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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Melanie, Feb 24, 2002.

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    We train pretty in depth in Pressure points. My instuctors instuctor has co-written George Dillmans pressure point books with him. I find them to be incredibly effective but I have certainly seen many many posts with people who disagree. I would say look into them for yourself. I would also suggest finding either a Ryukyu Kempo school or a Kyushu Jitsu school. With either of them you get Tuite and Pressure points.

    Good luck with your training
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    My instuctors train under one of Dillmans students. I think he has some good ideas and I think Dillmans students are every bit as good with Pressure points and better with some other concepts. While my instuctors instuctor is fantastic with PP's his real focus is proper Bio mechanics, Pressure points are just the icing on the cake he wants to see you using your body properly.
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    On the touch KO... The Head Sensei at my club and his Black Belt brother went to a seminar at one point and the guy doing the seminar was going on about "if i touch here, here and here you'd be out like a light, and my head Sensei goes"No way!" and so the guy giving the seminar grabs the BB brother and says ok watch, tap tap tap and he's out, sliding down the wall that was behind him, the seminar guy holds him up touches a couple more spots and brings him groggiley awake.

    But as mentioned above, that is on an unresisting opponent. and since i wasn't there i don't know where he touched to achieve this.

    My Sensei's wife is a Black Belt and Aki-Jujitsu (sp?) and aside from "if your gonna hit a guy in the arm try to hit him right *here*" (sensei squeezes a pressure point and I go aarrrrggghhhh)

    She'll do thing like say someone has grabbed your wrist, here's a white belt manouver called ikkio. then once you have the basics of that move down she'll go, now when you have trapped their hand just squeeze like this.(again I go arrrggghhhh)

    And it's a fairly safe way to hit a pressure point, because a) you are trapping there hand anyway and are going to squeeze no matter what, but the PP is a bonus. (right where you hand starts to get meaty between your index finger and your thumb - right in the 'crotch' of those 2 digits.
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    Yes its a trick used by many Old school Masters of PP's In reality there is only one PP that knocks the guy down but the Master says he has to touch 4-6 places and does a fast combo. This is done for alot of good reasons but our school is against that kind of teachings because it breeds confussion, and when a young man learns these moves and they do them in RL fights when the adrinaline flows they can seriously kill or harm a person.

    Also just so you know that trick of touching another PP to stop the effect of the PP is BS also, its used to show the power of PP and also keep people from practicing it due to fear of not know that shut off PP. The time of day and certain pp chart is bs too, its just a tool I promise you I have heard countless masters who do those demonstrations tell of why they do it and give thier reasons.

    The problem is if you don't hide the move behind lore or other combo hits you risk one from the crowd taking that move back to thier dojo working on it and using it against you or someone and killing them. But after all you are there to learn self defense and in my view point you should learn control and discretion from certain moves during certain situations as well.

    But if you can come up with a better way to demonstrate lethal or paralazing moves to a crowd and keep them from trying it out on thier lil sister or brother or friend next door then please post it. This is also why alot of Masters are rumored to know Death touches or stuff like that yet and yet they never show off. I have yet to actualy see a Death Touch demonstration though, because noone in the demo will willing die for a touch or hit, and my opion on actual Death Touches is open for suggestions. But I have seen touches and very light blows that cripple and cause seizures, strokes, 2-5 day commas, and more.

    Its like learning how to throw fireballs, like in movies or games, if some master could demonstrate it do you actualy think he would explain how it worked =p and exactly when during your life would you need to perform such an act. That is the idea behind the D.touch of most masters, but I am alittle sceptical of them.
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    An Idea

    If there are Death Touches were you touch or hit and someone dies within minutes, hours. or a day or so I would love to see it performed on T.V. during a live execution of a criminal who had the death sentence anyways....come on im sure that would be amuzing to watch....the guy doing the Deathtouch could lie or hide it behind combos I don't care to learn it I just want to see it claimed to be done and someone actualy do it!!
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    as the story goes, it wasn't one of the touches that did it, but that the demonstrator hit a few PP in a row, in that the guy getting hit, hit brain freaks out and crashes like a hard drive.. as for more PPs to wake him up, i think it was more of a *slap slap wake up type thing*

    again, i'm not sure, i wasn't there.. and since my sensei WAS there and his BB bro was the guy that got knocked out and he also is at our club frequently I really have no reason to disbelieve this story. I do know that sensei has pushed on a few of my PP's and it hurts like hell.

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