Online training – has your view changed in the age of COVID

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Xue Sheng, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. icefield

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    Yep still see people on Facebook trumping the value of on line classes it's only useful if you can't get any other sort of hands on training in an art you already have good experience in, otherwise it's better to do fitness stuff to get ready for when classes start again.

    said idiots were being e trained from across the Atlantic rather than actually find a decent coach locally before the lockdown because they couldn't bear to actually go along to a proper class and become a student again, they would rather mislead their students and be on line trained, sad really
  2. IronMaiden1991

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    As someone who does live yoga classes I need the camera to see and show newcomers what to do and give corrections and pointers but that comes with knowing cues and how to teach using language they can understand. With martial arts which has the context of an opponent, unless you are practicing drills you have done before all you can do is use them for movement reference which is a start but doesnt help much.

    I actually regularly research other styles and own a number of the panther productions DVD sets on a number of styles I can't find much reference for and got very cheap. I also have done a few teachable courses in the past to learn ABOUT a style as opposed to learning the style itself. Every now and then, I find a tactic or drill I can apply to what I know already, but it's not like saying I can take Sifu Ross's Lama Pai teachable course and KNOW Lama Pai, I can just take a few things away like 'that's a way to use X that I didn't know before, when we get back sparring I may try applying that...' at most. Youtube can be a good source at times but frankly I cannot wait to get back training.
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    With how the world is going, I might consider joining an online club at this point. There's a british based Savate school who are doing online lessons but only do gradings etc in person, so I may join them to keep learning.
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    We just had a first week of online trainings since everything has been closed again. Tuesday was our dojo's teacher teaching, Thursday was the teacher from another dojo. It is nice that anyone can join, no matter their location. We just bought a new webcam for this purpose and did a test call with the other teacher, who asked for help with picking a new one as well. The online era has come. We have an advantage that there is two of us from the same club living together, so we can even do the partner drills, too.
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