Novak Djokavic and Vaccine Travel

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Mitch, Jan 6, 2022.

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    I read about this previously, I thought this was something other than them having asthma. :D
    In the cases even if they had asthma it would not be an exception for the vaccine, more so a chance they would be pushed up the priority list.
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    This seems to be key
    "Australia's pandemic border rules ban foreigners from entering the country if they are not either double vaccinated or have a medical exemption from having the jabs."

    Having had covid within six months doesn't allow you entry.

    Oh no, nevermind, better luck next time. FB_IMG_1641588852067.jpg
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    Its definitely a state vs federal government mix up/difference of opinion/brass necked partisanship/

    Djokovic's medical exemption certificate was given by two independent medical panels organised by Tennis Australia which runs the open, and the state of Victoria.

    Howevers while Tennis Australia informed players that a prior infection would be a reason an exemption, that advice was given despite the health department telling Tennis Australia on two occasions that exemptions did not exist for those recently infected with Covid.

    I'm just watching the BBC news in my dressing gown, after a not very martial full English breakfast, and the bolded bit is crucially missing from any discussion of the issue

    Three situations are possible. and maybe a combination of all three:

    1) Novaxx isn't stupid and knew the rules and came anyway.
    2) Victoria and Tennis Australia tries to pull a fast one and tries to bring the cash cow star tennis player in not to damage the brand of the Australia Open
    3) Visa issuing department not doing its job and issuing visa despite incorrect documentation.

    If Novak knew then they just should turf him out. If Novak didn't then there should be some mea culpa from Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley.

    Irrespective of what you think if recovery from Covid should allow you entry medically (it is after all the case in other countries) he shouldn't be allowed to play. To do so would be corrosive and makes people doubt the fairness of the rule of law, if exemptions are allowed for the famous or powerful.

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    Yeah, exactly. I have several friends with asthma. They were particularly eager to get the vaccine. And did not suffer any extra side effects.
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    And further update:

    Novak Djokovic wins appeal against decision to cancel his Australian visa

    The multimillionaire has won his court case, but may very well be deported and banned from Australia anyway.

    "Kelly said it was “unreasonable” for Australian Border Force officials to interview Djokovic on Thursday morning and cancel his visa in circumstances where they had agreed to give him until 8.30am to speak to officials and respond to the proposed visa cancellation."
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    ....I think Djokovic serve has been broken. If he goes quietly without a bratty song and a dance they might lift the 3 year ban...

    upload_2022-1-14_9-56-19.png BBC
    Djokovic faces deportation after Australia visa decision
    Summary. Australia's government says it has revoked the visa of tennis star Novak Djokovic on "health and good order grounds"; The world's...
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    Now delayed....what is the Australian government playing at...
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    Among Serbian nationalists, you could be Serbian 80 generations back but you're still Serbian. The balkans are incredibly racialised and tied to blood and soil.
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    He... I always find blood and soil nationalism amusing.

    There's famously only two certainties to human life: Death an Taxes. And you can always tell how (insert nationality) a person really his because they would be willing to die for their country. But when when they aren't even willing to pay their taxes, its usually a good indicator of the former.
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    You have to say that Australian tennis has a very strong return of Serb.


    I'll get my coat.

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