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  1. nekoashi

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    Peanut butter and sardines are also great foods to pump up the calories. Sardines are pure fish oil and protein, they really are the perfect food for muscle growth.
  2. Kuma

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    I ate quite a lot of PB&J sandwiches in my day too. I think those were the key for me breaking the 200 pound barrier.
  3. Pretty In Pink

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  4. That's great - plenty of growth hormones and testosterone at 20, plus muscle responsiveness to training ought to be plenty good.

    Milk + proteins & peanut butter & sardines (makes a great shake all together ------ YUCK! :D:D) is great - at 20, you should not put on too much fat with these supplements.

    Slow, steady, patient and consistent wins that race Chadderz - I'll be looking forward to following your progress in your workout log. :)

  5. nekoashi

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    Was thinking this myself. Wish I still had that hormonal kick.
  6. Gary

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    Same here, it was costing me a fortune in new shirts for work! I found half a gallon was more than enough, especially with about 200g of added protein plus my normal meat + veg diet. Protein ended up at about 2g per lb in the end which probably helped add less fat.

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