One knuckle VS Blast

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by goatnipples2002, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    Would a one knuckle punch (Ippon-Ken, Phoenix Eye) do more damage than a Straight Blast? Does the Straight Blast cause internal damage? :woo:
  2. Bruce Lee

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    I can't answer that but I also have 3 questions did bruce lee die of a curse cause I heard that on the discovery channel they could'n figure how he died.The other one is, is there a website teaching you Jeet Kune Do or a maual where you can download it.I'm intrestedin Jeet Kune Do and would like to read it.So can you please reply to my 3 questions?
  3. slc

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    Re: One knuckle vs Blast - You are comparing a single punch against a rapid succesion of strikes? But... If they are both performed with the same power you would assume that they could both do the same amount of damage. Any strike has the potential to cause internal damage.

    Bruce Lee (the Bruce Lee? LOL), it would probably be better to start a new thread than tag your questions on to the end of someone elses question. But... :)

    "did bruce lee die of a curse" - There's all sorts of speculation, I don't know for sure how he died. Someone on here (Yoda I think?) suggested that it was an allergic reaction to an ingredient in a pain killer.

    "is there a website teaching you Jeet Kune Do or a maual where you can download it" - Well there's lots of stuff on here which will help and there are plenty of books you can buy. Finding a JKD instructor would be a good idea.
  4. Ingar

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    Bruce Lee's official diagnosis of death was that he died from Cerebral Edema, a swelling of the brain caused by the pain killers he took before he lied down in Betty Ting's apartment. The painkillers he took is said to contain a small amount of Hashis (in some parts of the world, Hong Kong beeing one of them), which Bruce Lee was allergic to. This was to be explained for the traces of hash found in his body. As said, very few (if anyone) knows the exact reason for his death. But instead of thinking about how he died, you should think about how he lived, as Linda Lee once said.
  5. KenpoDavid

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    Not sure what a "straight blast" is, but the impact area of a Phoenix Eye is smaller than a full fist, so a P.E. punch with the same mass and acceleration (F=ma) would deliver more 'pounds per square inch' than a regular fist to the area struck.. which I would think could cause more damage depending on the target.

    But this is only one small aspect fo the entire decision of when to use something like Phoenix Eye and I personally wouldn't use it unless I had some specific target I needed to penetrate and it was well set-up. It seems to have more risk for dmg to your own hand than a full clenched fist...

  6. 47Ronin

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    the pheonix eye/ shoken is a very good hitting method as long as you know where to hit and how to do it proper. it is a devastating hit and is meant as a kill technique.

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