Oscar De Lay Hoya Battles COVID

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Grond, Sep 4, 2021.

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    Joe Rogan has a lot to answer for!

    Not sure why his fans ignore the fact he is vaccinated, but it doesn't help when he calls it "gene therapy", which is just him regurgitating anti-vaxx talking points without bothering to look up what gene therapy is.

    His fans also don't see the difference between Rogan, who can isolate from his family in a different wing of his mansion and have every medicine known to man in a matter of hours because he can pay for it, and poor people who are pooping out their intestinal lining after eating horse worming paste.

    The government must take some responsibility for poor messaging too, that all this nonsense continues to gain traction over actual evidence.
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    The FDA messaging has been pretty consistent, unfortunately a large contingent of the republican party has made not believing in science a political point, which is pretty insane.

    BJJ OG and ex UFC fighter, Chris Brennan (who popularised the entire idea of training Nogi) has recently had covid too, after saying it was big scam, and the virus isn't real etc etc, he's now on Oxygen full time, and going for pulmonary rehab.
    It must be a hard to admit they're wrong about something that has been so big in America politics.

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    He's just Gweneth Paltrow for dudes,
    Gweneth Douchbro if you will!
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    Most Republicans started walking that back recently, I'm guessing because their stats people were worried that deaths could start affecting polling numbers. Unfortunately it is a genie they cannot get back in the bottle, exemplified by Trump getting booed at his own rally for suggesting people get vaccinated.

    I still think that if a fraction of the amount that gets spent on election campaigns were to go toward a coordinated public information campaign it would make a healthy dent in the disinformation.
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    "Just take vitamins and exercise, you'll be fine"
    Paraphrasing, but this is the message from that ilk.

    My friend, the same age as me and 2 jabs was in hospital from it for a few days.

    Let's see what happens when schools go back. Pre school test I saw 2 in each year as positive (good job they tested regularly)

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