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  1. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    Geezer Yoga (no inversion)
    Sun Taijquan
    Yang Long Form
    Xingyiquan, 5 Elements, stationary drills on heavy bag
    15 minutes stationary Bike
  2. shotokanAikiJujistu

    shotokanAikiJujistu New Member

    bjj and aikido and judo maybe some the safest as far as training in a specific art
  3. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside



    I am going to call this a workout, because it was. Cleared the driveway of 2 inches of sleet with the snowblader. Here is why I am calling it a workout.
    I have a rather large concrete driveway and when sleet hit it, it apparently sticks. So to get it out of your driveway you need to lift up hard on the handles of the snow blower and, even though the snow blower has power to the wheels, you still need to push, hard.

    It is kind of like doing a farmer's carry (weightlifting terminology) while pushing a Football (American) blocking sled...up hill.... for close to 2 hours
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