Ninpo in the 21st Century

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Bouk Teef, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Bouk Teef

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    I am interested to read your views on Ninpo (more the philosophy rather than techniques) in the 21st Century. Does a traditional Japanese MA have any place in the 21st Century West? Where do you see Ninpo going in the next 10 to 15 years? Will Ninpo last or die out as we know it? If it doesn't die will it become watered down and irrelevant?
    Lots of questions with loads of possible answers! Discuss...
  2. Sonshu

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    It will endure as all good styles do

    I think more ground work will be added to the mainstay and I feel when Hatsumi stands down the schools will be split with different reps for each one.

    Danger is in this then its too many chiefs not enough indians etc and the groups could become own individual styles which I think will happen as arguements will start happening. Its sad but it could go the other way and stay togther under one head - I for one hope this happens.

    My views but it does have a place and should keep on growing and I wish my old art the very best!
  3. xplasma

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    When Hatsumi goes so will Bujinkan. The bujinkan System to wide and unorganized to survive past Hatsumi.

    Don't worry though, Ninpo will still remain intact. It will be called Genbukan Ninpo.
  4. Bouk Teef

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    Thought I would bump this topic, I hope you don't mind.

    Considering the previous heated discussion I thought it might be interesting to revisit this topic.
  5. AspiringShinobi

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    I disagree xplasma, hatsumi may be the head sensei now, but when he passes, the one who is always with him as he travels, and teaches at the hombu dojo, will take over, plus their are many here in the US who could hold it together. Hatsumi Sensei, always speaks so highly of Jack Hoban...and Jack is an excellent teacher.

    As for the philosophy of Ninpo "the higher order of Ninjutsu", implies a philosophy for living based on the principles of Nin.
    Nin translates into patience, it can imply perseverance, or stealth.
    Po, which implies natural law.
    Ninpo stresses training which is concerned with the internal development of the individual's character along with the technical skills of martial training.
    Ninpo stresses philosophic and spiritual training in conjunction with the physical training. This refinement of one's spirit is known in Japanese as seishinteki kyoyo.
    Ninpo is concerned with the defense of the whole self, and recognizes that defense against a life-threat is dealt with by the spirit as much as with physical technique.
  6. Keikai

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    I dont think the bujinkan would split, any further upcoming soke would just take it their own way, even if they split the schools you would still be able to learn them still, the knowledge bus would still be there, just a different driver!!
  7. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    Takamatsu Sensei waited decades before passing on the schools he was given, waiting for the one who would be best, someone who could keep it alive, and he made a damn good choice in Hatsumi Sensei. I'm sure Hatsumi Sensei is doing the same. So, I believe it will still be together.
  8. xen

    xen insanity by design

    there is more to the question than just whether Bujinkjan will survive when Hatsumi passes on the scrolls

    i think the question was more along the lines of how will the philosophy of ninpo evolve in the coming generations

    on one level, you could say that ninpo itself, being the higher concepts from which the art of ninjutsu is built, will remain as it is

    the philosophy itself already encompasses the concept of growth through evolution as it is a philosophy which draws its inspiration from natural law, and as we can see in evidence around us, evolution is a fundamental constituent of natural law

    however, as more years pass since the commercialisation of ninjutsu/ninpo in the 80's the stereotypical image should fade.

    despite its darker aspects (all violence, justified or not is dark) there is much that it has to teach about the positive aspects of the human condition.

    ninpo/ninjutsu is a perfect expression of the pragmatic and rational with an acceptance of the esoteric and mystical/spiritual, this expression leads us to a greater understanding of our world and the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

    as more people appreciate this, the more peaceful we become. why?

    how many people who have practiced this art for any length time find themselves becoming more able to turn the other cheek in the face of minor affronts? when you know you can damage someone, yet you understand they are acting from a place of ignorance, you tend to feel more inclined to help than to harm. (hatsumi's original intent in allowing us westerners to learn, i believe)

    thats got to be a good direction for the next decade or so..

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