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    Small Frame basically never withdraws power back (Hui Jin) unlike Large Frame (where movement changes direction to the opposite one couple of times before one moves to the next posture); in Small Frame the end of one movement is at the same time the beginning of the next one; the end of "explosion" (Bao Fa) of the preceding movement is at the same time "Storing of Strength" (Xu Jin) of the next one; this is one of the difficulties in learning Small Frame
    Writtened by Chen Peiju
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    Instead of copy/pasting from other sources, why not post something of your own experience/opinion?
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    Thats what she said....
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    Because I just began to practice, so that i know tai chi little now. I am afraid to be wrong. And I think it is a good article so i want to share with everyone. I will post a little my real feeling about practicing taijiquan. Thank you for your suggestion.
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    I do believe you know so many articles about tai chi. But you just know where it is, you don't know who did this. Master Chen Peiju helped them to accomplish these articles. You can find that in Thank you for your knowing taiji xiaojia.
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    thanks for the insights mofan :)

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