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    There is a Kajukenbo dojo in my area and just was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. I can't find any reviews about it. It is headed by Sal Banuelos. It is called North American Kajukenbo in Gilbert, AZ. Just wondering if anyone knew anything. I read about Sal Banuelos on his website here is what I got.

    "Professor Banuelos received his Black Belt from Sigung Steve Kantoniemi of the Crazy Dragons. He also trained with Sifu Bob Hernandez. As well as under Sifu Bill Owens who awarded him a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Wun-Hop-Kuen-Do. Professor Banuelos received his 5th Degree under Ahgung Tony Ramos. He received his professorship from GrandMaster Gary Forbach and Grandmaster Ted Sotello in September 2007."

    I couldn't find much about his teachers. Just biographies nothing on the quality of their teching. Anyone know anything about them. I also read this about Sal Banuelos dojo in San Jose. Here's the link, seems like he's pretty respected. Thanks.
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    Did you check the Kajukenpo website to see if they are listed as an official school? I use this as my first step in researching a Kajukenpo school. If they're not listed then they have no affiliation and you should stay far away.

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