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  1. TigerAn1

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    I have a question concerning Ogoshi. In Hapkido we do a hip throw consisting of 3 leg moves prior to the throw. First we move right foot up near opponents left shoulder, right leg up toward left, then grasp opponents belt in back, step out with left leg past shoulder whilst pulling opponent over right hip.

    Is this Korean Ogoshi?
  2. Guerilla Fists

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    that souns like ogoshi to me. it's a hip throw right? in judo version though you we cut out the first step and just step with our right foot towards the innerside of their right foot. makes it a lot faster and the added torque gives it power.
  3. SoKKlab

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    Most of the throws in Hapkido were either designed as counters to Judo throws or were directly taken from Yudo (Korean Judo for anybody going WTF?), so they usually correspond to each other, with minor variations.

    Your description Tiger, sounds like a Hip Throw, could be O-Goshi or one of the other Hip Throws.

    Post a Picture? Post a Link?-For sureness.
  4. redbull

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    sounds like ogoshi to me.
  5. saikyou

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    there are several hip throws but based from your desciption, it looks like this. Tsuri Goshi.

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