiny little word of praise.
    I also did better than our bluebelt, which I liked. Mainly because we tease each others at times (not this day though) and he likes to call me a nerd and a grind (dictionary managed to surprise me with that word) :D

    A cool thing (well, for me anyway): My instructor will give a seminar soon and he told me, that he will need me to try out some techniques, to check what he will do then.
    I will even be allowed to be uke during that seminar, which is awesome. SO looking forward to that!

    The bad news: He’s not sure anymore, if he really wants to do his third Dan, for which I was supposed to be uke as well.
    I tried convincing him, that he still wants that.
    I hope I was good at that :(
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    Wednesday, 11.01.17

    Had a hard time to even decide whether to go to Judo or ATK.
    Judo it was.

    The usual warm-up game (meh, but ok) and ten minutes after that, I remembered why I really can dislike that teacher ;)

    Nothing special actually: You get a partner, each one stands near the end of the mats.
    Partner A lies on the back and on command has to get up, run to the partner, forward throw, running back, lying down, getting back up...
    First round: See above.
    Second round: Lying on the stomach and a backward throw – the rest was identical.
    Third round: Like the first, but with a forward roll added on the there and back.
    Fourth round: Like the second, but with a backwards roll added on the there and back.
    Fifth round: Like the first, but after the throw we had to add a hold.
    Sixth round: Like the second, but after the throw we had to add a hold.

    Somehow I think I’m missing two rounds, but I’m not sure.

    The rounds were only 90 seconds long for each partner, so roughly 20 minutes at all, but I was huffing and puffing :eek:
    At least my partner and I did it until the end, even though we got a bit slower, but others were done before that :D

    Afterwards we did a new entree for O-Soto-Gari; I probably had more trouble with it, than I should admit.
    It was from a more side-ish position then we usually do; I’m also kind of excited to actually try that at some randori.
    I don’t expect to manage that, but for some reason, I’d like to try it.

    After that we did two chokes on the ground.
    Rather basics chokes, but that’s good. Can’t do enough basics all now and then.
    I’m not sure about the name of the first choke, but it’s actually a choke I try all now and then, when one of my teachers lets me play.

    The other was the Kingston-roll.
    I tried that one once with my ATK-teacher and learned not to try that on him :D

    Like most of my “still lots left to learn”-things it didn't; he’s build and strong as a bear, so... :D
    My favorite try: I clung on him, choking for dear life, he got a red face but kept kneeing and picking me off him.
    Later another blackbelt told me, what I did wrong - until my "victim" shook his head and said: "Nah, it was all good. The choke came." He just ended the game, before it become serious :eek: :D
    But I digress...

    The last 20 or so minutes we did randori.
    First on the ground, later one round standing.

    I got choked and wrapped up by a former bundesliga-Judoka and now instructor, with no chance even though he let me play a bit lol
    He’s in his 60s now so he has his ego in check and does it with a grin.

    Another round was with someone more in my weight-class, but I screwed up and he won a few times as well.

    Last round was against my teacher, so I ended up getting choked and wrapped up again.

    The standing randori was great: My partner was roughly 30 centimeters bigger then me and a little heavier ;)
    He would only need to lift me up and could just throw me away like a ball, but it's fun nonetheless, even though I don't stand a chance in my dreams :)

    So... the usual, actually :eek: :D
    I accepted to not stand a chance against anyone in randori, unless a total newbie.
    I do hope though, that this will change at some point ^^
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    If I'm reading that warm up right it sounds like a beast!

    As for your kicks, we can do some padwork on them when you come over if you like?

    Good to read your log :)

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    Partner A is lying on the ground, partner B stand six or so metres away.
    Start command.
    Partner A gets up from the ground, runs over to partner B, throws him with a forward throw (I used O-Goshi today).
    Partner A runs back to his starting position, goes back to the ground, stands up again.
    Running pack to partner B, throwing him again, running back to the starting position, lie fdown for half a second, get up again, ...
    For 90 seconds. (felt longer though ;) ).

    The other round were variations of that.
    I could hardly fix my belt afterwards for some seconds :D

    If you can find the patience in you, that is :eek: :D

    I'll get everyone bored soon enough :yeleyes:

    Funny: There was an artice in the newspaper today about our clubs gradings in December.
    The picture they used were of the kids I co-train, and I was actually mentioned by name, because I did several gradings that day :eek:
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    I love teaching in all forms and at all levels. Just love it. But teaching kids something real is a special moment.

    Teaching kids who have particular needs is incredible. To watch a child you have helped grow and develop, facilitating their sweat and effort and concentration, I'm not sure there's anything better than that :)

    I had a student come to me years ago who would run to the side of the class and cry if I corrected him. After years of his dedication and determination, despite significant set backs and tougher than usual examinations, he passed his black belt. I am more proud of his work ethic and achievements than I can express. What an incredible thing! To be his Instructor and help him on through his journey was an absolute privilege for me. :)

    What price to see that first hand? We are the luckiest people in the world :)

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    That is just incredibly awesome! :)
    That sort of story I was hoping for in one of my other threads.

    I have a 10 year old boy in my group (I call it "my group" just to make it easier; officially I'm still only the assistant :) ), who suffers from a disturbance of sensory integration.

    Among other things that means, he has a bit more trouble in "proper" moving ot posture.
    For example, people with that disorder seem to have trouble to keep standig straight and at the same time do something other complex.
    I only read about it a bit so far, but that example comes to my mind, because I realiyed that he would bent a bit forward, when doing an Age-Uke, for example.

    Said kid did his first grading after six months!
    Sure, lots could be better, but when can't it?
    I also have to train rolling more with him, since he rolls a lot across his back (I call it doggy roll with the kids :eek: ) but all in all he made such progress!
    I'm so proud of him!

    In his gym class he went from a nearly 5 (6 being worst, 1 best possible grade) to a 2, I think.
    That's just unbelievable.

    His Mom also entrusted me with the knowledge, that he likes me more then the other coaches, which had me smile like an idiot ^^

    Another thing is, that he didn't liked to be touched and had trouble getting in contact with the other kids (the latter I know from myself very well, so I also know how difficult the next could have been); but once, when we did ukemi, he volunteered to go into turtle position, so that the others kids could roll, ... over him - he nerv complained once, even so he kneeled there for minutes.

    Maybe we are indeed :)

    I never thought of that, but maybe it's even similar for my teachers.
    When I finally manage to do something, that they worked on for months to get in my head; little things like finally doing ukemi, without hesitation for several minutes...

    Damn it, now I have something to think about :(
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    Thursday, 12.01.17

    I just realized, with training at so many clubs, a short introduction might be helpful:

    I do JJ Tuesdays and Thursdays, with my Sensei (I don’t call him that, he would flip me a bird, but it’s easier to call him that in the forums) in a club called JJJC.
    Mondays I also do JJ, but in another club, called JSC (the second JJ-class in this club is Thursday as well, but I have my JJ with my sensei then). There I also do ATK (Wednesday and Friday), Karate (Friday; I could do it Tuesday as well, but -- > again JJ with my sensei) and Kickboxing (same as Karate).
    This is also the club I co-train the kids (Monday and Thursday; for a while I also assist with the Karate-Kids (Fridays).
    Wednesday I can also do Judo, in a club called PSV. This is the lesson that collides with ATK on Wednesday (I can still pick up the free training time after that).

    So, yeah... I wish the times wouldn’t collide, but that’s life.
    I also wish there was a BJJ or LL club that trains in the morning or midday, but you can’t always get what you want!

    Physiotherapy at 11am.
    It’s only roughly 25 minutes so hardly worth mentioning; had it on Monday as well and will have it again (get the next appointments on Monday).
    We did some squat variants and a little deadlifts (I think those are the names anyway)
    For the squats I got two 2.5kg weight discs, for the deadlifts it was a 10kg disc. I’m rather sure I felt the muscle in the back and after some tries apparently managed to keep my back straight – which after all is the goal!

    I actually felt good afterwards – until I wanted to go down the stairs and got wobbly legs for a second; that was the moment I remembered that those exercises also talk to the legs :D
    (I blame my for Judo teacher for feeling them after yesterday; I had the same problem there when I got home and took two steps at the time ;) )

    Four new kids today, from varying age and all seem to have enjoyed it.
    What we did was some easy fun: A bit of catch in the beginning, some ukemi, a little game where two kids stand in front of each other on one leg and try to shove the other to force him, to put the other leg down as well.
    Followed by a little parcours (balancing over an upside down bench, running a short slalom passage, jumping over pads and doing squats over all ball); the end was a bit randori on the ground.

    I was outside during the warm-up, filling out and signing my first form for an administrative office for the club; yay me ;)

    When I came in we started doing ukemi, evading afterwards and then wanted to try to teach them Uki-Goshi.
    It sounds incredibly mean, but: I got a new understanding, why I am supposed to take over more of the training.
    The coach threw so much information at the kids, that pretty much none had an idea, what to do.
    What makes is annoying: The other coach and I talked about it before; how we do that.
    She said “yes” and of course didn’t do it.
    But okay, in the end that isn’t my problem.
    I took some of smaller kids and showed them how to break balance and nothing more...

    Funny side note: We don’t allow the parents next to the mats (they are, of course, allowed in the beginning; transparency and the such), after the first few times they get asked to stay in the lounge area.
    The reason behind it is easy: The kids pay more attention to us and what they should be doing, when the parents aren’t there.

    So, the logical consequence: The youngest kid we have in the second group goes: “Nicky, you have to look at us!” all the time :D
    It admittedly is kind of cute :)

    My own JJ-Training
    A mother from one of our kids was kind enough to drive me through my JJ-training atthe other club afterwards, which was great from her.

    I was greeted by my sensei with the nicest words: “You look like a homeless person” (he chose a not so nice word for the ‘homeless person’ though ;) ) and afterwards the usual smurf-jokes were made, when one new person asked, why there are blue Gi as well (triggered because I was wearing mine due to the kids training before).

    Warm-up made me feel like a wimp again lol
    It wasn’t really anything tough, but since I am the most useless runner, it was torture.
    You can throw me to the ground and I get up over and over and over again! But running? I like to pretend it doesn’t exist...
    The rest of the warm-up was okay; nothing worth mentioning.

    After that it was ukemi again.
    I still touch the ground with one of my knees when rolling backwards and am nearly throwing a fit every time I do so.
    Some of us were also thrown when jumping up and down, when the leg gets swept; I'm nuts enough to like that :D

    Practice for the grading was next.
    My partner and I mainly did throws: O-Soto-Gari (seriously, I don’t understand how it is possible, that I still can’t be woken up and night and just do it properly! Sure, it’s easy to be identified as what it is, my I’m not satisfied at all with it! It should be wayyy better by now!)

    Next was De-Ashi-Barai. Yeah... I think it’s a rather difficult throw, but I managed it a tiny little bit on the right side.
    The left side... let’s pretend we don’t have one.

    I also remember that when I was listening to and concentrating on the explanation of my Judo-teacher I suddenly felt something weird on my legs/ knees.
    I was just about to look down when I flew to the ground (ukemi still works!), because my JJ-teacher went into some sort of... double-leg-takedown (I don’t know if it qualifies at one, but who cares ).
    Of course no one mentioned what was about to happen; the Judo-teacher just kept explaining as if nothing had happened :D

    O-Goshi next: Admittedly, I did it once and was done with it. With my partner being so much taller, we went to the next throw for that moment. To...

    ... Seoi-Nage. Due to my partners height Morote-Seoi-Nage.
    Well, one could tell what it was supposed to be and it has gotten a bit better with quite some tries, but meh.
    My Sensei was grinning once, so I let him know that, hey, I at least tried.
    But this time he wasn’t teasing, so it must have been at least some okay throws :eek: :D

    Last but not least was Ko-Soto-Gake.
    It took me a few tries, but I at least got a bit of a feeling for it.
    I need to get a better hook, because half the time I kicked more then I hooked properly, but the throw was identifiable as well at least :eek: :D

    My Judo-teacher (he is the co-trainer of my JJ-teacher Tuesdays and Thursdays; Wednesdays he gives Judo in another club) was satisfied for the moment.
    For the amount of time and considering the height and weight difference, I was doing okay apparently.
    I’m still not satisfied with myself though...
    It was a clear reminder, why I also joined the Judo-club and might help me with my upcoming decision, whether to do Judo or ATK on Wednesday.

    After I threw my partner around a lot (kudos to his patience!) we went to locks.
    He has to do Juji-Gatame and Ude-Garami, so that was what we did.
    I guided him a bit through it, but we only had a few minutes left, so he could only do them twice.
    So locks it is, what we will continue with the next time, when we practice for the grading, I think.

    What I learned... well, got reminded of: When being Uke for your teacher don’t try to bite him in the thigh at the end of the technique, because he sure as hell has an answer for that; an answer that hurts :D

    I also had a short talk to my other JJ-coach (who is the same person I will be partner for for his 1st Dan kickboxing): We might meet all now and then to train a bit extra.
    Not only for gradings, but just for fun.
    But to be honest, I don’t think he will do that, since he has lots to do and I expect him to be too busy.
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    Friday, 13.01.17

    A while after I have gotten up, I actually did some push-ups-light, as my physiotherapist wants me to do.
    And worked my groin with a ball, in the hope to loosen the muscle or something, that it will stop feeling weird.
    Both, and lots more, I need to do more often though!

    Well, I admit, I expected a bit more today.
    I’m assisting Fridays, because the usual coach can’t come at the moment, due to university.
    Being the assistant usually includes me being uke as well, so the kids can concentrate on what they get shown. Makes sense, I think.
    And so I don't stand useless in the way.

    Today another trainer then usually (I mean here the replacement of the replacement, so to speak) took over; fine with me.
    He asked what usually gets done, so I told him (warm-up, ukemi – whatever that coach has planned).

    What I did today was helping two kids during the warm-up and afterwards I “only” watched over four kids during “kihon on pads”.
    For everything else he took the highest graded kid (whom is farther up than I am, belt-wise).
    So that was an easy training for me, since I was pretty much useless :D '.

    Before that I actually got to do some paperwork in the name of the club; a member leaves the club and needed an answer, that we did get the letter of resignation.
    So I wrote it, signed it and stamped it.
    Luckily I did the right thing there; I was a bit nervous when I asked later :eek:

    A warm-up game and a little follow-up; knowing my teachers by now, I also know that it could have been worse. Much worse. Actually, he was tame today.

    Followed by – of course – ukemi.
    Right after getting my first punishment of 40 push-ups because I forgot my gloves in my bag in the locker room (we wear black leather gloves, because you grab in the face and the throat a lot and use the “hand-claw”, so it’s protection for the partner not to have scratches and such all the time).
    Something at the end of the lesson to look forward too. Yay.

    After ukemi we worked a while with the knife; evading it that is and trying to grab the knife wielding arm.

    The end made some light “fighting”.
    First standing: The teacher and three other high-graded students were passive standing, only defending themselves (unless you get the teacher as a partner and drop your guard :rolleyes: ).
    Similar on the ground: A girl and me got to fight the teacher again, trying to turn him on his back, starting on the knees.
    Since he’s strong as a bear, it’s rather difficult.
    He reminded me to tell the girl what to do (what I hate at those moments, because I hardly know, what I want to try next) and we didn’t really manage.
    I once got close (let’s call it that for funs sake ;) ) to get into the beginning of aJuji-Gatame, but he interrupted that right away.
    To the end I had him a tiny-winy-little-bit of a position I might have been able to try something, but then he pretty much just got up and the time was over as well :eek: :D

    We ended the lesson and I got to make my sit-ups (I’m not supposed to do push-ups at the moment, due to my shoulder).
    I just love all the “Not enough training yet?” comments.
    Or the “Oh, what have you done this time?”

    Rather easy warm-up actually.
    Some running only and from that we went to evading.
    Beginners only from a hit coming from above, from the side and Mae-Geri; the more advanced got to do everything.
    At first hands only, after that with a stick as well.
    Strictly speaking my partner was only a whitebelt, but since we do the same at the JJ-class as well, I added more attacks for her as well.

    Two techniques followed the evading; simple defences against Oi-Zuki-like attacks.
    I’m stiff as a board.
    No denying that.
    Which is bad.
    But, well, also something I have to work on, so complaining won't help me at all.

    The end made two fights again.
    Once a blackbelt and the Hulk (a bodybuilder-type with the strength of a few oxen) and after them my partner and I.
    That was fun, but I need to learn to include more kicks. A lot of more kicks.
    My ATK-teacher said the same before.

    Warm-up via circuit-training.
    Already ruined it for me.
    I hate circuit-training.
    I really mean hate it.
    I can hardly do it.
    Not because it’s so exhausting and demanding (which it is!) but because I’m too much a psycho for it.
    I can stand in circle and attend the warm-up most of the time now, but I still dislike it.
    But standing in a circle and working with tools – that’s difficult as hell for me.
    I sort of managed today, but only because I picked stations I was familiar with (bagwork for example) and skipped others (since I was wasted anyway, that were some nice breaks).
    Twice I also did some exercises my physiotherapist made me do, instead of what I was supposed to do – but I told the assisting coach, that I can’t do everything due to my shoulder, so that was okay.

    Next was padwork for the other half hour, some combinations to get back into it...
    Jab, punch.
    Jab, punch, roundhouse kick.
    Jab, punch, right hook, left hook
    Jab, punch, knee
    Roundhouse kick left and right
    Jab, punch, right elbow, body rotation, left elbow.

    Now, that I write it down it sounds like nothing, but I managed to sweat through two Gi (ATK and Karate have different Gi, and I just kept wearing my Karate-Gi -with the ok of the teacher- during kickboxing).
    After half the padwork was done I came to the realization that my condition is even worse than I admitted to myself before.
    And that I think Holger might have broken me on Wednesday :D
    I’m also sort of looking forward to fall into my bed later on lol
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    Saturday, 14.01.17 & Sunday, 15.01.17

    Both days off, like usual.
    Bought a new Lego Star Wars ship on Saturday though ;)

    Monday, 16.01.17

    Kids -SD
    Came a bit late, because I had an appointment before with my guardian. Kind of ruined the week, but oh well.

    We’re still keeping the play-ish approach and it works a bit better.
    I’m working on becoming a bit more strict, so the kids don’t start dancing all over.
    The girl I made sit on the bench on Thursday actually behaved very well, coming to me all now and then, explaining how she really tries to behave – I praised her for that, because she was at her personal best.
    Once it became a little weird, with her standing in front me, saying: “... even though I’m tired. Well, a little. No, I’m not...” – so I explained again, that I didn’t punish her for being tired – she’s allowed to be tired, would be dumb not to – but that she still has to listen, when I say something,
    I hope, she keeps behaving a bit :eek:

    This I sent another kid off the mats though :eek:
    Weirdly enough, the kids still seem to love me :weird:
    It was a bit too loud for my liking at times, but getting all the kids attention at once is really difficult.
    I guess, I have to keep working on that.

    The main coach let one of the kids take over the warm-up; no idea why to be honest. It’s nothing I would have done.
    She tried, but hardly anyone would listen properly.
    I got my stopwatch now, so the next time I might torture them for that :devil:

    Followed by the usual: Ukemi.

    After that it was evading again.
    Suddenly I had a kid in front me, announcing: “I train with Nicky!”, followed from her sister: “No, I train with Nicky!”
    The first time in my life someone would fight over me ;)
    I told them, they’re supposed to train with the other kids obviously, but one of them got “lucky”, since it was an uneven number of kids, and I wanted to make sure, that the boy I practiced last time with, would get another kid as a partner this time.

    Then we got to Uki-Goshi again.
    And quite frankly met a problem: The way, the main coach showed the throw, it just can’t work.
    So I told the kids later, to do it differently.
    Unfortunately, the main coach heard of it (yeah, was to be expected).

    Here comes into play, that the people running the club actually wanted to talk to her about things like that, but didn’t so far.
    And since they’re apparently done talking, I can hardly contradict her.
    (The part that I am to get more responsibility seems to be off as well).
    That actually makes me think about quitting. Not because I’m sulky or anything, but because working with that coach gets a bit annoying: She says “yes” to everything but doesn’t do it in the end, and now explaining things that can’t work* annoys me.
    Don’t get me wrong! She tries and does a lot, which is great! But I hate working with people who say one thing and do another.
    Drives me crazy.
    My psycho-part being as it is, probably doesn’t make it better. I like it, when it’s all working in order and like agreed upon.
    *I went and asked my Judo-coach, to please show me the entree to Uki-Goshi on Tuesday (today; I’m writing the log a late, yes :rolleyes: ).
    He looked at me blanc “Uki-Goshi?” “Yes, please.” “It’s the normal entre.” “I think, I know, but can you show me again?” “The normal Kodokan-Entree?!?” – So, yeah, he took me for an idiot there ;)
    He showed, I said, that’s how I remembered it and how I do it – “Good”.
    Then I showed him how the coach showed it and he went “Mumpitz! Can’t work like that. You can’t rotate or anything...”
    Just to let you know, I’m not being full of myself, but went ahead and asked properly, in case I’m wrong.

    My own JJ-Training
    Harmless warm-up, but since I was a bit late again (the classes follow each other right away, but I think one coach should go off the mats, in case there is a question or anything from the parents), I did something else.
    My teacher seemed to be okay with it too, since he didn’t say anything.

    After that it was a evading for us as well. Punches of all sort, kicks, stick.
    I know, I need to take it more serious and fight the “Booooring”-thought, especially because I need to get wayyy better at it, but sometimes it’s difficult.
    So I spent most of the time attacking, once we got the stick.

    After that came a short repetition of what we had done before (for me it contained something new, since I’m at another club on Thursday, but it wasn’t entirely new anyway, so I could do it a bit).
    My partner and me did well enough, that the teacher showed us something new as well, which was really cool, to be honest.
    It was nothing difficult, just a “nice” :D way to get the partner on his tummy, when he lies against your knee.
    Not even difficult or creative, and I did remember that it was used on me before (my Sensei did it once, when we were “playing”), but I forget it at some point, so it was a great reminder!

    We did some techniques against Mawashi-Zuki and Oi-Zuki (repetitions were the same attacks).
    Focus was on not getting hit (ergo: Evading) , not letting the guard down in case you’re too slow and then a follow-technique.
    My personal favorite was going into a choke, but then again I have a thing for chokes ;)

    I feel like I’m missing a major chunk, but right now I really can’t remember.

    The coach thought about doing something for his grading afterwards (I asked him the day before), but said it’s enough if we start Friday.
    I need to remind him again, that I’m not that golden in kickboxing :eek:
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2017
  12. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Tuesday, 17.01.17


    I had to be there earlier today, because we audit the cash of the club today. All is fine – yay.

    The actual JJ-teacher is away on a job today, maybe Thursday as well.
    Which means: His co -who’s also my Judo-teacher- did take over.

    The warm-up was just a little tough, but I know that he can make you live through hell, so that was fine :eek: :D

    Running some minutes; some more running but with trying to touch the thighs, lower legs, shoulder... of the person who runs towards you.
    Followed by going together with a partner and doing some strength exercises: holding the other at the belt, while he tries to run to the other side, both forward and backward; pull the other to the other end on his legs, when he’s lying on his back, both forward and backward; pulling oneself to the other end while lying on the back, by bending the legs; when lying on the tummy pulling oneself to the other side, when holding the ankle of the partner; same when lying on the back; there probably were one or two or three more things, but it was okay.

    We skipped Ukemi today, which is rare.

    And since it was the Judo-teacher taking over, we did – Judo!

    We worked a bit on De-Ashi-Barai, both going backwards in a straight line and throwing the partner and going backwards an doing a step outside and throwing the partner.
    I still think it’s a rather difficult throw, but I might at least get a little better.
    Luckily it wasn’t only a few tries but more minutes then most people probably like; at least my partner and I did it with less breaks and more repetitions than the others – partly probably, because we both were familiar with the throw.

    Next was O-Soto-Otoshi.
    We did it a few times and the more advanced were allowed to do O-Soto-Gari as well.
    I know it’s a throw for beginners, but since I’m still very unsatisfied with mine, I was glad we did it again anyway.
    Sure, sometimes a new throw might be more thrilling, but back to basics might get me to a point, where I will be at least a little satisfied.

    All that fun was followed by some ground work.
    Both were against an attack from an opponent between the legs.

    The first was a rather easy one, where you grab the partner, hook his legs and turns him around. After that it was pinning him or hitting him with a more or less free hand.

    The second was Juji-Gatame: Securing the arm, slightly shrimping out, entangle the leg, getting the own leg over his head, ...
    Anyway, even though we did both techniques already, it was fun to repeat them again. I always find a new detail I hadn’t spent attention on before, so I even get some sort of sense of achievement out of it ;)

    In addition I was even allowed to be Uke all the time, which I like over and over and over again :eek:
    I think it was because my teacher knows, I can do it for Judo as well; I might not know a lot, but I know when to be compliant (as long as it would work; playing along, when there wouldn’t be a lock, for example, I’d get a rebuke :D ) and when to show a bit of resistance or what a partner could be doing, when Tori is forgetting something or so.
    Anyway: I’m having fun, so it’s great ;)

    Unfortunately we didn’t do any Randori today, but okay. Maybe the next time.
    It was enough anyway to have me sweating like a pig anyway :D
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  13. Heraclius

    Heraclius BASILEVS Supporter

    Hang on, are you doing three different classes in a row? How long are you training for? No wonder you get tired - recently I can't even handle moderate training.
  14. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Depends on the day:
    Monday: 60 minutes Kids-SD; 60 minutes Jitsu-Kids; 90 minutes my own JJ training.
    Tuesday: Only 90 minutes JJ.
    Wednesday: 120 minutes Judo (make that more like 80-90 due to the warm-up game), 30-60 minutes addditional training (not sure what yet, but I will find something).
    Thursday: 60 minutes Kids-SD; 30 minutes Jitsu-Kids (it's normally 60 minutes, but I usually have to go earlier, due to the next) 90 minutes of my own JJ-training.
    Friday: 60 minutes Karate-Kids (that will probabaly stop, once the usual coach can manage again, but I haven't talked to her about that yet); 60 minutes ATK; 60 minutes Karate; 60 minutes Kickboxing.

    I'm afraid I do get tired at the moment due to medication though. I have to wait and see, I guess.
  15. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Wednesday, 18.01.17


    I arrived a bit late today, but could still join the warm-up game and for some weird reason got the ball quite a few times, which usually doesn’t happen.

    After that the teacher was really tame today, actually: One partner lies on this tummy on the ground, has to quickly get up, entree to a forward throw – for... I actually don’t know how long, but I guess 90 seconds.
    The second round was lying on the back, getting up, entree to a backwards throw.
    Third and fourth round as before, just a different throw.
    So it was easy manageable.

    Next we had to pick our favourite combination and do that ten times right and ten times left.
    Well, that would require me having a combination, let alone a favourite one!
    Basically my partner - an old blackbelt, former competitor, now over 70 and co- training – showed me a combination, I just did.
    Well - tried.
    Going into an Harai-Goshi, and when the partner tries countering (Jugi-Tai? I need to google the name of the defence again, but I’m rather sure, it had “tai” in the end and an “J”-sound in the beginning), switching to O-Soto-Gari.
    Since my Harai-Goshi is nearly non-existent and my partner weighs roughly 30 or 40 kilogram more then me, I was sort of lucky, that we did combinations :eek:
    Until, of course, my partner said: “Now, you'll have to decide, which throw to go for; the first or the second!”
    Long story short: I managed to realise, when to try what, but my Harai-Goshi became a crippled Uki-Goshi :eek:

    One thing, I did manage though: Even though I was really getting mad at myself in the beginning, I calmed myself down and kept constantly trying, without going nuts inside.
    I got a reminder from my teacher once that Rome wasn’t built within one day either, and after that got myself together, without throwing a fit inside or kicking up the tics a notch – which was good, because they’ve gotten worse again this week anyway.

    We did this combination for circa 15-20 minutes; sometimes my partner would show me other combinations, but I only ever did the first one myself.

    Next we switched to the ground: We did the Juji-Gatami thingy we did yesterday in the other club as well, so this time I had a partner wayyyyy heavier then yesterday, which was a cool change actually.
    We also added a follow-up technique, in case the partner gets up too early: Keeping hold of the arm and changing to Gyaku-Juji-Gatame.
    That’s a move I actually nearly managed once during a randori a while back, but one of my legs was at the wrong position.

    The end made some randori, as usual.
    The blackbelt let me play a little but then always went into a choke on the ground :eek: :D
    Standing was even worse: He let me play, but when I made big mistakes would throw me; like when I wasn’t breaking balance when trying something.
    Last round was against an orange-belt. He let me play as well, at times showing that he could get me into a hold, but always staying so far up, that I “crawl” away below.
    He said my attacks were good and right. No clue, if that was true to be honest ^^

    After practice I drove to the other dojo, JSC.
    I wanted to tell my ATK-teacher in person, that I will continue going to Judo-class on Wednesdays most of the time.
    I’m still thinking about doing Judo twice, once ATK, Judo twice, ... and afterwards going to the JSC for some solo-training – my teacher is fine with it and actually only reminded how important it is to look into other things as well.
    Since I hope to profit from it overall, it should actually be something he likes as well, since that’s something he likes.

    What was really great today: I got into the dojo, just when they had finished.
    So I haven’t really seen anyone, but heard a vaguely familiar voice saying: “Hey, the extra-special Uke!”

    To understand that one needs to know, that I was Uke for my teachers 5th Dan in Ajukate in April.
    I got a lot of praise for my work as Uke from the people, that took his grading and was even mentioned in the end, after everyone who passed got his certificate; not by my own name but with “Uke from ‘senseis name’”, but it was incredible.
    Especially because the three men most impressed are all people who know what they’re talking about.
    It was actually the best day of my life. Not, because of the praise -even though that was awesome, I won’t deny that!- but because it was a great experience and I could finally give a bit back to my Sensei.

    I met one of them during seminars since then, and he actually did remember me; and the second one -the one I met today- also remembered me, when I went to a seminar he gave.
    He’s also the ATK-grandmaster West for the association he’s part of. But he’s absolutely down to Earth as I learned with the time*, very friendly and likable and I’d love to train under him! He takes beginners serious, which is something I like!
    He also was partner for a grading of a friend of his: The grading was for 5th Dan ATK, and he actually wore is red-white-belt during that grading, which I thought cool.
    I doubt you’ll see many Uke that high-ranked.

    *It needed some minutes though.
    My first meeting with him went as followed: The day of my Sensei’s grading, some hours before it would start.
    He came towards us, first only talking to my Sensei and two buddies of his (one of whom tested for 4th Dan, the other, a 4th Dan as well, was his Uke), so it was like a BB-meeting.
    Then he turned to me, looking grim just saying: “You’re Uke?” I nodded, being nervous all the time anyway. Then he went: “Ever did that before?”
    I must have gotten pale, because suddenly I heard my Sensei telling him not to break me (yes, break me ;) ), since I suddenly realized: “Nope, I didn’t really”.
    The man started laughing and told me not to worry and such, so I understood he was pulling my leg before.

    Geez, I extremley digressed this time, sorry.
    Was just so glad, I got to see and talk to him again :)
  16. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    You're not tired due to medication, you're tired because you're training like a goddamn terminator!

    You're also tired because teaching is very tiring. When you teach, you give of yourself emotionally and in a way many people don't understand. Teaching for 2 hours is hard work.

    Cut yourself some slack :)

  17. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Now imagine, if I just a little talent and progress with it :D
    Or wouldn't move like a wooden dummy :eek:

    I also have sort of the "luxury" not to worry about work at the moment.
    For the next two years (at least) I'm officially psycho enough for not being fit to work due selective mutism, social phobia and whatnot.
    Keeping everything in perspective though, that's the best that could happen to me, because this way I have time to try working on my troubles.

    Made today a crap day though, since I'm now officially essentially worth- and useless ;)

    I never thought about it like that and was wondering how it's possible that I'm groggy without having done much so far.
    I thought - kids!
    They're like little leeches...
  18. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Thursday, 19.01.17

    Well, the day began crappy and worked like that until the end.
    I had an appointment at a doctors, that actually helped me in the long run (as I know now; that wasn’t clear until it was over), but was degrading and horrific stressful.

    Anyway, training...


    Four new kids, two of which were there before. So today it was 14 kids in total, at times it’s even more, which can be a bit of pure horror, with only two coaches.
    Especially if you have one or two kids that need special attention for whatever reason.
    (I should have gone into medicine: On Monday a little boy had hurt himself, so I told him to just run faster then the pain – and wow, did he run! Between each round he came to me, telling me that the pain is faster and still there - which was admittedly cute :eek: ) so after the third round I told him: “You know what? When it’s that fast just ignore it to show it!” Bamm, he could run and play again.
    Same boy today, hurt his foot a little because he snapped a toe a wee little bit; apparently I can heal strains with a band-aid :rolleyes:
    Another kid started crying, because she thought her mother wouldn’t come to get her and she was scared a lot again today; I finally managed to get through to her a bit, so she does attend, when I’m right there – which obviously is impossible to be all the time...)

    I will also manage, that the kids will hate me!
    Third lesson in a row, I sent a kid off the mats, because it wouldn’t listen at all.
    First a girl, Monday a boy, today another boy.
    Today’s boy later even started crying, when he noticed that he really wouldn’t be able to attend again for the rest of the hour.

    The stupid thing is: I hate doing that. It’s stupid and unnecessary – before they get sent off, they get so many chances, that I should have no authority left, because I seem to weak or whatever is the better word.
    But I learned that I need to have a lot more of authority, if I want to keep the training going, and being consistent is the way to go in my opinion – so when I tell them lots of times to please do something and they don’t even think about doing it... meh.
    Yelling at them is something I usually don’t do, because that seems such a weak solution; getting a bit louder or working with the voice – absolutely!
    But not plain yelling.

    Kids seem to have had fun though, so overall it was an okay class, I think.


    Unfortunately, I can only stay half the time on Thursdays, so I only looked a bit at Ukemi and took a little boy over to me to train rolling backwards with him.
    He actually did rather well, after the first two tries and three or four “I can’t do this” :D


    Most of it was disappointing actually.
    One of our bluebelts gave training today, and to be honest I wouldn’t have gone, if I would have known that before, but stayed at the JSC, finishing the kids-class and following normal class.

    Warm-up was boring, but I admit I didn’t do everything properly – I get along with the bluebelt and he’s nice most of the time, but I don’t particularly like his training.
    That plus being totally stressed out, when not the usual person does or takes over training (or only the warm-up alone) plus the day being crap as a whole – all now and then I took break.
    And I was annoyed: An unfamiliar person doing the training alone drives me crazy and makes it extremely hard to attend (being nuts does that to you ;) ) – and at the same time having the Judo-teacher there, who actually knows what he does and makes great training, had me in a bad mood.
    And for that I left a session where we would have done something on the ground and stress-drills.

    Ukemi was ‘meh’ as well, and I was still in a bad mood, so I just hoped it would be over.

    We did some pad-work then, which was kind of fun actually.
    But I got one of the new ones as a partner, which made it double bad for me: New person alone isn’t something for me, and a new one like him... I would have preferred another one. And let's never forget the "wrong" coach that ripped me out of my necessary habits!
    I had to rearrange the pads in his hands a lot – but not because he was new and didn’t know better, but because towards the end he would look everywhere and don’t pay proper attention.

    After that it was pad-work again, but Kihon-like.
    I explained some things to him, he nodded – and pretty much ignored everything. I wouldn’t have mind much, because – it happens with new people!
    I train all the time with new people and don’t mind at all! I actually have the suspicion that my teachers do that on purpose, but I can’t be sure.
    What did bug me, wass that, once the Judo-teacher came over and said the same to him, he suddenly tried to correct it.
    Half a minute later the same: I explain something to him, he nods, doesn’t do anything of it – the teacher came along, corrected the very same, and he tried changing it.
    Seriously why ask or acknowledge something, when you just ignore everything anyway?

    When we got to the end my partner started asking, if we can do techniques now. I thought it weird to ask (he isn’t there that long and wasn’t there for one or two weeks, but okay – I do admit it probably only annoyed me, because I was annoyed all along anyway.)
    Personally I would have preferred repeating some throws instead of doing techniques though. I mean – did I mention, that the Judo-coach was there?!

    The two techniques were nothing new at all, but I did got a correction, which made it better – which was the coolest during the whole training.

    My partner slammed me into that mats but since I didn’t complain or said anything I couldn’t expect him not to overdo it, so that was okay.

    I do prefer it though, when new people (I include myself here!) don’t overdo it – just because they’re missing the knowledge and routine of experienced people.
    I’m never concerned at all, when my Sensei shows something with me as his partner, no matter what, because I know that he knows what he (and I) can do and when to stop a joint lock, because something would break – but new people (again: Me included) just lack this experience.

    Which was the reason for the next: I was a horrible partner today, because I actually did not correct my partner when we did Kote-Gaeshi.
    His first try hurt quite a bit – due to a mistake he made, funny enough – and I really wasn’t in the mood to get injured today.
    So I just went down – the lock came a bit, it was just done wrong and not what we were supposed to do – without commenting on the mistakes.
    The bluebelts who showed the technique also forget to mention an important part of it (I realized that, when I was doing the technique; my Sensei made sure I would not forget doing that, so I did it without thinking), but okay that happens.
    But since he ignored everything I said before, I was tired of trying again.
    Not on a day like today, which alone was bad enough, but then also with a new person, who didn’t listen; and with an unusual person giving the training (I could mention that a dozen times, so much I hate that)... as I said, I was a horrible partner today and actually feel sorry a bit for it.
  19. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Friday, 20.01.17


    I got to warm them up a bit, so I took out my new stop watch and tortured them with a shortened version of what my Judo-teacher did to us last week :D

    Some corrections with Ukemi afterwards.
    One boy is impressing me: When he came to us a few month ago he would nearly fall over his own feet – well at times, it still seems like it ;)
    BUT: He also couldn’t roll forward in any way for the life of his. Not a chance!
    He first wouldn’t dare to actually roll forward but sideways and once he did dare, he wouldn’t get the movement right.
    But he tried and tried and now it’s actually recognizable as a forward roll and he still keeps trying diligently to get better still – awesome.
    Today he made a forward roll over the left shoulder and would again roll sideways, so I told him not to move his bum to the side but keep the hip more straight – and the very next try was tons better.
    I told him how much better he already got since he came the first time, and he seemed happy and proud.
    I just love it, when the kids keep trying so hard without ever complaining (let aside a little curse muttered under their breaths).

    Next was Kihon
    Together with the actual coach I would watch out and correct the worse mistakes; one boy will probably drive me nuts, because you have to tell him every five seconds to keep the fists closed :D
    He’s quite a chaos-kid and a bit difficult (he’s disturbing class a bit by... well, by being a kid ;) ) but I actually like him. On Monday a little girl from his family will take a look at our Kids-SD class as well.
    But they all did it without complaining, which is nearly impossible in our Jitsu-class – luckily we hardly ever have to do that.
    We did Age-Uke, Gedan-Barai, Oi-Zuki and Mae-Geri and though everyone had mistakes in it (which is absolutely fine! I hold every bet I do too), you could see what they were doing.

    Some pad-work for more Mae-Geri training was next (no soccer-kicks most of the time, which was nice to see) and a game to finish class, because they all worked and behaved well.


    The head-coach wasn’t there today due to his father passing away (My plan was not to talk to him for the next few weeks, because I don’t know how to behave and don’t want to make it worse, but that plan was shattered a few days after I learned of his death).

    The stand-in did some stick work, which was fun.
    We don’t do that often unfortunately, so it was a nice change.
    The techniques themselves weren’t entirely new, but that didn’t matter for me.
    I got a few corrections, which had me surprised, because I’m rather sure that the coach doesn’t like me. But he even said I did well once.
    One of the techniques was a variant of Tawara-Gaeshi, which was great, because I really like that throw.
    I don’t do it too well, and never dared to do it during randori, but I like it :eek:


    This time it was technique-training as well.
    We were shown four locks – one of which (Sankyo) made me take a break.
    It was the very lock that broke my arm and I didn’t trust most people there enough to do it on me yet. I work on it, but some people – well, just no.
    Once Sankyo was through I got back to training (and later did one person even do it).
    I went to a newbie and worked with her on Nikyo until it was going somewhere and do one of the four techniques on whomever comes toward you.

    In the end the coach showed another technique, a follow-up to be more precise, and threw me with Kani-Basami – my first time ever being thrown it! It was fun :)
    Another one was a Seoi-Nage on one knee, when my arm was still in a lock, which was even more fun.
    Which made me really sound like a weirdo :thinking:


    That was rather relaxing today, actually.
    One of my JJ-teacher works on his 1st Dan and since I’m his Uke (well, partner, it’s kickboxing... as he corrected me with a wink) we took a first look at the program.

    So I held pads a lot (which gets more difficult then most people expect xD ) and he did the combinations he was supposed to do on them for yellow- and orange belt.

    Next were counter-techniques, so I got to wear gloves and hit or kick him ;)

    And then a few self-defence techniques.
    Neither one of us is concerned with those. He has a 3rd Dan in JJ so he should easily be able to do them (it’s not that many) and I’m a good enough Uke, that we even could improvise those. Which we won’t do!

    Most things aren’t difficult at all for him, but I have to work a lot on my kicks, as I got reminded again.
    I wanted to do that anyway, since I like kicking but am gruesome at it, but it’s a lot of work.
    So I guess I have an idea, what I can work on the next weeks before kids-training and after Judo.
    He says it’s not that important, but honestly: When I look bad at his grading, that will throw a very dark shadow at him as well.
    And I don’t want that.
    And I wan to get better at them as well anyway.

    So overall it was nice training day, that didn’t leave one overly tired or anything, but with some fun.
  20. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Saturday, 21.01.17 & Sunday, 22.01.17
    Off-days, as usual. Bored to death as usual.

    Monday, 23.01.17

    So, after overhearing one of my teacher talking to another instructor about a seminar in February I asked about it – and was told to let him know, if I’d want to tag along.
    Great, two seminars the first February weekend :)
    Can’t wait!


    I think, showing that I really do send kids off the mats and don’t just say so works a bit now.
    The kids I had to reprimand a little, did as they were told more or less and when one didn’t he did his jumping-jacks without hesitation though.
    Okay, for the last three minutes two got a break, but even though they were more or less behaving (one of the two is displaying behavioral problems anyway, so he is a handful anyway, but not a bad kid).
    We had two new kids there again – if all the kids decide to stay, I actually might to propose that we put up a “stop” for new kids :eek:
    On the other side we have two kids who you need to talk into attending; if everything stays like that, I might talk to the Mom, if the girls really want to stay.

    What I thought was quite funny: In the beginning one of our youngest came to me (he speaks exceptional well for his age, by the way, what has impressed me over and over again) and said: “I’m cute!”
    “Are you?”
    With a shrug: “Yes, I am. I’m cute the whole day already! The other kids say so!```”
    I do admit it: It had me laugh.
    And he’s also right.


    I came a bit late, because jumping-jack-boy would “fight” another boy in the locker room. They were rollicking around together before, so it wasn’t something serious, but he does know, that he is not allowed to that (obviously)...

    Ukemi was like always, but I need to work on my own sideways rolling, to better be able to explain and show it, because the kids didn’t get it.
    When one of them just did a forward roll in a 45degree angle we stopped it for today, because Ukemi already took up too much time anyway.

    After that it was evading again and I again had the same both girls as the last time on my arms, because they wanted to train with me :eek:

    One of our difficult boys started to become obstinate and kept sitting on the bench. The other assistant told him to train with one of “my” girls, about which he started to moan – which is something I won’t tolerate!
    Since the other assistant went on, I told the boy again, to train with that girl – he would moan again.
    So I told him, that everyone has to train with everyone – more moaning, but he was getting up. And showing, that he wanted to train with me again (we did that last week or the week before), but I told him “No” and that he please should train with the girl.
    He started moaning again! But I was consistent and patient, telling him he should train with her. That the alternative would be, not to train at all, for the rest of the day.
    He started crying (something he is good in, but I usually don’t mind), but I kept telling him to just train with her (the Kiddo being really calm, but a bit lost; I told her later, that she did everything well) – and he came.
    So they “trained”. Yeah, right... he was bored and snotty and didn’t do it properly at all; I know he can do better, than what he showed.
    So I kept telling him to do it properly. He told me, crying: “But I’m doing it”. Luckily I’m rather patient person, so I just told him to take up his arms.
    Which he didn’t do.
    So I told him again; he was crying again. Or kept crying, it was hard to tell.
    I told him, just to take the arms up as cover, as he knows how to do (yeah, I did remind him, that I know, that he can do better), so there was even more crying.
    I repeated myself yet again, hardly raising my voice again, telling to please do it properly, so that the girl has something from the training, because she wants to learn.
    More crying.
    So I stopped training with “my” girl yet again, to tell him to train properly, or go to the bench.
    More crying.
    I told him it’s up to him.
    And then he did the mistake to say: “You go to the bench!”
    And that’s where it was enough for me. I pointed at the bench, told him: “Bench! Now!” (not yelling or anything, just with a slightly raised voice, so he knew I was serious), and under more tears he went.
    In the end, after line up, when the kids all come running, giving a high-five to say good-bye, he actually left me out of it :D

    I guess, I have to face the truth: I’m a monster! And a kids-horror.
    Oh, well.

    The rest went fine, kids-wise.
    I felt like yelling for a second, when the main coach again did Uki-Goshi with them in the way she did, because for most it’s still rather difficult. Too difficult, actually.
    but they're getting better at least.

    The end made a little tug-game, with which they are supposed to learn the right gripping.
    I had the idea from the video Dead pool posted in my other thread: Parts of a belt are everywhere on the ground and the kids are supposed to pull each other to step on one.
    They seemed to like it.

    My own JJ-Training

    I was late again, due to some paperwork for one family.
    Adventurous, because the father hardly speaks our language yet, so his 7 and 9 year old sons were our interpreter.
    But I think I managed and hope I filled the form out correct. I had someone else look over it as well and he said it was right, so I hope... well, that it really was correct.
    I start looking forward to my talk with the “boss”, in which I get everything explained (in regards to government subsidy, I think is the term), so I know better what to do and don’t have to ask him all the time. The regular coach doesn’t seem to have ever cared, because she tends to send people to me with stuff like that.
    Which is actually fine with me.
    On one hand I learn how to handle things like that, on the other I get asked mostly about things like that anyway, and find it important to know either way.

    Anyway, what I learned today: Take class more seriously.
    We had tons of fun and we also paid attention, to do everything correct, so we weren’t being dumb in that sense.
    But it was like we ate a clown today :eek: :D
    Oh, that joint hurts, but hey, let’s keep laughing!
    Oh, that hurts? Does it hurt again, when I let go of the lock and do it again, right away?
    We were careful and did what we were supposed to do, but boy, there was a lot of laughing involved :eek:

    End the end we did stress-drills.
    Well, stress-drills light.
    Five people in a group, one in the middle and that one gets attacked.
    “Light” we didn’t do it full speed and also new what attack would come.
    But to learn it – we didn’t do that that often, but want to do it more often now – it was okay, I think.
    Next time we will also do some exercise for 30 seconds or so before, so that heart is pumping, adrenaline, ... I’m sure most people know, what I’m talking about.

    After class, I threw my teacher a few times with O-Goshi and Morote-Seoi-Nage.
    Long story short: It’s very good, that I go to Judo on Wednesday again!
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