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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by BentMonk, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. BentMonk

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  2. Southpaw535

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    i'm seriously impressed by the guy with palsy.
  3. koyo

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    Inspirational. I once ran an archery group for wheelchair users and they were so up beat it taught others humility. Good on you.I once told one of the older ladies I was considering running away with her and she quipped "My brakes are off!!"

    sincere best wishes koyo
  4. BentMonk

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    Thank you. I hope this position enables me to help many people.
  5. Brad66

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    Hi, this is a area im most interested in. I am a disabled martial artist anbd have many freinds who are too. My kung fu has helped me so much with my illness and has given me hope and a future. I suffer from schizophrenia and depression. Kung fu means the world to me and its something i can do and makes me feel better. I am currently training on my own and would like to get to know others who are disabled also. Thank you.
  6. BentMonk

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    Greetings Brad. It's good that you're taking the initiative with your training. I'm also glad to hear that kung fu has helped you and your friends. What type of training do you do? Do you have previous martial art instruction? Since you're teaching yourself, where does your material come from? While I know enthusiasm and effort can bring good things, I am concerned that you do not have an experienced instructor. There is a risk of injury and improper training without someone to guide you. Did you choose to train independently, or can you not find an instructor? I'll be glad to offer any help I can. :hat:
  7. Brad66

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    I trained Under Bob lundy Here in Syracuse at silent spirit kung fu on wolf street until i got sick in the late 80's. I lost track of him. Then in 2000 I ran into another of his students Danny Hammond and trained under him for a while at the fu shaung temple In Syracuse on hawley ave until the school closed down. We always just called it shaolin kung fu. What im working on now is a workout from a monk in the UK. its a kung fu workout that is really good and covers the basics really well. Ive been training a total of 33 years and looking into health and fitnewss coiurses. Id like to start a class thats a combination of aerobics and self defence aimed at women, the elderly,and the disabled.
  8. Melanie

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    Well done - what an achievement! Because you are in the public eye you are showing people how to aspire to greater things...
  9. Brad66

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    Thank you but the real work has only just begun.

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