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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Brunstick, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    Hi guys, i used to live in the philippines (from birth up to age 19), and i'm kicking myself in the head for not taking kali when i was still living there. i'll be coming back to the philipines this year, probably around october (probably for 4-5 months) and i was wondering if anyone could suggest any styles of kali in the immediate mandaluyong/pasig/qc area. thanks in advance!

    another thing, could anyone direct me to a place where i can purchase local blades (like bolos, machetes, and other fighting baldes)? :D

    thanks again!

  2. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    i'll PM you bro :D
  3. deCadena

    deCadena New Member

    yeah could anyone direct us where to buy good quality blades? Barongs would be nice.

    Cheers from AUSTRALIA

  4. Scotty Dog

    Scotty Dog

    Or again please feel free to post here so we can all benifit from the info :D
  5. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    Yeah, i'd like a nice pair of barongs. :D not the traditional clothing mind you, i have enough of those. :p

    anyone have any idea where to get them in manila?

  6. shoto-kali

    shoto-kali The Chosen One

    on the issue where to get a nice barong (or any type of jungle-bolo), what i usually do when i used to live in manila, i would suggest go to the bus terminal that has a route to either Quezon or Batangas, be-friend with the bus-driver or bus-conductor, asked them if they can buy u a nice barong/bolo in the province where they will go and just promise them a few peso as a rewards, this is how i usually get my balisong & bolo.

  7. Peter

    Peter Valued Member


    If you'd like to train with Master Yuli Romo of Kali Ilustrisimo who teaches in the Manila area, let me know and I'll send you his contact details via PM.

    Good luck in your training and search for decent blades.

    Best regards

  8. John J

    John J Valued Member

    I'll second that! And to supplement your Ilustrisimo training, you can try GM Tony Diego in Chinatown or Master Christopher Ricketts of Bakbakan in Makati. ALL 3 gentlemen are 1st generation disciples of the late Tatang Ilustrisimo. Although each has their own unique approach, it will only solidify your experience in a truly combat tested system.

    Regarding barongs, your best bet is to find a local panday(blacksmith). They make cutting tools (i.e. bolos) all the time so a barong should not be that difficult. You can probably give them specifications that they can work off and get a sample trainer or live blade for between P250-P400. This is what I am hoping will pull through when my relative goes home to Pampanga. Another option is to check out Quiapo for some cheapie display items.

    Best of luck in your endeavors!

    Yours in the Arts,

    John G. Jacobo
  9. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    Thanks for the responses! could you guys send me the contact details? and how much are the rates (in philippine pesos of course)? thanks again!

  10. Diego_Vega

    Diego_Vega Frustrated pacifist

    Metro Manila is actually a great place to train fma because of the diversity of styles. People from all over the Philippines make their home here so you see styles from all over the Philippines.

    Going from North to South:

    CAVAMANA area (Caloocan, Valenzuela, Malabon, Novaliches -- areas noted for good arnis, but also flooding and bad traffic) -- Master Boy Ong of Arnis Lanada and Master Yuli Romo of Kali Illustrisimo.

    Quezon City, Manduluyong & Pasig Area -- Master Nathan Dominguez, UP Diliman of LSAI, Master Bob Tabiminia of Balintawak in appropriately named Wack Wack area, Danny Foronda of Submission Dungeon (currently moving to new location) specialty is grappling, Mon Rivera (LSAI, JDC-IO, Lameco).

    Manila (proper), Makati & Pasay -- choose your poison, lots here-- Master Tony Diego(Binondo), Master Romy Macapagal (Luneta?)of Kalis Illustrisimo, Master Topher Ricketts (Makai and Paranaque) of Bakbakan Int'l, Master Ernesto Presas (Quiapo) of Kombatan, me, Master Jon Escudero (Red Corner Gym) of LSAI.

    Paranaque, et all south -- Master Jerson Tortal's "Kampilan" group in Dekiti Tirsia; Sixto Carlos of Pekiti and JDC-IO; etc.

    My apologies for anyone I've left off.

    If you want to see arnis by just going to a park go on Sunday to Quezon City Circle or Luneta Park.

    Rates? I don't know. But if I found somebody who's actually a master, I wouldn't want to insult what he taught me by paying him less than what I would pay his less able, less experiened American/Canadian/English/Scandanavian/Balkan/etc student for private lessons.

    Barongs (of the non-linen, non-Rami, non-Jusi variety?) -- take a nice sidetrip to Lemery or Taal, Batangas and drive at a moderate pace. You should see shops one after the other on the roadway. If you want one special, you can have it made there as well.
  11. Brunstick

    Brunstick (^_^) I need a girlfriend

    Thanks a lot bro! as to the traffic in the metro manila area, i know how terrible it is! i love driving in the philippines though! it's such an adventure! hahahaha! :p

    thanks for all the great info!
  12. RedBagani

    RedBagani Valued Member

    Looking for a bladesmith? Draw up the design of your barong on paper, actual scale. Bring your drawing to the Fairview public market. Look for the stall facing the highway that sells bolos, knives, tari, scissors and other metal tools. The store-owner also makes blades. It may cost about P500-P700, including a scabbard.
  13. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    may i ask why the interests in barungs? i find it hard to stand by here and witness what i view as bordering on insult to those of the sulu archipelago. please understand that i mean no malice in my post but i would like to inform you all that the barung is and has been a protector of the sulu sultanate and a defender of its faith. to go out and have "barongs" made in a place other than sulu and its neighboring islands, is to do an injustice to its origin and the people who treasure it. i am well aware that acquiring sandata from the southern islands is rather difficult and many times expensive, but understand pride and honor is forged into these weapons. i am in the business of selling philippine swords, and by no means is it profitable. i mainly do it to provide practicioners of the arts with quality swords from their system's place of origin, and away from bangsamoro. it would be so much easier and cheaper to have my swords made in other places of the philippines, but i would rather not make a profit, then to do an injustice to the sword's history and the pandays themselves.
  14. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    i beg to disagree. according to the grandsons of the sultanate of lanao, the protector of the faith and the southern tribes is the kris (not kris aquino mind you). the kris is the symbol of the moro people. even though some sultans have carried barongsa into battle, the kris is what is seen in ceremony and also in punishment. some sultanates (like lanao) do not even have barongs.

    the barong, however, is an all around itak. i find it as the most useful tool to have and the best weapon that the philippines ever produced (other thaqn the filipino mind). just to set things straight, i have barongs given to me as gifts from my muslim bretheren and i have some that have been crafted here in the north (panggasinan). i'd say that they are of good quality and are worthy of being called barongs.
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  15. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    hey new jersey! check them out! they're all good.

    btw, diego_vega is a great teacher. i'm probably his worse student. we're in the makati area. pm the don (diego_vega) for an appointment.
  16. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    your reference is the grandsons of the sultanate of Lanao, themorningstar is refering to the sultanate of Sulu, I'm sure if you asked Tausug, Sama or Yakan you'd get a different awnser than what you'd get from a Maranao or Maguindanao.
  17. Spunjer

    Spunjer Valued Member

    shootodog, with all due respect to you; if you re-read themorningstar's post, he's referring to the suluanons. you're referencing the sultanate of lanao. of what little i know, i can tell you this: the barung, which is the preferred weapon of the sulu tribes (tausug, samal) is revered by these people. peace...
  18. Diego_Vega

    Diego_Vega Frustrated pacifist

    I guess it would be trite to say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In truth, imitation is at least 50 percent of the creative process. There are similar knives in the rest of Philippines to the "barong" or "barung." And if you find it less insulting, may I suggest to Brunstick that he go to Batangas and have a Batangas half-leaf jungle bolo made. This looks like the barong and was probably "inspired" by the Tausug original, in which case it would be "honouring" not insulting the pandays and culture from which it came.

    As a Filipino who lives in the Philippines, I know it is My right to enjoy and be part of any cultural treasure from any part of My country irrespective of region, ethnolinguistic association or religion. So, if I chose to go to a panday in Pampanga and have a "Moro" inspired sword or knife made, I do so with the knowledge that the Pampangan panday's trade can be traced back to the movement of Muslim culture into Luzon just before the arrival of the Spaniards. I honour that history. The Philippines is One Nation, it should focus on building bridges between our inherently seperate islands instead of building walls between increasingly disparate groups.
  19. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    then wouldn't it be better to celebrate a kampampangan's history, by having one of their own native blade designs made for you and not a copy of one from bangsamoro? please know, that i am all for building bridges between people, just not at the expense of loss of identity. i have and have seen copies of barongs, and must say, i was impressed at times... but a barung is still a barung, and i cannot accept any substitute for reasons of honor and pride alone in my people. a main point i'd like to make across is this... the barung is a beautiful weapon with a rich history, please try to support those in sulu that still can honor the old ways by creating them and not having copies made in other areas that are unaware of its unique ways. there are hundreds of different alternatives to the barung that are plentiful and available, please try to help me preserve what we have left in uniqueness and originality sa buong pilipinas.
  20. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    spunjer and crucible,
    magsukul tuud....

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