Phil Arnis team - anyo got silver

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by pinoy, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. pinoy

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    Arnis Philippine team who is expected to win Gold for anyo lost to Vietnam, got silver.

    Heard from GMA7 news flash, it was said they are planning to file a petition because the viet team/guy's 2nd Anyo was almost teh same moves as the 1st Anyo shown, w/ the Team Phil coach said that it should be different anyo.

    your comments on this? :confused:
  2. Diego_Vega

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    Just got home from watching the SEA Games Arnis competition. Actually Vietnam and the Philippines split the gold medals in the forms competitions:

    Women's solo result:
    gold - Vietnam
    silver - Philippines
    bronze - East Timor

    Men's solo result:
    gold - Vietnam
    silver - Philippines
    bronze - Cambodia

    Women's team result:
    gold - Philippines
    silver - Vietnam

    Men's team result:
    gold - Philippines
    silver - Vietnam
    bronze - Cambodia

    BTW, if a brawl broke out in the gymnasium during the fma forms competition, the team that I would avoid is the men's forms team from Cambodia. They looked like they just came from a Cordillera tribal war with the "Igorotesque" loinclothes and nothing else but lots of muscles.

    Not sure what the GMA news items was about. But, from what I overheard, it sounded like the newspeople there didn't know that much about arnis.
  3. Vexed

    Vexed New Member

    With respect, Please tell me what Arnis is :)
  4. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Valued Member

    Men's team result:
    gold - Philippines

    Those guys are LSAI/LESKAS brothers! Hurrah!!!
  5. Diego_Vega

    Diego_Vega Frustrated pacifist

    It seems the protest came in the men's solo forms competition. IMO, the Vietnamese guy had a cleaner, sharper performance that deserved to win the gold over the Filipino performer. BTW, the Thais and Filipinos can learn a lot from this Vietnamese player when it comes to sportsmanship. In the teams competition, after hearing that his team got the silver, he immediately ran over to the Philippines team and with a smile on his face, shook hands and congratulated each member of the winning Philippine team. He did't look like he was thinking of filing any protests.

    In my humble, uneducated opinion, the only team that looked like it was far and away both technically and artistically better than the competition was the Philippine men's forms team. Their program had a both a higher level of technically difficulty while at the same time was more original and artistic than their opposition. Comparing the two teams was almost a study in yin and yang. The Philippine team had such an aggressive, masculine performance that emphasized strength and athleticism while the Vietnamese team really tried to emphasize their precision and synchronicity. The Philippine team won because they were just as precise and synchronized. (And the thing that I liked, was that the Philippine men team's form looked "FMA" and not like wushu or karate. Just my opinion.)

    In the women's team competition, it could really have gone either way depending on the individual preferences of the judges. The Philippine team had a "wushu" looking form that emphasized complicated body movements, while the Vietnamese team was more "karate-esque" with sharper, more cleanly defined stick movement. It was close. What I wrote above about the team competition also goes for the women's solo competition. The Filipina lost on a technicality when she was penalized for stepping out of bounds. But honestly, it was really close and could have gone either way. Honestly, the Vietnamese both looked and performed more "Filipino" looking than the Philippine team.

    Congratulations as well to the East Timor team for their courage in performance and finally winning a medal for their war ravaged country.

    Finally, for those Filipinos who still think that we're so much better in our own arts than the rest of the world, I say that you stop resting on your self-satisfied, complacent laurels. The rest of the world isn't catching up. They've caught up. They do things most Filipino aren't willing to do. They've come here, sought out our masters and learned from them.
  6. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    bummer i didn't had the time too watch, hope they replayed it on TV :cry: . True sir DV, Some foreigners are willing to do most filipinos aren't willing. I have knew not muchwho really have high respect of the art than majority of Filipinos are. Have come to Philippines & learn our Art, while some of our brothers even dont have any idea about our own art & prefer more of the foreign art. Well that's only my humble opinion, no violent reaction please :love: . As some say, different strokes for different Folks!! :D

    Hope our team bag more on competetion proper :p

    btw, hi sir DV :) , good to hear from you sir.
  7. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    hey LB, we have bro's in the Philippine team? :eek:

    whew, i didn't know that!! Hurraahh!! :love:
  8. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    hi vexed, it seems you're just visiting the FMA thread :D
  9. pinoy

    pinoy Valued Member

    arnis full contact resuls

    RP, Vietnam tie for arnis SEA Games championship

    First posted 04:01pm (Mla time) Dec 04, 2005
    By Meysil Yamat

    THE Philippine arnis team failed to meet their medal projection but was able to tie Vietnam for the over-all championship in the 23rd Southeast Asian Games arnis tournament at the Emilio Aguinaldo Sports and Cultural Center on Sunday.

    Tied with two golds and two silvers apiece coming into Sunday’s competition, Philippines and Vietnam remained tied at the end of the proceedings as the two countries shared the golds at stake in the full contact event.

    Philippines' Anna Joy Fernandez captured the gold in the women's division as she defeated Vietnam's Le Tgi Thah Huyen and Timor Leste's Elisabeth Yanti Almeda Dois Reis.

    Reneto Tunacao, however, can only come up with a silver, falling against Vietnam's Nguyen Thanh Quyen in the gold medal match.
  10. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Valued Member

    Team Anyo Gold Medalists is a group which is composed of Nathan Ben Dominguez, Peter Kelvin Celis and Glen Llamador, all from UP's Sangkil Karasak.

    More info about Sangkil at
  11. wanlu99

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    Congratulations to our Arnis Athletes...Arnis NSA is just above the MuayThai Central gym in ULTRA...Im planning to visit them w/in the week and get some lessons...

    By the way...the Thai team in the Muay competitiions gave a demo on KrabiKrabong...interesting but Arnis will always be Pinoy...


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  12. Amok

    Amok Valued Member

    this is really sad. It there even a Arnis/Kali gym in Vietnam? If these guys can even beat our guys who've been doing it all their lives, this doesn't say much about our team, does it?

    My intentions are not to blast out national team playes. It's to tell our countrymen to wake up. Our very own is not our own anymore. The world loves our art more than we do. Sad.
  13. RedBagani

    RedBagani Valued Member

    One of the present coaches in Vietnam was a former Philippine champion by the name of Ruel Gatbonton. That the Vietnamese reached such a high level of performance should reflect on how well we have shared our art to the outside world. Of course, credit must also be given to the hard-working Vietnamese themselves and their Vietnamese coaches.
  14. Amok

    Amok Valued Member

    Well in that case, bring him back to coach our team. That would be like the Phils. bringing in a Muay thai guy to coach our team and then tie them with their own sport.

    Think of the no. of arnisadors in the Phils. compared to the no. of practicioners in Vietnam. There shouldn't be any reason that they would even win 1 gold against our own.
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  15. Arvino_Logarta

    Arvino_Logarta Valued Member

    I concur with Sir Vega, I also got to watch the first day of the SEA games arnis and the women's team had a move which was distinctly wushu. To make it worse there was this group of people behind us shouting and making fun of the Phil Team's womens group division when they were performing. You'd think they would show some respect to their countryman trying to compete for their country.

    I hear that the head of Arnis Philippines has been in that position since more than 10 years? Just wondering if this is true?
  16. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Top man he is too, we both competed in the early WEKAF events, they have a top man there, The Veit team had an outsatnding performance both in Anyo and the Sparring, well diciplined and had perfect timing. Dam them:)

    Best regards


    By the way I am in a Bar with free internet having about my 10th San Mig:) and training at 8am in the morning.:eek:
  17. reydominguez

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    PM me or drop by at my ofice
  18. reydominguez

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    YOUR BROTHER IN ARNIS :woo: :Angel: :Angel: :woo:
  19. qccirclejunkie

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    Of course this is the SEA Games event, right? I mean, when we say Phil team, it means the team recognized by PSC? I watched the SEA games, and it was a very successfull event. Maybe you can visit the 2005 SEA games website, it's linked with the Arnis Philippines website -
  20. qccirclejunkie

    qccirclejunkie New Member

    Congratulations to everyone!!! But I beg to disagree on that syncronization part. The men's Vietnam team was far more syncronized. i apologize to the Philippine team for saying so, but there were many unsycronized parts of their performance. It was lucky, for example, that when one othe players missed a kick, it was on the middle part of the performance. There was a lot of time for the judges to forget about it while they scrutinize the last part. And the team sort of had this expression that they knew they made certain mistakes then. If you guys really want proof, look at the pictures in the newspapers the next day, PM Newspaper, December 4, 2005. There was the Phil team's picture showing one who didn't kick, one who kicked, and one who was about to kick. The photographer I think intentionally chose this shot to show just how "syncronized" their anyo really was.

    I'm sorry, guys, but I'm just telling it as it is, as how the audience commented on it. And I assure you, the audence saw those mistakes.

    Again, i apologize, but the truth is the truth.

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